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D Branch D. Dale Leake D.C. D.C. rail D.C. rerouting D.C. Streetcar D.C. subways D.C. to Richmond high-speed rail D.C. transit D.C. Union Station D.C. Union Station redevelopment D.C.-area transit D.C.-Richmond higher-speed rail D.J. Baxter D.J. Stadtler D.J. Stadtler vice president of operations D2 light-rail project D2 Project D2 Subway D2 Subway project Daily Points of Light Foundation Dairyland Power Cooperative Daishowa Marubeni International Ltd. Dakota Dakota & Iowa Dakota & Iowa Railroad Dakota Gasification Co. Dakota Gold Transfer Dakota Minnesota & Eastern Dakota Minnesota & Eastern Railway Dakota Missouri Valley & Western Dakota Plains Dakota Plains Holding Dakota Plains Holdings Dakota Plains Holdings Inc. Dakota Southern Railroad Dakota Southern Railway Dale Austin Jenkins Dale R. Lindsey Alaska Railroad Intermodal Terminal Dale Smith Dale Zehner Dales Miles Dallas Dallas airports Dallas Area Rapid Transit Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Dallas Central Business District Dallas commuter rail Dallas commuter-rail Dallas County Inland Port Transportation Management Association Dallas intermodal terminal Dallas light-rail Dallas rail Dallas Streetcar Dallas Streetcar expansion Dallas subway Dallas to Dock Dallas to Houston Dallas to Houston Constructors Dallas transit Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Dallas/Fort Worth International Airpot Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Station Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Dallas-Houston bullet train project Dallas-Houston high-speed rail Dallas-to-Fort Worth Core Express Dallas-to-Houston Daly City Damage Prevention & Loading Services damaged rail cars Damen Avenue Damen Avenue Station Damen Green Line station Dames Point Marine Terminal Damien Kim Damien King Dan Bower Dan Bresolin Dan Curtis Dan Dawson Dan Elliott Dan Fleming Dan Grabauskas Dan Kisner Dan Krom Dan Lipinski Dan Machalba Dan Mack Dan O''Neal Dan Perley Dan Richard Dan Richards Dan Ryan Branch Dan Sabin Dan Saltzman Dan Sieve Dan Smith Dan Stessel Dan Tapster Dan Zink Dana B. Kenyon Co. D''Andrae Larry Dane Poljak Danella Danella Rental Systems Danella Rental Systems Inc. dangerous goods Dangerous Goods Team Daniel Borenstein Daniel Brown Daniel Burnham Daniel Elliott Daniel Elliott III Daniel Grabauskas Daniel Knorek Daniel Lipinski Daniel Loftus Daniel Louis Daniel Neuburger Daniel Penovich Daniel Siedl Daniel Stout Daniel Valenzuela Daniel Willis Daniel Zink Danielle Baker Danielle Ross Danish railway D''Anne Duclos Dannel Malloy Dannie McConkie Danny Brown Danny Levy Danny Lites Danny Rogers Danny Simpson Danville Daoust Lestage DAPCO Darcy Brede Daren Geschwindt Darien Darin Selby dark territory Darrell Buchbinder Darrell Iler Sr. Darrell Johnson Darrell Krueger Darrell Maxey Darren Reynolds Darrin Harn Darrin Lambrigger Darryl Haley Darryl Irick DART DART Blue Line DART Blue Line Extension DART Daily DART fares DART GoLink DART light rail DART Orange Line DART rail DART Say Something DART security DART streetcars Daruma Tech Darwin Realty data data analytics data collection data management data quality data reporting rule data science data scientist data security data storage data warehouse data-sharing Dauphine Midstream LLC Davanac Dave Arganbright Dave Baker Dave Bergstrom Dave Boggs Dave Cortese Dave Fellon Dave Fisher Dave Fleenor Dave Francis Dave Freeman Dave Geisler Dave Geno Dave Genova Dave Hardt Dave Howard Dave Landreth Dave Manning Dave Pine Dave Pint Dave Roeder Dave Ronzani Dave Ross Dave Rutkowski Dave Somers Dave Starling Davenport Davenport industrial park David Andalcio David Baggs David Baker David Bannister David Bernhardt David Birtwistle David Boggs David Bowling David Braun David Brown David Buccolo David Carlson David Carlucci David Coen David Collenette David Connell David Damico David Decker David Decker Jr. David Donahoe David Ebbrecht David Evans and Associates David Eyermann David Farman David Fitzwater David Frank David Friss David Garin David Garza David Genova David Giandinoto David Goode David Hahn David Handera David Hickey David Hillenbrand David Hoff David Horner David J. Joseph david j. joseph co. David Joynt David Keehan David Koch David Kutrosky David Lambert David Leard David Leininger David Lutz David Manning David Mayer David McLean David Mitrou David Mizwicki David Motley David Nagy David Nichols David Pearce David Pekoske David Perkins David Pope David Price David Raisbeck David Ross David Samson David Schoendorfer David Schulze David Scorey David Scott David Simon David Solow David Soule David Springstead David Stackrow David Stackrow Jr. David Stackrow Sr. David Staplin David Starling David Strickland David Trent David Vitter David W. Fries Award David Weiss David White David Wier Davidson County Davis Productivity Team Award of Distinction Davis refinery Daysland Dayton Dayton T. Brown Dayton T. Brown Inc. Dayton-Phoenix Group DB Cargo AG DB Engineering and Consulting USA DB Netz DB Schenker DB Schenker Rail DB-10 model DBE DBE firms DBE series DBEs DBi Services DC generator DC rail DC Streetcar DC transit DC2RVA DC-DC converter DC-DC converters DCLI DCR2U DCR2U Critical Mission COTS Power Supply DCTA DCTA commuter rail DDGs DDOT DDW-242 DDW-242-485 De Kalb deadline deadline extension deadly accident Dean Heller Dean Kimball Dean Mazzarella Dean Piacente Dean Stecklair Dean Wise Deane Folsom Sr. Deane Mining LLC Dearborn Dearborn Station deaths Deb Butler Deb DeLuca Deb Miller Debbie Gies Debbie Mayfield Deborah Butler Deborah Castillo Deborah Chase Hopkins Deborah Harris Butler Deborah Hersman Deborah Stone-Wulf Debra Johnson Debra Miller debris transfer station debt debt ceiling debt negotiation debt offering debt refinancing Dec. 18 derailment Dec. 31 deadline Decal Management Corp. Decatur Decatur Central Railroad Decatur Central Railroad LLC Decatur Transit Inc. December 2019 December traffic decentralize NYCT Decision Lens decisions decking work dedicated rail line dedicated train program dedicated transit funding dedication ceremony Dee Brookshire Dee Leggett DeeDee Hanc deep dive deep learning Deer Park Deer Park Terminal Deerfield Farms Service Inc. defect detection Defiance & Western Railway deficit deficit reduction deicer de-icing de-icing systems Deirdre Rains DEIS DeKalb County DEKRA DEKRA Inc. Del City Del Mar Bluff stabilization Del Mar Bluffs Del Monte Del Richardson & Associates Inc. Delachaux Group Delaware Delaware & Hudson Delaware & Hudson Railway Delaware & Hudson Railway Co. Delaware & Hudson Railway Co. Inc. Delaware Basin Delaware County Delaware Department of Transportation Delaware Gov. John Carney Delaware infrastructure Delaware Lackawanna Railroad Delaware Otsego Delaware River Port Authority Delaware River Rail/Port Improvement Project Delaware Third Track Construction Project Delaware Transit Corp. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad Co. Inc. delay reduction plan Delbert Strunk Delco Lead resilience project Delco Lead Storage and Inspection Facility Delek US Holdings Inc. deliveries Delkor Rail Delmar Loop Trolley Delmarva Central Railroad Delmarva Central Railroad Co. Delmarva Central Railroad. Delaware Coast Line Railroad Delmarva Peninsula Deloitte Delta Delta Airlines Delta Pearl Delta Railroad Delta Railroad Construction Delta Railroad Construction Inc. Delta Regional Authority Deltaport Deltaport Intermodal Yard Reconfiguration Project Deltaport Terminal Road and Rail Improvement Project DeltaX Demarcus Peters Democratic Party Democratic platform demographic shifts demolition demurrage and accessorial charges Denali Park denatured alcohol Denise Gauthier Denise Perry Dennies Pierce Dennis Anosike Dennis Boll Dennis Christiansen Dennis Clough Dennis Duffy Dennis Kavanaugh Dennis Manns Dennis Martin Dennis Marzec Dennis Miller Dennis Newman Dennis Pierce Dennis Wierzbicki Denny Lengyel Denny Wirtz Denton Denton County Denton County Transportation Authority Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) Denver Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Denver commuter rail Denver International Airport Denver light rail Denver light-rail Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Denver rail Denver Regional Council of Government Denver Regional Transportation District Denver RTD Denver RTD fares Denver transit denver transit partners Denver Union Station Denver university Denver’s Regional Transportation District Denver-Julesburg Basin Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology Department of Defense Department of Engineering and Professional Development Department of Environmental Conservation Department of Homeland Security Department of Justice Department of Labor Department of Labor Veteran Employment Services Department of Rail and Public Transportation Department of Subways Department of Transport and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration Department of Transportation department of transportation department regulations Departurevision DePaul University deployable network monitoring and analysis solution deputy CEO deputy chief executive officer Deputy Chief Executive Officer Celia Kupersmith deputy director Deputy Federal Transit Administrator Therese McMillan deputy general counsel deputy secretary Deputy Transportation Secretary John Porcari DeQueen and Eastern DeQueen and Eastern Texas DERA derail derail investigation derailment derailment clean-up derailment prevention Derailment Prevention Strategies derailment sensors derailments derails Derby deregulation Derek Hathaway Derek Kan Derek Ollmann Derek Taylor Derrick Smith Des Moines Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Desert Line DesertXpress design Design Consulting Engineers design/build design-build contract design-build contractors design-build procurement DesignworksUSA Desiro HC regional trains Desjardins-Siciliano Destination Enterprises detection Detra Whitmore Detroit Detroit City Council Detroit light rail Detroit millage Detroit New
Center Station Detroit People Mover Detroit streetcar Detroit transit Detroit-Ann Arbor commuter rail Detroit-Holland passenger rail Detroit''s M-1 Rail deupty CEO Deutsche Bahn Deutsche Bahn AG Dev Davis Dev Rastogi Deval Patrick Developer resources DevelopErie Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy Act development Device Technologies Inc. Devin Plantamura Devin Rouse Devon and Cornwall Railways Devon Anders Devon Barnhart Dewberry DeWitt rail yard DeWitt terminal DFFs dFuzion dFuzion Inc. DFW Airport station DFW Grating DFW International Airport DHS Di Highway Sign and Structure Corp. diamond crossings Diamond Group Diamond Logistics Northwest Diamond Phoenix Diamondback Signal Diana Gomez Diana Sorfleet Diane DuBois Diane Duren Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti Diane Mendes Diane Nakano Diane Woodend Jones Dianne Feinstein Diaz Dick Davidson Dick Durbin Dick Kloster Dick March Dick Ruddell Dick Webb Dick White Dick Yake Di-Corp Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention Center Didier Cuadrado Didier Pfleger diesel Diesel Emission Reduction Act Diesel Emission Reduction Program diesel emissions Diesel Emissions Reduction Act Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) diesel engine diesel engine technology diesel fuel diesel fuel cost diesel locomotives diesel multiple unit diesel multiple units diesel price Diesel Supply Diesel Supply Co. Inc. diesel tax Diesel Technology Forum diesel-electric locomotive diesel-electric locomotives diesel-electric multiple units DIFCO DiGas Digi International digital digital ad screens digital ads displays digital advertising digital advertising display Digital Concepts digital culture Digital Factory digital fare payment digital fares digital kiosks digital passenger information display system digital radio digital supply chain digital technologies digital ticketing digital tickets digital video recorders digital wallet digitalization Dillerville Yard diluent recovery unit Dilworth Plaza Dimetronic dining cars Dinky diphenhydramine Direct ChassisLink Direct ChassisLink Inc Direct ChassisLink Inc. direct fixation fasteners direct intermodal service directed service regulations direct-fixation fasteners director director of transportation director of capital programs and construction director of chemical and petroleum marketing director of corporate affairs director of diversity director of IT application management and delivery Director of regulatory affairs director of research and organizational development director of sustainable mobility Director of Transit John Haley Diridon Station disability claims Disability Equality Index Disability:IN disabled veteran business enterprises disabled veterans Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise disadvantaged business disadvantaged business enterprise Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program disadvantaged business enterprises disaster planning disaster planning resources disaster recovery system Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013 discretionary grants dispatch technology dispatching dispatching systems dispatching technology distance-based fare distance-based fares Distinguished Service Award Distress Centers of Greater Toronto distributed power Distributed Power LOCOTROL Distribution and Logistics Expo distribution center distribution equipment Distribution International Inc. District Department of Transportation District of Columbia District of Columbia Department of Transportation District of Columbia''s Department of Transportation Ditch Your Car Program Diversified Port Holdings Diversified Port Holdings and Patriot Rail Diversified Port Holdings LLC diversion route diversity Diversity Careers in Engineering and Information Technology diversity in rail diversity in transit Diversity/Careers in Engineering & Information Technology DiversityInc Divia Mobilites dividend Dividend Channel Division 20 portal widening and turnback facility Division 20 subway yards Division of Transit and Rail DJ Mitchell DJ Stadler DJI DLine DLRR Dluger DM&E DMI DMJM Harris DMR DMR Construction DMR protocol DMU DMUs DNJ Intermodal DNJ Intermodal Services D-O LRT Doc Claussen DOC Computer Aided Dispatching system DOC system Doc Takahashi Docklands Light Railway documentary Dodge City Dodgers Dodgers Stadium DOE Secretary Ernest Moniz Dogpatch and Northwest Potrero Hill Green Benefits District Doha Metro DOJ Dolbeau-Mistassini Dolese Bros. Co. Dolline Hatchett Dolly Durham Domenic Sarno domestic domestic chassis domestic coal domestic container domestic containers domestic intermodal domestic intermodal service Dominic DiBrito Dominick Servedio Dominion Railway Services Domtar Don Aiken Don Alexander Don Bagley Don Billen Don Davage Don Del Rio Don Elder Don Evans Don Filippi Don Freestone Don Horner don knabe Don Krusel Don Loftis Don Maltby Don Orseno Don Phillips Don Robinson Don Rose Don Schneider Don Sepulveda Don Walsh Don Yard Donald Broughton Donald Graab Donald Graul Donald Hogan Donald Itzkoff Donald Maltby Donald Norcross Donald Orseno Donald Payne Jr. Donald Seale Donald Trump Donale Seale Donatelli Development donation donations Doniele Carlson Doniele Carlson Donna Acors Donna DeMartino Donna Edwards Don''t X Out Public Transit Day Doon doors closing Doran Barnes Doraville Doron Grosman Dorothy Dugger Dorsey/Apache Boulevard Station Dorval Carter Dorval Carter Jr. DOT DOT 111 DOT 111s DOT-105J500W DOT-111 DOT-111 tank car DOT-111 tank cars DOT-111s DOT-113 tank cars DOT-113C120W tank cars DOT-117 DOT-117 tank cars DOT-117R tank cars DOTs Double Crown Resources Inc. Double Groove II double groove pneumatic outlet gate double stack double track Double Track Access from Pier G to J Project double track project double tracking double tracking project double wheel chocks DoubleMap doublestack double-stack well cars double-track double-track project double-track projects Doug Allen Doug Delmonico Doug Ducey Doug Engebretson Doug Ford Doug Golden Doug Goss Doug Johnson Doug Kelsey Doug MacDonald Doug Morrison Doug Ryhorchuk Doug Sawyer Doug Tessitor Doug Tisdale Doug VanderJagt Doug Varn Douglas Campbell Douglas Connett Douglas County Douglas Hoehn Douglas Holtz-Eakin Douglas Peterson Dover Dover Corp. Dow AgroSciences Dow Chemical Dow Chemical Co. Dow Chemical Corp. Dow Constantine Dow Jones Dow Jones Sustainability Index Dow Jones Sustainability Index for North America Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes Dow Jones Sustainability World Index Dow Mexico Dow Quimica Mexicana Dow St. Charles Downeaster Downer Freight Rail Downsview Park Station Downsview Station downtown downtown Austin downtown Bakersfield downtown Berkeley Downtown Berkeley Station downtown Chicago downtown Dallas Downtown East/Metrodome Station Downtown Express Metrorail downtown Fort Worth downtown Hillsboro Downtown Kansas City Streetcar downtown LA Downtown Line Stage 2 downtown Minneapolis downtown Portland downtown Redmond Downtown Redmond extension Downtown Redmond Link Downtown Redmond Link Extension Downtown Redmond Link Extension project downtown San Diego downtown San Francisco downtown Seattle Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel Downtown Station Downtown Tacoma Business Improvement Area DP World DP World Vancouver DPS Telecom DPSA Dr. Gary Burch Memorial Award Dr. Gary Burch Memorial Safety Award Dr. William W. Hay Award Dr. William W. Hay Award for Excellence draft Draft 2013 Transportation Improvement Program Draft Environmental Impact Report Draft Environmental Impact Statement draft infrastructure plan draft scoping report Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement Dragados Canada Inc. Dragados USA Dragados/Flatiron JV Dragados/Flatiron/Shimmick Dragados-Flatiron Dragos Inc. Dragos Threat Operations Center drainage drainage project Drapeau Rail Draper TRAX Line Drax Biomass drayage trucks Drayton McLane Jr. DREAM Unlimited Corp. dredging dredging project Dreisbach Enterprises Drew Amos Drew Galloway Drew Glassman Drew McCaskey Drexel Hamilton Infrastructure Partners Drexel University DRI DRI Corporation dried distellers grain DrillTech DRIVE DRIVE Act drive2zero Driver Safety System driverless trains driverless transit systems Drone Advisory Committee drone inspection technology drones drones in rail DRPA DRPT DRU drug testing drug testing rate drug-testing Drupal DRW Planning Studio DSC DSC Logistics DTE Energy Co. DTE Rail DTi DTP Dual Leaf DUAL LEAF Gen-Set locomotives dual pressure relief valve dual rail spike puller Dual Track Arrestor Duane Broxterman dubarton express Duchossois Capital Management duck-face selfie Ducks Unlimited Canada Dude Its Rude Dufferin Construction Co. Dufferin Street Bridge Duininck Duke Energy Duke President Vincent Price duke university Dulles Dulles APC Railbuilders Dulles Corridor Dulles Corridor Metrorail Dulles Corridor Metrorail project Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project. Dulles Corridor rail project Dulles International Airport Dulles International Airport rail project Dulles Metrorail Dulles Metrorail Connectors Dulles Silver Line Rail Dulles Transit Partners Duluth Duluth Cargo Connect Duluth ports Duluth Seaway Port Authority Dumb Ways to Die Dummy Line Dump the Pump Dump the Pump Day DumpTrain for Curves Dunn Loring Station Duos Technologies Duos Technologies Group Duos Technologies Group Inc. Duos Technologies Inc. Duostech DuPage Railroad Safety Council DuPont DuPont Crop Protection Durable Wood Products Durango & Silverton Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Durango Blues Train Durfee Avenue grade separation Durfee Avenue grade separation project Durham Durham County Durham Mayor Bill Bell Durham transit Durham-Orange light rail Durham-Orange light rail project Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Project Durham-Orange light-rail project Durham-Orange light-rail service Durham-Orange Light-Rail Transit Durham-Orange Light-Rail Transit Project Durham-Orange LRT Dust Pro Dustin Berndt dutch ruppersberger DVB DVB Bank DVB Transport DVD Bank DVRPC DVRs dwell time Dwight Dwight Clark Dwight Ferrell Dwight Tays CN DXC Technology Dyco Electronics Dyer Dymax Dymax Inc. Dymax Rail DymaxRail Dynacraft Dynamic Air dynamic braking dynamic envelope testing Dynamic Pattern Generation dynamic testing Dynasty Group Inc. Dynergy