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R extension R J Corman Railroad Group R line R&D R&N R&R R&R Contracting R. J. Corman R. J. Corman Cleveland Line R. J. Corman Derailment Services R. J. Corman emergency services R. J. Corman headquarters R. J. Corman Material Sales R. J. Corman Railpower R. J. Corman Railroad Co. R. J. Corman Railroad Co. Carolina Lines R. J. Corman Railroad Co. LLC R. J. Corman Railroad Company R. J. Corman Railroad Group R. J. Corman Railroad Group L.L.C. R. J. Corman Railroad Group LLC R. J. Corman Railroad Group President and Chief Executive Officer Ed Quinn R. J. Corman Railroad Services R. J. Corman Railroad Services LLC R. J. Corman Railroad Switching Co. LLC R. J. Corman Signaling R. J. Corman Signaling LLC R. J. Corman Switching Co. R. J. Corman Switching Co. LLC R. J. Railroad Group LLC R. Matt Davis R. Wilson Inc. R.E.D.E.S.I.G.N. R.E.L.A.M. R.F. Knox R.I. R.J. Corman R.J. Corman Railroad R.J. Corman Railroad Co. R.J. Corman Railroad Co.Ohio Rail Development Commission R.J. Corman Railroad Group R.J. Corman Railroad Group/Central Kentucky Line R.J. Corman Railroad Switching Co. LLC R.L. Banks and Associates Inc. R.P.M. Tech R.S. Harris Transport Ltd. R.V. Wagner R-160 cars R179 R179 rail cars R179 subway cars R211 cars R211 fleet R211 subway cars R211T open gangway subway cars R255 R262 R-32 R-32 subway cars R-32s R-42 R4-EM Electromechanical Rotary Latch RAC RAC chairperson RAC President and Chief Executive Officer Marc Brazeau race and ethnicity Rachael Peterson Rachel Burns Rachel Campbell Rachel Cone Rachel Holt Rachel Klumpp Rachel Maleh Rachel Maleh Rachel Maleh. Rachel Stayton Rachelle Cunningham Rachelle Glazier racial equity racial injustice Racine Blue Line Station Racine Railroad Racine Railroad Products Racine Railroad Products Inc. Racine Station racism Rack & Riser Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act Radiant Logistics Radiant Road & Rail Services Radio Advisory Board of Canada Radio and Machine Workers of America radio communications radio coverage radio repair Radix Radixx Radnor Yard RADWIN Rafael Ruffo Rafael Santana Ragnar Benson Ragnar Benson Construction LLC Ragout Rahall Transportation Institute Rahm Emanuel Rahul Jalali Rai Sahi rail Rail + Industrial Partners LLC rail 2011 Rail 2030 rail a growth opportunity rail access rail access project rail accident investigations rail accidents rail acquisition rail acquisitions RAIL Act rail activity rail adjustments rail agreement Rail Air Sources Rail America rail analytics rail and airline workers rail and aviation unions rail and marine terminal rail and pathway projects rail and port capital investments rail and private equity funds rail and recovery rail and road infrastructure project rail and transit improvement program Rail and Transportation rail and transportation infrastructure improvements Rail and Transportation International Association Rail and Transportation Union Rail and Transportation Union – Transportation Division Rail and Transportation Workers Rail and Transportation Workers – Transportation Division Rail and Transportation Workers — Transportation Division Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART) Transportation Division Rail and Transportation Workers Transportation Division Rail and Transportation Workers—Mechanical Departmen Rail and Transportation Workers-Mechanical Department Rail and Transportation Workers–Mechanical Division Rail and Transportation Workers-Transportation Division Rail and Transportation Workers–Transportation Division Rail and Transportation Workers-Transportation Division CSRA Rail and Transportation Workers-Transportation Division. Rail and Utility Corridor rail antitrust rail anti-trust rail apprenticeships rail associations rail attacks Rail Audit Transparency Act rail authority Rail Authority of East Mississippi rail automation rail automotive rail axles Rail Baltica rail barge rail battery cells rail bearing assemblies rail bearings rail bearings workshop Rail Bike Adventures rail blockades rail border crossings rail brazil rail bridge rail bridge inspection reports rail bridge inspections rail bridge project rail bridge rehabilitation rail bridge replacement rail bridge replacements rail bridge safety inspectors rail bridges rail bridges and tunnels rail budget rail bypass rail bypass project Rail Cantech Inc. rail capacity rail capacity improvements rail capex rail capital expenditures rail capital projects rail capital spending rail car rail car 2013 forecast rail car amenities rail car and locomotive maintenance rail car buyers rail car cleaning rail car coatings Rail Car Counts Rail Car Counts 2013 rail car decal rail car deliveries rail car deliveries in 2011 rail car delivery rail car demand rail car design rail car disinfectant rail car disinfection rail car donation rail car facility rail car fleet rail car forecast rail car forecast 2009 rail car forecast 2010 rail car improvements rail car inspection rail car interior rail car lease rates rail car lease turnbacks rail car leasing rail car lessees rail car lessor rail car lessors rail car maintenance rail car management rail car manufacturing rail car market rail car monitoring rail car order rail car orders rail car orders in 2011 rail car outlook Rail Car Overview rail car production rail car purchases rail car refurbishments rail car repair rail car replacement Rail Car Replacement Program rail car safety rail car sanitization rail car statistics rail car storage rail car surplus rail car switching rail car testing rail car tracing rail car tracking rail car unloading system rail car value rail car wheel set rail car wheelset rail care deliveries rail career Rail career exploration rail careers rail cargo Rail Cargo Group rail cargo growth rail cargo security rail carload traffic rail carload volume rail carloads Rail Carrier of the year rail carriers rail cars rail cars rail cars and locomotives rail cars delivered rail cars in storage rail cars ordered rail carSiemens Mobility rail chief executive officer rail china rail CIO rail classification yard Rail Climate Change Adaptation Program Rail Climate Change Adaption Program rail clips rail coal pier rail coal traffic rail coal transportation Rail Collision Prevention Act Rail Commission rail commodities rail communications and signals rail commuters rail competition rail competition act rail competition hearing rail components supplier rail concessions rail conference Rail Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters rail consolidation rail construction Rail Construction Corp. Rail Construction Equipment Rail Construction Equipment Co. rail construction projects rail consulting rail container rail container record rail container service into Mexico rail containers rail contractor rail corridor Rail Corridor Agency rail corridor development rail corridor improvements rail corridor land use Rail Corridor Risk Management System rail corridors rail corrugation rail cost of capital rail crafts Rail CRC rail crew fatigue rail crossing rail crossing closure rail crossing fatalities Rail Crossing Improvement Program rail crossing improvements rail crossing repair rail crossing safety Rail Crossing Safety Improvement Plan rail crossing upgrades rail crossings rail crossings in Allen and Fayette counties rail cruise rail culture rail curve grease rail curve lubricant rail customer Rail Customer Coalition rail customer experience rail customers rail customers suppliers and shippers rail cybersecurity rail dampers rail data rail data trends Rail Decarbonization Task Force rail defect rail defect detection rail deicer rail deicing rail demographics Rail Development Corp. rail diamonds rail director rail disaster rail dispatcher certification rail dispatching rail district rail division rail dray intermodal sevice rail drills rail earnings rail education rail education research and training rail efficiency rail election issues rail electrical connections rail electrification rail embargo rail embargoes rail emergency rail emissions Rail Emissions Report tool rail employment rail employment trends rail energy policy Rail Energy Transportation Advisory Committee rail engine rail engineering rail engineering education rail engineering program Rail Enterprise Group rail equipment rail equipment leasing rail equipment market rail equipment pooling rail equipment prices rail equipment safety rail equipment safety standard rail equipment supply Rail Europe rail event Rail Exchange rail excursions rail execs rail executives rail exemption rail expansion rail expansion in Texas rail expansion project rail expansions rail expenses rail exports rail extension rail extensions rail facility rail fares rail fastener rail fasteners rail fastening rail fastening system rail fastening systems rail fatalities rail ferries rail ferry Rail Ferry Vessel Holdings LLC rail finance rail finance and leasing rail financials rail financing rail flaw rail flaw detection rail fleet rail fleet modernization rail fleet monitoring rail fleet replacement rail flood rail forecast rail freight Rail Freight and Ports Division Rail Freight Assistance Program Rail Freight Assistance Program (RFAP) Rail Freight Assistance Program grants fiscal-year 2023 Rail Freight Fuel Surcharge Antitrust Litigation Rail Freight Group Rail Freight Industry Crisis Center Rail Freight Operator of the Year rail freight revenues Rail Freight Service Review Rail Freight Service Review Panel rail friction products rail frogs rail fuel efficiency rail funding rail furloughs rail gang Rail GD Inc. rail government affairs consultant rail grade-separation project rail grants rail graphics rail grinder rail grinding rail grinding and milling rail grinding equipment rail growth rail hardening rail hardness rail heaters rail heating systems Rail Heritage Map rail hire rail hiring trends rail history rail history theme park rail hubs rail imports rail improvement plan rail improvement projects rail improvements rail in winter rail incidents rail income rail india Rail Industrial Access rail industry rail industry challenges rail industry competition rail industry consultant rail industry cost of capital Rail Industry Day rail industry election issues rail industry employment rail industry employment trends rail industry growth rail industry issues rail industry management rail industry professionals rail industry professionals under 40 rail industry recruitment rail industry regulation rail industry re-regulation rail industry Rising Stars rail industry safety rail industry security rail industry suppliers rail industry traffic trends rail industry traffic trends week 41 rail industry trends rail industry up-and-comers rail industry''s legislative agenda Rail Information Security Committee rail infrastructure rail infrastructure alignment acquisition system rail infrastructure and related rail development projects Rail Infrastructure Defense Against Climate Change study Rail Infrastructure Expansion Project rail infrastructure funding rail infrastructure grants rail infrastructure improvement rail infrastructure improvement projects rail infrastructure improvements rail infrastructure investment rail infrastructure plan rail infrastructure project rail infrastructure projects rail infrastructure spending rail infrastructure upgrades rail infrastrucuture rail innovation rail inspection Rail Inspection Portal rail inspection portals rail inspection rail inspections Rail Inspector Safety Act rail inspectors rail intermodal rail intermodal terminal rail Internet of Things rail investment rail investment tax credit Rail Investments rail IoT rail jack rail Japan rail jobs rail joint rail kink rail labor Rail Labor Act Rail Labor Bargaining Coalition Rail Labor Coalition rail labor contract negotiations rail labor contract talks rail labor groups rail labor leadership rail labor negotiations rail labor relations rail labor shortage rail labor union rail labor union contracts rail labor unions rail labor unios rail leaders rail leadership rail leasing rail legislation rail lending rail lending sources rail lessors rail lifter rail lifts rail line rail line abandonment rail line construction rail line defects rail line extension rail line improvement Rail Line Relocation and Improvement Rail Line Relocation and Improvement Program rail lines Rail Link Rail Link Inc. rail loading facility rail lobby rail lobbying Rail Logistics Rail Logistics L.C. Rail Logix rail loop rail loop construction project rail lubricant rail lubricants rail lubrication rail lubrication systems rail lubricator rail M&A rail maintenance rail maintenance facilities rail maintenance facility rail maintenance spending rail maintenance tools rail management Rail Management Corp. Rail Management Corporation Rail Management Services rail manufacturers and suppliers rail marketing rail marketshare rail material handling rail measurement services rail measures rail mediation rail meger rail merger rail mergers rail mexico rail milling rail mobile apps Rail Modal Group Rail Model Group Minot rail modernization project rail more than doubles trucks fuel efficiency rail moves rail museums rail negotiations rail network rail network congestion rail network maintenance rail network shutdown rail news rail operating ratio rail operations Rail Operations (UK) rail operations and facilities maintenance business model COASTER Rail Operations Control Center Rail Operations Control Center. Washington Metro Safety Commission Rail Operations Inc. rail operations merger rail operator rail operator recertification rail operator safety rail operator training certification and qualification programs rail operator training program rail operators rail outlook rail outlook 2010 rail outlook 2011 rail outlook 2012 rail outlook 2013 rail overpass rail park Rail Partners Management Group Rail Partners Management Group LLC Rail Partners with Ukraine Rail Passenger Association of California and Nevada Rail Passenger Fairness Act Rail Passenger Service Act Rail Passengers Association rail performance rail performance reporting data rail plan rail planning rail platform extensions rail policy rail polishing rail port Rail Power Services Rail Power Services LLC rail pricing Rail Pro Infinity rail product news Rail Product Solutions Rail Product Solutions Inc. rail production rail productivity rail products rail professional services rail profile grinding rail project rail project funding rail projects Rail Propulsion Systems Rail Propulsions Systems rail public private Rail Pulse rail R&D rail rate Rail Rate Index Study rail rate reasonableness rail rates Rail Ready Sites rail recession rail recovery rail recruit rail recruiting rail recruitment rail recruting rail regulation rail regulation waivers rail regulations rail regulatory reform rail relocation project rail renaissance rail repairers rail repairs rail replacement rail rereg rail rerouting rail research rail research and development Rail Research and Development Center of Excellence Rail Respond rail retirement rail revenue rail review Rail Revolving Loan and Grant Program rail ridership rail ridership rail ridership Metrorail rail right of way rail roadway worker safety Rail Rodeo Rail Runner Rail Runner Express rail russia rail saefty Rail Safe Rail Safe Training Rail Safe Training Inc. rail safety Rail Safety Act Rail Safety Act of 2008 Rail Safety Act of 2023 Rail Safety Advisory Committee rail safety and infrastructure Rail Safety and Security Excellence Awards rail safety audits rail safety awareness Rail Safety Consulting rail safety culture rail safety data rail safety education rail safety education and awareness rail safety education campaigns rail safety education funds rail safety education grants Rail Safety Enforcement Act Rail Safety Enhancement Act Rail Safety for First Responders rail safety grant funding Rail safety grants rail safety guidelines rail safety hearing rail safety improvement Rail Safety Improvement Act Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 rail safety improvement commitment rail safety improvement commitment rail safety improvement program Rail Safety Improvement Program – Infrastructure rail safety improvement project rail safety improvement projects rail safety improvements rail safety in Canada Rail Safety Innovations Deserving Exploratory Analysis Rail Safety Innovations Deserving Exploratory Analysis Program rail safety investigations rail safety investments rail safety legislation rail safety measures rail safety messages Rail Safety Month Rail Safety Office rail safety oversight rail safety program rail safety projects rail safety provisions rail safety regulation rail safety regulations rail safety research rail safety risks Rail Safety Seminar & Expo rail safety stats Rail Safety Summit Rail safety technologies rail safety training rail safety training requirements rail safety trends Rail Safety Week Rail Safety Week 2021 Rail Safety Week 2022 Rail Safety Week 2023 rail safety. Rail Scale rail scales rail scholarship Rail Sciences rail security Rail Security Alliance rail security topics rail security training rail service Rail Service & Logistics rail service cuts rail service delays rail service disruptions Rail Service Improvement Program rail service improvement study rail service issues rail service metrics rail service performance rail service performance and employment data rail service performance data rail service problems rail service projects rail service suspension rail services rail shareholder rail shipment rail shipper Rail Shipper Fairness Act of 2015 rail shippers Rail Shippers Fairness Act rail shipping rail shipping costs rail shopcraft workers rail sickness benefits rail siding rail sidings rail signal employee certification rail signaling rail signals rail snow-removal equipment rail solar RAIL Solution rail speed signs rail spending rail spur rail spurs rail state safety oversight rail station rail station ADA compliance rail station advertising rail station design rail station escalators rail station improvements rail station rehabilitation rail station repairs rail station upgrades rail stations rail stimulus rail stock rail stocks rail strike rail strikes rail study rail suicide prevention rail summit Rail Summit: Technology Advancement Rail supplier rail supplier diversity rail supplier financial results rail supplier leadership rail supplier M&A rail supplier news rail supplier news Aug. 2 rail supplier news for Sept. 3 Rail supplier news from GE Rail supplier news from New York Air Brake Rail supplier news from TekTracking Rail supplier news from TerraMarine Rail supplier news July 20 Rail supplier news July 26 rail supplier news Oct. 11 rail supplier news Sept. 17 rail supplier news rail supplier spotlight rail supplier update Rail supplier updates rail suppliernews Rail suppliers rail suppliers April 8 rail suppliers news rail supply industry rail surface conditions rail surfacing rail sustainability rail switches rail switching rail switching companies rail system rail systems Rail Systems Inc. rail talent Rail Talk rail tamping rail tank car fleet rail tank car.U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Peter DeFazio rail tank cars rail tarnsit rail tax credit Rail Tech Security Platform rail tech talent rail technologies rail technology rail technology advancements rail technology innovation rail technology jobs rail technology summit rail terminal rail terminals rail test rail testing rail thefts Rail Theory Forecasts Rail Theory Forecasts L.L.C. rail tie inventory rail tie production rail tie purchases rail tie removal rail tie replacement Rail Tie Solutions rail ties Rail Time Indicators report rail timeline Rail to Rail Active Transportation Corridor Project rail to rail weld rail track expansion rail tracks rail trade shows rail traffic rail traffic rail traffic border crossings rail traffic congestion rail traffic control Rail Traffic Controllers rail traffic data rail traffic data January 2021 rail traffic decline rail traffic embargo rail traffic embargoes rail traffic growth rail traffic in Week 11 rail traffic report rail traffic report Week 45 rail traffic trends rail traffic trends Week 18 rail traffic trends Week 3 rail traffic volume rail traffic volumes rail traffic Week 20 rail traffic rail training rail transfer facility rail transit rail transit data rail transit outlook rail transit projects Rail Transit Safety Education Grants Rail Transit Safety Education Grants. rail transit security Rail Transit Teach Achievement Award Rail Transit Team Achievement Award rail transload facility rail transportation Rail Transportation Advisory Board Rail Transportation and Engineering Center rail transportation and port-access agreement Rail Transportation Assistance Program Rail Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP) rail transportation engineering rail transportation equipment rail transportation infrastructure rail transportation of energy resources rail transportation of liquefied natural gas rail transportation policy Rail Transportation Program Rail Transportation Regulatory Agency of Mexico rail travel rail trends Rail Trends 2023 report Rail Trends report rail trespassers rail trespassing rail trespassing fatalities Rail Trust Fund rail tunnel rail tunnels rail turnouts rail underpass rail unemployment benefits Rail Unified Cargo Processing Center rail union rail union negotiations rail unions Rail Upgrade Initiative rail upgrades rail users rail vehicle maintenance rail vehicle replacement Rail Vehicle Replacement Program rail vehicles rail vendors rail video inspection Rail View Picnic Area Rail Vision Rail Vision Ltd. Rail Vision Switch Yard System rail volume rail volume decrease rail volumes rail vs. truck rail warehousing rail weld rail welding rail welding equipment rail welding plant rail wheel rail wheels rail WiFi rail winter challenges rail women Rail Worker and Community Safety Act rail worker fatalities rail worker fatigue rail worker negotiations rail worker safety rail worker shortage rail worker strike rail worker strikes rail worker training rail workers rail workforce Rail Workforce Collaborative rail workforce development rail workforce trends Rail World rail yard rail yard automation rail yard control rail yard equipment rail yard operator rail yard reporting rail yard security Rail Yard Studios rail yard technology rail yard thefts rail yards Rail.One Rail.One USA Rail.One USA Corp. rail/ferry service rail-airport link RailAmerica RailAmerica In. RailAmerica Inc. RailAmerica Operations Shared Services Railavators rail-based mobile energy storage RailBoss rail-bus connections RailCamp railcar rail-car backlog rail-car builder rail-car builders railcar coatings rail-car component supplier rail-car contract railcar decal railcar deliveries rail-car deliveries rail-car derailment rail-car design rail-car equipment contract rail-car equipment Richard Kloster rail-car fleet rail-car fleet replacement railcar forecast rail-car forecast rail-car glazing securement railcar industry rail-car industry rail-car inspection Railcar Inspection Portal Rail-car Inspection Portal rail-car interchange inspection and repair railcar interchange inspection and repair Federal Railroad Administration rail-car investment vehicle program rail-car lease rail-car lease agreement railcar lease rates rail-car lease software railcar leasing rail-car leasing rail-car leasing market rail-car lessor rail-car lessors railcar lift rail-car loading facility railcar maintenance rail-car maintenance rail-car mall rail-car manufacturers rail-car manufacturing railcar market rail-car market rail-car mechanics railcar mover rail-car mover rail-car movers railcar order rail-car order rail-car orders rail-car orders and deliveries railcar outlook rail-car outlook rail-car overhauls rail-car procurement railcar purchase rail-car quarterly report rail-car refresh rail-car rehab rail-car rehabilitation rail-car reliability rail-car remediators railcar repair rail-car repair rail-car repair and inspection services rail-car repair business rail-car repair services rail-car replacement rail-car replacement grants rail-car replacement program rail-car report rail-car request for proposals rail-car RFP rail-car service rail-car serving and repair facility Railcar Solutions L.L.C. railcar statistics rail-car statistics rail-car storage rail-car switching rail-car switching subsidiary rail-car trends railcar value rail-car weighing system RailcarCo. Railcare Railcare Inc. RailcarRx railcars railcars in storage railcars with a new three-stage filtration and purification process RAILCET RAILChain RailChem Connect Railcom RailComm RailComm and Alstom RailComm and SKF Railway RailComm and STV RailComm Insight RailComm Insight™ RailComm LLC RailComm RailComm. CargoWise rail-competition act RailConnect RailConnect 360 RailConnect Index RailConnect Index of Short Line Traffic RailConnect Index of Shortline Traffic Raildecks railed transborder freight Railex Railex LLC RailForceOne RailFusion RailHaul Railhead Railhead Corp Railhead Corp. Railhead Vision Systems Railigent Railinc Railinc Corp. Railinc Corp. BiTA Railinc’s TransmetriQ Railinc® rail-industry regulation rail-industry suppliers rail-labor contract dispute rail-labor negotiations Railliance RailLink Canada RailLinks Railmark Railmark Holdings Railmark Holdings Inc. Railmark Logistics Railmark Rail Services Inc. Railmark Track Works Railmark Track Works Inc Railmark Track Works Inc. RailMark Trucks RailMarketplace Railmarketplace Inc. RAILONE RAINBOW Canada Corp. RailPASS RailPlan International RailPod RailPod Inc. Railpool railport Railpower RailPrime RailPrime video interview RailPros RailPros Chicago office RailPros Field Services RailPros Field Services Inc. RailPros Inc. RailPulse RailPulse. Packaging Corp. of America Railquip Railquip Inc. rail-ready facilities rail-ready locations Rail-Ready Sites Rail-Ready Sites Program rail-related fatalities RailRisk RailRisk PTC Hazard Reporting System Railroa Innovator Award Keith Creel railroad Railroad Accident Report 21/01 railroad accidents railroad accountability Railroad Achievement Award railroad acquisition railroad acquisitions railroad ad campaign railroad advertising Railroad and Transit Administrations railroad antitrust Railroad Antitrust Enforcement Act Railroad Antitrust and Competition Act 0f 2005 Railroad Antitrust Enforcement Act railroad assets Railroad Associates Corp. Railroad Association of South Africa railroad automation railroad ballast railroad battery Railroad Battery Services railroad bridge railroad bridges railroad capex railroad capital expenditures railroad capital spending railroad carloads railroad coal traffic railroad commission Railroad Commission of Texas railroad communications railroad communications technology railroad competition Railroad Competition Act Railroad Competition Act of 2003 Railroad Competition and Service Improvement Act railroad complaint Railroad Construction Railroad Construction Co Railroad Construction Co. Railroad Construction Co. Inc. Railroad Construction Co. of South Jersey railroad construction equipment Railroad Constructors Inc. Railroad Consultants railroad consulting railroad contracting railroad contractor railroad contractors railroad control application railroad control point Railroad Controls Railroad Controls LP Railroad Controls Ltd. railroad crossing railroad crossing data Railroad Crossing Elimination Act Railroad Crossing Elimination grant Railroad Crossing Elimination Grant Program Railroad Crossing Elimination Grant Program railroad crossing safety railroad crossings railroad culture railroad data Railroad Day Railroad Day on Capitol Hill Railroad Day on the Hill railroad demographics railroad deregulation Railroad Development Corp. Railroad Development Corporation railroad dispatchers Railroad Distribution Services Inc. railroad earnings railroad education railroad electronic detection and monitoring systems Railroad Emergency Response Training Railroad Emergency Services Preparedness railroad emissions railroad employee Railroad Employee Equality and Fairness Act railroad employees Railroad Employees National Health and Welfare Plan railroad employment railroad employment trends railroad engineering Railroad Engineering Education Symposium railroad engineering program Railroad Environmental Conference railroad equipment Railroad Equipment Auction railroad fasteners railroad finance railroad financial reports railroad financials railroad fleet railroad friction railroad fuel railroad fuel surcharge railroad grade crossing collisions railroad grade separation railroad growth railroad growth story railroad hazmat railroad hire railroad hiring railroad history railroad improvement projects Railroad Industries railroad industry railroad industry cost of capital railroad industry outlook railroad industry productivity railroad industry professionals railroad industry safety updates railroad industry veteran railroad industry veteran Ed Harris railroad information technology railroad infrastructure Railroad Infrastructure Financing Improvement Act railroad infrastructure projects Railroad Innovator Railroad Innovator award Railroad Innovator Award 2019 Railroad Insurance Management Association railroad interlocking railroad internet railroad intrusion detection system railroad investigation and safety course railroad IT railroad jobs railroad labor Railroad Labor Act railroad labor negotiations railroad leadership railroad liability railroad liability coverage railroad liability insurance railroad M&A railroad machinists railroad maintenance railroad maintenance department railroad maintenance equipment railroad maintenance of way railroad maintenance project railroad maintenance spending railroad management Railroad Management Association railroad management eduction program railroad management training railroad marketing railroad mechanical railroad merger railroad mergers railroad military railroad military veterans railroad museum railroad museums Railroad of the Year Railroad of the Year award railroad operating models railroad operating ratio railroad operation modeling railroad operation system railroad operations railroad overpass railroad pipeline and hazardous materials investigators railroad productivity railroad profitability railroad purchasing railroad R&D railroad radio railroad rates railroad recruit railroad recruiting Railroad Reform railroad regulation railroad regulations Railroad Rehabilitation & Improvement Financing Program Railroad Rehabilitation and Financing Innovation Act Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing (RRIF) loan program Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing Express (RRIF Express) Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing loan Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing loans Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing program Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Funding (RRIF) Express Railroad Rehabilitation and Infrastructure Financing Railroad Rehabilitation and Investment Financing Express Railroad Rehabilitation and Repair Grant Program railroad renaissance Railroad Report Card railroad research Railroad Research Foundation railroad response railroad retirement railroad retirement benefits Railroad Retirement Board Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) Railroad Retirement Coalition of Rail Labor Unions railroad revenue adequacy Railroad Revolving Loan and Grant Railroad Revolving Loan and Grant Program railroad roadway work railroad safety Railroad Safety Advisory Committee Railroad Safety and Security Task Force railroad safety culture railroad safety education railroad safety grants Railroad Safety Grants for the Safe Transportation of Energy Products Railroad Safety Infrastructure Improvement Railroad Safety Infrastructure Improvement Grants Railroad Safety Program railroad safety regulations railroad safety standards Railroad Safety State Participation Pilot Grant Program Railroad Safety Technology Grant railroad scholarship railroad security railroad service performance data railroad service regulation Railroad Services of Tennessee railroad shareholders railroad shipper dialogue railroad shipper relations railroad shippers railroad shutdown Railroad Signal International railroad signaling Railroad Signaling Solutions LLC railroad slug railroad snow blowers railroad snow plows railroad snow removal equipment Railroad Software Railroad Software and Automated Rail Railroad Specialties Inc. railroad spending railroad spending plans railroad spill railroad strike railroad suppliers railroad sustainability Railroad Sustainability Symposium railroad switch machine railroad tamping railroad tax railroad tax credit railroad technology Railroad Ten-Year Trends railroad tie railroad tie market railroad tie purchase railroad ties railroad TIH railroad track railroad track design railroad track inspection railroad track maintenance Railroad Track Maintenance Tax Credit railroad track mechanics railroad track trespassing railroad tracks railroad traffic railroad traffic trends railroad training railroad transformation railroad trends railroad trespasser fatalities railroad trespassing Railroad Trespassing Enforcement Grant Program Railroad Trespassing Enforcement Grants Railroad Trespassing Suicide Prevention Grant Program Railroad Trespassing Suicide Prevention Grants Railroad Trespassing Suicide Prevention Program Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act Railroad Unemployment Insurance Benefits railroad unions Railroad University railroad vegetation management railroad veterans railroad video inspection railroad weed control railroad Wi-Fi railroad women railroad worker railroad worker fatigue railroad worker safety railroad workers Railroad Workers United railroad workforce railroad workforce trends railroader benefits railroader recruitment railroader safety information railroaders Railroaders Guide to Healthy Sleep Railroaders Memorial Museum railroading Railroading 101 railroading in winter railroading skills railroading''s future Railroading''s Rising Stars railroads railroads and blogs railroads and coal railroads and Facebook railroads and floods railroads and I.T. railroads and ice railroads and information technology railroads and snow railroads and social media railroads and sustainability railroads and terrorism railroads and the economy railroads and the environment railroads and the Internet railroads and the military railroads and the web railroads and Twitter railroads cost of capital railroads hiring railroads hiring women railroads in D.C. railroads recruit veterans Railroad-Shipper Transportation Advisory Council RailRunner RailRunner and Dialight RailRunner NA Inc. Rails Co Rails Co. Rails Company railsafety rail-safety awareness programs rail-safety education grants Railscout RailServe Railserve Inc. Railserve LEAF rail-served distribution terminal rail-served industrial park rail-served industrial parks rail-served industrial site rail-served plants rail-served sites rail-served warehouse rail-service problems RailSight RailSolutions Railsponsible RailState RailSync Railtec Railtech Railtech Boutet Railtech Calomex Railtech Matweld Railtech Matweld Inc. Railtech Welding & Equipment RailTerm RailTex rail-tie market rail-to-truck transloading facility rail-to-water rail-transit industry forum rail-transit security rail-transit station renovations RailTrends RailTrends 2015 RailTrends 2016 RailTrends 2017 RailTrends 2017 GE Transportation RailTrends 2018 RailTrends 2018 Conference RailTrends 2019 RailTrends 2020 RailTrends 2020 conference RailTrends® Rail-truck transload facility project at the Spokane Airport RailUSA RailUSA LLC Rail-Volution Railway & Industrial Services Railway & Locomotive Historical Society railway accidents Railway Accountability Act Railway Age Railway and Industrial Services Inc. railway antenna Railway Association of Canada Railway Association of Canada President and CEO Marc Brazeau Railway Association of Canada Safety Award Railway Champion prize railway crossing accidents Railway Employee Qualification Standards Regulations railway engineering capital plans Railway Engineering Education Symposium Railway Engineering Maintenance and Suppliers Association Railway Engineering Maintenance Suppliers Association Railway Engineering Maintenance-Suppliers Association Railway Engineering-Maintenance and Suppliers Association Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association (REMSA) Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association Inc. Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association railway equipment Railway Equipment Co Railway Equipment Co. Railway Equipment Leasing And Maintenance Railway Freight and Passenger Train Brake Inspection and Safety Rules railway incidents Railway Independent Transit Union Railway Industrial Clearance Association Railway Industry Clearance Association Railway Inspection and Transparency Act and Railway Interchange Railway Interchange 2011 Railway Interchange 2013 Railway Interchange 2015 Railway Interchange 2017 Railway Interchange 2019 railway Internet of Things railway labor Railway Labor Act railway maintenance machines railway management railway management course Railway Materials Railway of Things railway overpass collapse Railway Progress Institute Railway Purchases & Stores railway research railway safety Railway Safety Act Railway Safety Act of 2023 Railway Safety Act of 2023 (S. 576) Railway Supply Railway Supply Association Railway Supply Group Railway Supply Institute Railway Supply Institute (RSI) Railway Supply Institute Committee on Tank Cars Railway Supply Institute Inc. Railway Supply Institute Inc. Railway Supply Institute President Mike O''Malley Railway Supply Institute''s American Railway Car Institute Committee Railway Systems Suppliers Railway Systems Suppliers Inc Railway Systems Suppliers Inc. Railway Systems Supplies Inc. Communication & Signaling Exhibition railway technology railway telematics Railway Tie Association railway ties Railway Upgrades for Rural American Lines Railway Woman of the Year Railway Woman of the Year Award Railway Woman of the Year Pam Arpin railway worker training Railway Workers' International Action Day Railway-Highway Crossings Program Railway-News railways Railwel Canada RailWork Corporation rail-worker safety RailWorks RailWorks Corp RailWorks Corp. RailWorks Corp. Kevin Riddett RailWorks Track Services RailWorks Track Services Inc. RailWorks Track Systems RailWorks Transit LLC RailxTech railyard equipment rail-yard gun thefts rail-yard workers Railyards Plaza Rainbow Concrete Industries Ltd. Rainier Valley Rainmaker Construction Inc. Rainmaker Resources rairoad millennials RAISE RAISE discretionary grant program RAISE grant RAISE grant funds RAISE grants Raj Gupta Raj Srinath Rajan Gautam Rajant Rajant Corp. Rajant Corp. ral traffic RALCO Raleigh Raleigh and Fayetteville Railroad Raleigh to Richmond Raleigh train station Raleigh Union Station Raleigh-Durham International Airport Raloy Lubricants Ralph Northam Ralph Przybyszewski Ralph S. Inouye Co. Ram Murthy ramp Rampart St. Claude streetcar Ramsey County Ramsey County Board of Commissioners Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority RAND RAND Corp. Rand Ghayad Randal Weaver Randall Hutto Randall Thomure random drug testing Randon Implementos Randy Clarke Randy Bayles Randy Blankenhorn Randy Bowman Randy Clarke Randy Clarke Randy Dry Randy Fannon Randy Frazier Randy Grauberger Randy Harris Randy J. Dumey Randy Kaploe Randy Mullett Randy Pocrnick Randy Stedman Randy Thomure Rangeland Energy ranking member Ranking Member Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.) ransomware ransomware attack ransport Canada ransport Minister Marc Garneau ransportation Communications Union''s Carmen Division ransportation Division of the International Association of Sheet Metal ransportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery ransportation Safety Board of Canada Raphael Warnock Rapid Bridge Replacement System Rapid City Rapid City Pierre & Eastern Rapid City Pierre & Eastern Railroad Rapid Discharge rail car rapid transit rapid transit project planning Rapid Transit Solution and Facilities Project RapidDeploy RapidRail RapidSOS Rapik Saat Raquel A. Regalado Raquel Espinoza Raquel Regalado Raritan Central Raritan Central Railway Raritan Central Railway LLC Raritan River bridge Raritan River Bridge replacement Raritan River Bridge Replacement Project Raritan River Drawbridge Raritan Valley Line Rasch Construction & Engineering Rasesh Shah RaShawn “Shawnie” Hawkins Rashed Islam Rasmuson Foundation Rasmussen Reports rate case rate case report rate case review rate cases RATE Coalition rate complaints rate disputes Rate EDI Network rate reasonableness rate reasonableness cases Rate Reform Task Force rate regulation rate regulations rate review cases ratification ratification vote ratification ratified ratified agreement ratified collective bargaining agreement ratified contract ratified new labor contract ratify ratify labor agreements Ratner Ratner Steel Ratner Steel Supply Ratner Steel Supply Co. RATP RATP Dev RATP Dev North America RATP Dev USA RATP Group RATP-Dev Rauch Raul Guerrero Raul Jalali Raul Peralez Raven Energy Raven Logistics Ravenswood Connector Ravenswood Connector Branch Ravenswood Loop Connector Signal Project Ravenswood Station Ravi Misra Ravinia Ravinia Station Ravneet Bhandari Ravneswood Ravneswood Loop Connector Rehabilitation Project RAVS Plus Ray Abraham Ray Belter Ray Betler Ray Chambers Ray Energy Ray Friem Ray Gordy Ray Goss Ray Hufnagel Ray Jackson Ray Jones Norfolk Southern Ray Kosakowski Ray LaHood Ray LaHood Award Ray Nixon Ray Rumsey Ray Sipes Ray Traynor Ray-Carroll Raymond Raymond Bachant Raymond Betler Raymond Diaz Raymond Ginnell Raymond James Raymond Kenny Raymond Minnesota Raymond Suarez Raymond Telles Ray-Mont Ray-Mont Logisitics Ray-Mont Logistics Ray''s Transportation Rayvag Rayvag Vagon Sanayi ve Ticaret Razom RB RB Railway RBC Capital Markets RBC Capital Markets 2021 Canadian Automotive RBC Transportation Solutions RBL Inc. RBMN RCADIS U.S. Inc. RCE RCE Equipment RCE Equipment Services RCE Equipment Solutions RCE Equipment Solutions Inc. RCE Rail RCP&E RCR Hempstead Logistics Park RCR Rail Co. RCR Taylor Logistics Park RCTC RDC RDC AUTOZUG Sylt RDMT RDS RE Sources for Sustainable Communities REAct safety device reactions Reader''s Choice Awards Reading Reading & Northern Reading & Northern Railroad Reading & Northern Railroad Co. Reading and Blue Northern Reading and Northern Railroad Reading Blue Mountain & Northern Reading Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Reading Blue Mountain and Northern railroad Reading Railroad Heritage Museum Reading Railroad Transfer LLC Readville Station Ready Auto Transport Ready to Build Reagan National Airport Reagan Shanley real estate real estate companies real estate values Real Public Safety Plan real time business intelligence real-time arrival data real-time arrival information Real-Time Asset Management Program real-time data real-time freight-rail visibility real-time hazmat rail information real-time information real-time remote diagnostic monitoring software real-time seating availability information real-time tracking real-time train information Real-Time Transit Infrastructure and Rolling Stock Condition Assessment Demonstration Program Reason Foundation reauthorization rebar steel mill Rebecca Cowle Rebecca Murphy Rebecca Reyes-Alicea Rebecca Saltzman Rebecca Schulz Rebecca Stephen Rebekah Scheinfeld rebranded rebranding Rebuild America Rebuild America Partnership Rebuild Illinois Rebuild Illinois capital plan Rebuild Illinois capital program Rebuild Illinois Program rebuilding Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity Grant Program Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity grants Rebuilding for the Future Rebuilding the System rebuilt locomotive recent findings recertification recession reciprocal switching reciprocal switching regulations reciprocal switching rule Reclaiming Congressional Trade Authority Act Recognition Day recommendation recommendations Reconnecting America Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program reconstruction reconstruction plan record record April record cargo record cargo volume record cargo volumes in 2022 record carloads record container volume record first quarter record grain haul record haul record October record of decision record passenger-rail traffic record performance record results record ridership record ridership in 2022 record ridership in 2023 record ridership levels in 2023 record set record TEUs record tonnage record volume record volumes record-breaking recording devices recordkeeping records record-setting record-setting month record-setting year recovery recovery act Recovery and Growth framework recovery efforts recovery from COVID-19 pandemic recovery plan recovery task force recreational marijuana use recrew rate recruit female applicants recruiting recruiting trends recruitment recruitment and retention recruitment and retention strategies RecruitMilitaryband Army PaYS recruting and hiring digital roles Recurring Form Template recycling Red and Purple elevated track structures Red and Purple Line Modernization Red and Purple Line Modernization Phase One Project Red and Purple Line Modernization Program Red and Purple Modernization Red and Purple Modernization (RPM) Project Red and Purple Modernization Phase One program Red and Purple Modernization Phase One project Red and Purple modernization program Red and Purple Modernization Project Red Bank Station Red Bull Red Coat Road and Rail Red Giant Oil Co. Red Hat Red Hat Inc. Red Hook Red Hook subway extension Red Line Red Line 95th Street Terminal Red Line accident Red Line collision Red Line disruption Red Line extension Red Line Extension project Red Line fleet Red Line light-rail route Red Line passenger death report and analysis Red Line passenger-rail service Red Line South Red Line South reconstruction Red Line train collision in 2009 Red Line trains Red Line Transformation Red Line’s East 79th Street Station Red Purple Modernization Red River Valley & Western Red River Valley & Western Railroad Red River Valley & Western Railroad Co. Red River Valley & Western/Twin Cities & Western Railroad Cos. Red River Valley and Western Railroad Red River Valley and Western Railroad Co. Red Sea red signal violations red signals red-alert status Redbox redevelopment redevelopment project Redhawk Energy Systems RedHawk Energy Systems LLC redirecting federal grant funding Redlands Redlands Passenger Rail Project Redlands passenger-rail project Redmond Redmond light rail Redmond Link Red-Purple Bypass reduce bottleneck Reduce Extended Delays; Enhance Safety; and Invest in Growing Neighborhoods reduce fuel consumption reduce GHGs reduce pollution reduce rail industry emissions reduced fares reduced rail service reduced-fare cards Reducing America''s Taxes Equitably reducing greenhouse gas emissions Reduction of Truck Emissions at Port Facilities Grant Program redundant and dual redundant rack systems Redwater Redwood City Redwood Holdings Redwood Logistics Redwood Rail LLC Redwood Route RedXDefense Reece Donovan Reed Lanham re-elected chairman re-election reenbrier reference surfacing referendum referendums refined products refined products destination terminals Reflective Apparel Factory reflective marking Refresh & Renew Refresh and Renew program refresh interiors refrigerated refrigerated box car refrigerated box cars refrigerated boxcars refrigerated cargo refrigerated container yard refrigerated containers refrigerated intermodal service refrigerated juice cars refrigerated produce refrigerated rail cars refrigerated rail route Refrigerated Transport Electronics refugees Refugio Transload Terminal refunding bond transaction refunds refurbished refurbishment refurbishment project refurishment project REG regenerative braking regenerative braking systems regenerative breaking Reggie Bellamy Regina Reginald Snyder app Regio 2N Regiolis Region of Waterloo regional Regional Answer to Canadian National Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs Regional Connector Regional Connector Constructors Regional Connector Project Regional Connector Transit Corridor Regional Connector Transit Project Regional Economic Development Partnership Regional Express Rail Regional Hispanic Contractors Association regional impact transportation projects Regional Infrastructure Accelerators Regional Intermodal Transportation Center Regional Measure 3 regional outreach strategy Regional Plan Association Regional Plan Association’s America 2050 Regional Planning Commission Regional Public Transportation Authority Regional Rail Regional Rail Authority Regional Rail cars Regional Rail commuter trains Regional Rail Express Regional Rail LLC Regional Rail Partners regional rail planning Regional Rail President and CEO Al Sauer regional rail system Regional Rail vision regional railroad regional railroads regional transit authorities regional transit authority Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan Regional Transit District of Denver Regional Transit Plan Regional Transport District Regional Transportation Alliance Regional Transportation Authority Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Music City Star Regional Transportation Authority of Chicago Regional Transportation Authority of Middle Tennesse Regional Transportation Authority of Middle Tennessee Regional Transportation Authority of Northeastern Illinois Regional Transportation Authoritys (RTA) Music City Star Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada Regional Transportation Council Regional Transportation District Regional Transportation District (RTD) Regional Transportation District (RTD) of Denver Regional Transportation District Denver Regional Transportation District of Denver Regional Transportation District of Denver Regional Transportation District of Denver (RTD) Regional Transportation District of Denver (RTD) General Manager Phillip Washington Regional Transportation District of Denver General Manager Phillip Washington Regional Transportation District of Denver''s FasTracks Regional Transportation District-Denver Regional Transportation Improvement Regional Transportation Plan regional vice president of transportation RegionAlps regionals RegioRail Registrar of Shortline Railways registration regoinal railroad regular service schedules regulated hazardous materials shipments regulated interswitching rates regulation regulations regulatory regulatory approvals regulatory challenges regulatory clearance regulatory hurdle Regulatory Information Service Center Regulatory Modernization Initiative regulatory reform officer regulatory relief rehab rehab of the Metra station rehabbing cars rehabilitation rehabilitation of rail infrastructure Rehrig Pacific Reid Smeda Reidler Decal Reidler Railroad Graphics reight Transportation Services Index Reilly McCarren Reimagine 21 Reimagined Norfolk Southern Reimagining Regional Rail Reimann Industrial Center reimbursements Reince Priebus reinvention RELAM RELAM Inc. Related Companies Related Cos. Related Fund Management Related Infrastructure Relay Relco Locomotive RELCO Locomotives reliability improvements Reliable Rail Service Act Reliable Robotics Relief Relief and Economic Security Act relief funding ReliOn Relle Howard RELM Wireless relocation ReLok ReLPRO REM REM de l''Est light-rail project REM station Remaley remanufacture locomotives remanufactured remanufactured locomotives remanufactured roadway maintenance machines remanufacturing Remark Holdings Remembrance Day in Canada Remi Barron Remi Lalonde Remington Development Corp. v. Canadian Pacific Railway Co Remington Development Corp. v. Canadian Pacific Railway Co. remote control remote control locomotive operations remote control operator remote control simulator training remote control technology remote controlled locomotives Remote ID Remote Intelligent Terminal remote location power challenges remote monitoring remote work Remprex REMSA REMSA Scholarship Program REMSA scholarships Renaud Gagne Renaud Gagné renderings Rene Febles Rene Hendrikse Rene Lipsch Renee Bassett Renee LoSapio Renee Strolis Amtrak renewable biofuel renewable diesel renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel feedstock merchant pretreatment facility renewable diesel fuel renewable energy renewable energy generation renewable fuel complex renewable fuel production facility renewable fuels Renewable Fuels Association renewable fuels facility Renewable Fuels Regulations renewable fuels testing initiative renewable gasoline Renewable Lubricants Renewable Lubricants Inc. renewable natural gas renewable plant-based diesel fuel renewable-fuel production facility renewables Renewal Re-NEW-Vation Renfe Renne Sloan Holtzman Sakai LLP renovated locomotives renovation renovation project renovations Rensselaer Rensseleaer reopen reopening reorganization REO-USA Rep. Adam Smith Rep. Adriano Espaillat Rep. Adriano Espaillat (NY-13.) Rep. Andres Ayala Jr. Rep. Andy Barr Rep. Barbara Comstock Rep. Bill Shuster Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) Rep. Bob Gibbs (R-Ohio) Rep. Chaka Fattah Rep. Conor Lamb (PA-17) Rep. Dan Lipinski Rep. Daniel Lipinski Rep. Delia Ramirez Rep. Doris Matsui (D-Calif.) Rep. Eric Cantor Rep. Eric Crawford Rep. Jeff Denham Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) Rep. Jerrold Nadler Rep. Jesus Garcia Rep. Jim Jordan Rep. Jim McDermott Rep. John Delaney Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich). Rep. John Mica Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.) Rep. Julia Letlow Rep. Melanie Stansbury Rep. Michael Grimm Rep. Michael Honda (D-Calif.) Rep. Mike Doyle (PA-18) Rep. Mike Rogers Rep. Mike Thompson Rep. Nick J. Rahall Rep. Nick Rahall Rep. Patrick Meehan (R-Pa.) Rep. Peter DeFazio Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi Rep. Richard Neal House Committee on Ways and Means Rep. Rodney Davis Rep. Ron Kind Rep. Sam Graves Rep. Scott Garrett Rep. Seth Moulton Rep. Seth Moulton (MA-06) Rep. Westmoreland Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) repair repair plans repair weld repair work repairs Repauno Port & Rail Terminal Repeal SMART replacement bridge replacement project replacing 25 report report card Report Card for America''s Infrastructure reportable personal injury rate ReportBuyer Reporting & Analytics Reporting Applicability Overview reporting requirement repower kits Repower locomotive Representative Richard E. Neal (MA-01) Representatives Barbara Lee (CA-13) Reps. Brendan Boyle (PA-02) Reps. John Mica (R-Fla.) and Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) Reps. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) Republic Short Line Railroad Republic Trucking and Logistics Republican congressmen Republican members Republican Party Republican platform Republican Study Committee Republicans request for expressions of interest request for industry feedback request for information request for letters of interest Request for Proposal request for proposals request for proposals; RFP request for qualifications Request for Qualifications RFQ request for stay request to Congress requests for proposals required random drug testing RER RER John Jensen rereg re-reg reregulation re-regulation RES Rescar Rescar Cos. Rescar Inc. rescheduled research research and development Research and Innovative Technology Administration Research and Innovative Transportation Administration Research and Markets research and technology research and training research grant research grants research initiative research proposals Reseau de transport metropolitain Reseau Electrique Metropolitain Reseau express metropolitain Reseau express métropolitain Reseau Express Metropolitan Réseau Ferré de France Reserves RESIDCO resident input residential high-rise resign resignation resignation resignations resilience program resilience railroading Resiliency resin-coated frac sand resin-coated proppant manufacturing Resource Environmental Solutions resource webpage Respect the Ride RESPIRA responder incident training train response RESPONSE Act Response Management Communications Center responses to comments and responses Responsible Care Responsible Care Management certification Responsible Care Partner of the Year Award Responsible Care Partner Program Responsible Mining Act restarting light-rail service restoration Restoration and Enhancement Grant Program Restoration and Enhancement Grants Restoration and Enhancement Grants Program Restoration and Enhancement program restoration project RESTORE Act restoring service restructure restructuring resume full service resumed service resurfacing RETAC retai retail retail container imports retail container ports retail imports Retail Industry Leaders Association retail inventories retail sales Retail sales increase retail tenant. Metro-North Railroad station at Pearl River retail-container ports retailer ports retailer shipments retailers retaining wall retarder retention retire retired Retired Gen. Stephen Lyons retired Maj. Gen. Suzanne Vautrinot Retired U.S. Navy SEAL Robert O''Neill retired U.S. Rep. Bernice Johnson retirees retirement retirement plans retirement retirement; people on the move retirements Retlif Retlif Testing Laboraties Retlif Testing Laboratories Retlif Testing Laboratoriesf retrofitting return on invested capital return to service return to service plan return to work return to wWorksites date reusable Reuters Reuters article Rev. Charles Lucas Rev. Charles P. Lucas Rev. Samuel Lathem Revelstoke revenue revenue adequacy revenue adequacy 2016 revenue adequacy for 2021 revenue adequate revenue adequate 2018 revenue adequate Class Is revenue and ridership growth revenue and yield management revenue bond sale revenue bonds revenue entitlements revenue losses revenue management system revenue measure revenue of CN revenue service demonstration revenue service launch revenue source revenue thresholds revenue-service demonstration Reverend Raphael Warnock reverse commute reverse commute service reverse commuters reverse commutes reverse-commute revised security directives revised 2019 full-year guidance revised 2020 business plan revised buyout Revised Draft Environmental Impact Report revised plan revised potential route options revised track safety regulations Revive Milling LLC revocation revolving loan revolving loans Revolvo split cylindrical roller bearing housed unit line Rex Brejnik Reyes and Parsons REZ-1 Inc. RF Industries RF interference RF interference filters RF jumper cables RF XL RFAP RFEOI RFI RFID RFID Inventory Systems RFIF RFP RFQ RFQs RFTrax RG400 Series RGCX RGCX LLC RGPC RGS Specialty Grinder RGW Construction Inc. RHEDA 2000 ballastless track system Rhinehart Railroad Construction Inc. Rhode Island Rhode Island commuter rail Rhode Island Department of Transportation Rhode Island Economic Development Corp. Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chaffee Rhode Island Public Transit Authority Rhode Island Transportation Director Michael Lewis Rhomberg Sersa Rhomberg Sersa North America Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group Rhonda Allen Rhonda Carter Rhonda Ferguson Rhonda Herman RHT RailHaul Technologies RHT RailHaul Technologies Inc. RIA Rian Nemeroff ribbon-cutting ceremony Ric Biehl Ric McIver Ricardo Ricardo Certification Ricardo Charlton Ricardo plc Ricardo Rail rice Rice Lake Weighing Systems rice mill Rich Constantine Rich Cooper Rich Dalton Rich Driggs Rich Krisak Rich Mestas Rich Montgomery Rich Thompson Rich Weigel Rich Zemencik Rich Zemencik Richard Leary Richard A. White Richard Allert Richard Amodei Richard Anderson Richard Andreski Richard Arena Richard Aschieris Richard Blumenthal Richard Bowie Richard Branson Richard Burnfield Richard Carrizales Richard Chess Richard Clark Richard Dalton Richard Davey Richard Dodd Richard Driggs Richard Eitland Richard Erstad Richard F. Timmons Award Richard Frank Richard Garrabrant Richard Gent Richard Grayson Richard Greening Richard Hammer Richard Hanna Richard Harnish Richard Holwell Richard J. Leary Richard Katz Richard Kloster Richard Lawless Richard Leary Richard Leon Richard Marcus Richard Mario Latini Richard McFadyen CN Richard Morsches Richard Pootmans Richard Reitz Richard Robey Richard Rodriguez Richard Sarles Richard Shelby Richard Sherman Richard Steinke Richard Thorpe Richard Timmons Richard Wainio Richard White Richard Wilder Sprague Richard Zemencik Richard Hammer Richardson International Richardson International John Brooks Richardson International Ltd. Richardson Pioneer Ltd. Richcom Power Richie Howard Richmond Richmond Express Richmond Hill Richmond Hill line Richmond Hill rail line Richmond Marine Terminal Richmond Pacific Railroad Richmond Pacific Railroad Corp. Richmond service Richmond Station Richmond Terminal Richmond Valley Station Richmond-D.C. higher-speed rail Richmond-to-Raleigh high-speed rail Richter scholarship Richton Park Richview Rick Armenta Rick Baden Rick Bell Rick Campbell Rick Corman Rick Cotton Rick Crawford Rick Curry Rick Dahl Rick Dusek Rick Ebersold Rick Gibbons Rick Gibson Rick Graham Rick Harnish Rick Heimann Rick Johnson Rick Larsen Rick Leary Rick McClellan Rick McLellan Rick McNey CSX Rick Mooney Rick Paterson Rick Richmond Rick Scott Rick Verkler Rick Webb Rick Wood Rickenbacker Intermodal Facility Ricky Johnson Ricmond-to-Hampton Roads passenger-rail ri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon ri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet) Ride Nice ride quality ride quality meter system ride quality monitoring ride share Ride to Wellness Ride with Respect program RideAmigos Rideau Transit Group Rideau Transit Group Partnership Rideau Transit Maintenance Rideau Transit Partners ride-hailing ride-hailing companies ride-hailing fee ride-hailing fees ride-hailing services Ridekick RidePath rider advocacy rider alert rider communication rider courtesy rider discipline rider experience rider feedback rider rewards program rider safety rider satisfaction rider survey Rider’s Advisory riders Rider''s Almanac riders'' code of conduct riders return riders with disabilities riders with mobility disabilities Riders’ Advisory Council ridership ridership data ridership figures ridership growth ridership increase ridership increases ridership information dashboard ridership levels ridership losses ridership projections ridership record ridership records ridership recovery ridership study ridership survey ridership totals ridership trends Ridership Trends Dashboard RideScout rideshare ridesharing ride-sharing ride-sharing services RideTap Ridge Development Ridgeland Property Group Ridgewood Infrastructure Riding Sunbeams Ridley Island Ridley Island Export Logistics Project Ridley Terminal Ridley Terminals Ridley Terminals Inc. RIDOT RIDOT Director Michael Lewis RIDS RIELP Rifenburg Construction right of way right of way rules compliance and safety work plan right-of-way right-of-way survey services right-of-way trespassing right-of-way workers Rik Lor Rik Rainville Riley Brockington RIM Architecture RINA Consulting Rina Cutler RINA Group Rincon Industrial Complex Ring of Fire Ring of Fire Railroad Ringneck & Western Railroad Ringneck and Western Railroad Rio East-Dobson Extension Rio Grande LNG terminal Rio Grande Pacific Rio Grande Pacific Corp. Rio Grande Pacific Corp. (RGPC) Industrial Rail Services Rio Grande Pacific Corporation Rio Grande Pacific Dispatch Rio Grande Pacific Technology Rio Grande Pacific Technology Inc. Rio Grande Pacific Transit Group Rio Grande River Rio Metro Rio Metro Chairman Steve Shaw Rio Metro Regional Transit District RIO Real Estate Investment Opportunities LLC Rio Tinto Rio Tinto Iron Ore–Ansaldo STS riot RIOTECH riots in Washington rip rip technology RISC rising construction costs rising gas prices Rising Star Rising Star Awards Rising Stars Rising Stars 2014 Rising Stars 2015 Rising Stars 2016 Rising Stars 2018 Rising Stars 2019 Rising Stars 2019 Rising Stars 2021 Rising Stars 2022 Rising Stars 2023 Rising Stars Award Rising Stars Award winners Rising Stars Award winners 2023 Rising Stars Awards Rising Stars Awards 2018 Rising Stars Awards 2023 Rising Stars Class of 2022 Rising Stars Class of 2023 rising stars in the railroad industry Rising Stars Rising Stars Rising Youth Theatre Risings Stars Awards Risings Stars Awards 2023 Risk Analysis Research Center risk areas for potential fraud risk management Risk Management Society risk mitigation Risk Reduction Program RISX RIT Rita Scott Rita Sholton Large Business of the Year award Rita Toporowski Ritchie Bros. Ritron Ritron Inc. RIV River Line River Line light-rail River Line light-rail route river ports River Ridge Commerce Center River Ridge Development Authority River Road Terminals LLC River Runner Riverdale Riverland Ag Corp. Riverland Ag. Corp. Riverport Railroad riverports Rivers Casino Riverside Riverside County Transportation Commission Riverside County Transportation Department Riverside Development Riverside Investment & Development Co. Riverside Rail Riverside Station Riverstone Holdings and AMCI Group Riverview Corridor RJ Corman RJ Corman Railroad RJ Corman Railroad Group RJ Corman Railroad Group and Transkentucky Transportation Railroad (TTI). RJ Corman Western Ohio & Cleveland Lines RJ Corman/LRWY/LS/OHRY RJ Corman’s (RJC) Cleveland Line RKH Qitarat RLW 12/600E Signaling Chargers with Ethernet rMetrix rMetrix-A RMI RMI International Inc. RMM program RMMs RMS RNG locomotive RNL Interplan Road Road & Rail Road & Rail Service Road & Rail Services Road & Rail Services Inc. Road & Rail Services LLC Road and Rail Road and Rail Services Inc. road freight rates road improvements Road Rail Utility Corridor project Road RCL Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 road salt RoadOne IntermodaLogistics RoadRailer RoadRunner Roadrunner Intermodal Services Roadrunner Transportation Systems Roadscanners Oy roadway maintenance machine roadway maintenance machines roadway safety roadway worker in charge roadway worker protection roadway worker protection rule roadway worker protection system Roadway Worker Training Roadway Worker Training LLC roadway workers roadway working warning system Roanoke Roanoke Distribution Center Roanoke Locomotive Shop Roanoke service Roanoke Yard Rob Ashton Rob Cannizzaro Rob Collins Rob Cunningham Rob Fleming Rob Free Rob Friedman Rob Fruend Rob Hart Rob Himoto Rob Johnson Rob Karov Rob Knight Rob Krebs Rob Loomis Rob Padgette Rob Penner Rob Reich Rob Reilly Rob Reilly Rob Ritchie Rob Rosencrans Rob Russell Rob Schupp Rob Shanahan Jr. Rob Troup Robbie Ashe Robbie Ballard RobecoSAM ROBEL Robel Railway Engineering Technology Robert Grandy Robert Aliota Robert and Burk Murchison Robert Ashe Robert B. Sendler Robert Babbitt Robert Babcock Robert Bartholic Robert Bauer Robert Baulsir Robert Biesterfield Jr. Robert Bogner Robert Bonner Robert Bosch Battery Systems Robert Cannizzaro Robert Chaprnka Robert Coakley Robert Coleman Robert Day Robert Dillon Robert Dobronski Robert Downing Robert Dye Robert F. Sappio Robert Fabela Robert Fay Robert Finnegan Sr. Robert Fletcher Robert Florom and Michael Sherer Robert Fonberg Robert Foran Robert Fronczak Robert Fry Robert Gibson Robert Gordon Robert Grado Robert Grasty Robert Green Robert Grindrod Robert Grossman Robert Grzib Robert Hagan Robert Hall Robert Hampshire Robert Harvey Robert Harvilla Robert Healy Robert Hendrick Robert Huffman Robert Johnson Robert Jones Amtrak Robert Kesler Robert Kiley Robert Knight Robert Knight and Susan Jones Robert Krebs Robert Landry Robert Lauby Robert Lavell Robert Lyons Robert Martinez Robert Martinez Jr.Brian Bryant Robert McKinley Robert Meder Robert Menendez Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) Robert MicKinley Robert Nelson Robert Pace Robert Padgette Robert Pattison Robert Perrine Robert Phillips Robert Pietrandrea Robert Powers Robert Prichard Robert Primus Robert Prince Robert Puentes Robert Raburn Robert Reilly Robert Rogers Robert Sappio Robert Scardelletti robert scoble Robert Sendler Robert Slimp Robert Smith Robert Spane Robert Stewart Robert Strauss Robert Sumwalt Robert Sumwalt III Robert Turnauckas Robert Turnauckas Robert Turner (R-N.Y.) Robert Tuzik Robert VanderClute Robert Vaughan Robert W. Baird Robert W. Baird & Co Robert W. Baird & Co. Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc. Robert W. Baird Co. Inc. Robert W. Baird Inc. & Co. Robert Walker Robert Weisenmiller Robert Wright Robert Zmudzinski Roberta Abdul-Salaam Roberta Jamieson Roberta Louise Jamieson Roberts Bank Causeway Overpass Roberts Bank Rail Corridor Roberts Bank Rail Corridor Program Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project Robertson County Robertson County Texas Roberval & Saguenay Railway Roberval and Saguenay Railway Robin Arredondo Savage Robin Arredondo-Savage Robin Wiessman Robin Wiessmann Robolube Robolube Industries Inc. Robomart robotic last-mile delivery robotics process automation Robust Train Positioning System Robynn Tysver Roca Roche Ltd. Rochelle Rochelle Intermodal Transload Center Rochester Rochester Building and Construction Trades Council Rochester Intermodal Center Rochester Intermodal Station Rochester Intermodal Transportation Center Rochester station Rochester train station Rock & Rail Rock Hill Capital Group Rock Island & Pacific Railroad LLC Rock Island Corridor Rock Island County Metropolitan Mass Transit District Rock Island Line Rock Island Line. Rock Island Line. Rock Island Railroad Rock Rail Rockaway Rockaway Beach Rail Line Rockaway Peninsula Rockefeller Rockefeller bill Rockford Area Economic Development Council Rockies Rockies to the Red Rocks Rockingham County Rockland Branch Rockland County Rockport line Rockport Terminals Rockville Rockville Canopy Replacement Project Rockwell Collins Rockwell Collins Inc. Rockwood Rockwood Capital Rockwood Steel LLC Rocky Hartline Rocky Loessin Rocky Mount Rocky Mountain Hyperloop Rocky Mountain Industrials Inc. Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence Rocky Mountain Rail Car & Repair Rocky Mountain Rail Park Rocky Mountain Service Unit Rocky Mountaineer Rocky mountains Rocky Paiano Rocla Rocla Concrete Rocla Concrete Tie Rocla Concrete Tie Inc. Rod Diridon Sr. Rod Doerr Rod Frierson Rodgers Road bridge Rodney Case Rodney Moore Rodney Oglesby Rodney Schlosser Rodney Slater Rodrigo Flores Roelof van Ark Rogelio Velez Roger Cyr Award Roger Cyr Award for Public Safety Roger Cyr Award for Public-Rail Safety Roger Cyr Awards Roger Evans Roger Gloor Roger Guenther Roger Harris Roger Harris Roger Koopman Roger Maldonado Roger Millar ROGER MM 600 Roger Nober Roger Penske Roger Smock Roger Wicker Rogers Rogers Corp. Rogers County Port Authority Rogue Valley Terminal Railroad Rohadfox Construction Control Services Corp. Rohit Pasam Röhlig Logistics Roland Busch Roland Hackl Roland Hoskins Roland Hradek Roland Watkins Rolf Asphaug roll on/roll off roller bearings Rollin Brendenberg rolling equipment rolling stock rolling stock maintenance rolling stock purchase rolling stock restrictions Rolling Stock Solutions rolling-stock manufacturers Rollins Road Gateway Rollon Group roll-on roll-off cargo roll-on/roll-off roll-on/roll-off cargo Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce Power Systems Romanian Railway Reform Authority Romano DeSimone Romayne Brown Rome Romeoville Romeoville Station ROMILL Urban 3 E3 Romney and the Amtrak subsidy Ron Baklarz Ron Batory Ron Birkelbach Ron Carlee Ron DeSantis Ron Deverman Ron Estes Ron Gould Ron Hale Ron Henke Ron Hopkins Ron Huberman Ron Hynes Ron Kaminkow Ron Keagle Ron Kind Ron Lamprecht Ron Lewis Ron Pate Ron Pavlik Ron Pondel Ron Rhodes Ron Rothman Ron Schlecht Ron Sparks Ron Tindall ron tober Ron Trees Ron Widdows Ron Wyden Ronald Batory Ronald Colas Ronald Creswell Ronald Ester Ronald Herkert Ronald Hopkins Ronald Mariano Ronald McLaughlin Ronald Ries Ronald Sorozan Ronald Tindall Ronald Tober Ronda Folkerts Ronene Anda Ronkonkoma Ronkonkoma Branch Ronkonkoma Hub Ronkonkoma Yard Ronnie Campbell Ronnie Hakim Rony Philip roomettes Roonie Hakim Roosevelt Roosevelt Development Group Roosevelt Station Roper Corp. Roquita Coleman Roquita Coleman Williams Roquita Williams Rosa DeLauro Rosa La Puente-Flowers Rose Pierre-Louis Rose Windmiller Rosecrans Avenue Bridge Rosecrans Avenue/Marquardt Avenue Grade Separation Project Rosecrans/Marquardt Grade Separation Project Rose-Hulman Institute Rosen Centre Hotel Rosenberg Rosen''s Diversified Rosetti Roseville Tunnel rehabilitation Ross & Baruzzini Ross & Baruzzini Inc. Ross Capon Ross Colvin Ross Corthell Ross Goldworthy Ross Grantham Ross Hartley Ross Lane Ross Stevenson Ross Thomas BNSF Rosser Rosslyn Station Rosslyn Tunnel rotary snowplows Rototilt Rototilt Inc. Rototilt Innovative Control System Rotterdam Rail Rouge River bridge rough terrain forklift roundtable Route 1 Multimodal Alternatives Analysis Route 1 streetcar Route 15 trolley Route 50 Norfolk Route 7 Corridor Transit Study Route Learning System Route Learning System™ Route Planning Restoration Program route recommendation Routemaster RouteMatch Software Inc. ROUTES Routes 101 and 102 Routes 11 & 13 End of Line Improvements Area Study ROUTES initiative routine rail-transit maintenance routing protocol agreement routing protocol pact routing software ROW Rowan County Rowe Hankins Roxanne Butler Roy Blunt Roy Hill Roy Neal Royal Canadian Mounted Police Royal Caribbean Royal Contacting Royal Palm Railway Royal Slope Railroad Royal York Station RPA RPC RPFS RPI Group RPI Group Inc. RPM RPM Phase One RPS RR Mergers RR Mergers & Acquisition RR Mergers & Acquisitions RR Mergers and Acquisitions RRAMAC RRB RRB member John Bragg RRDA RRET RRIF RRIF Express RRIF loan RRIF loan program RRIF loans RRIF program RS&H RS4004 RSAC RSC Bio Solutions RSD RSI RSI American Railway Car Institute Committee RSI Committee on Tank Cars RSI Logistics RSI Logistics Inc. RSI President Patty Long RSI Scholarship Program RSI scholarships RSI Undergraduate Scholarship Program RSI/CMA RSI/CMA 2014 RSI/CMA 2016 Expo and Technical Conference RSI/REMSA RSI-100 Product Quality Certification Standard RSIA RSM US RSSI RSSOM RSTAC RSVP RT Swindall RTA RTA Board President Charles Lucas RTA CEO and General Manager India Birdsong RTA Chicago RTA Tie Grading Seminar RTAP RTC RTD RTD A Line RTD Accountability Committee RTD B Line RTD Board of Directors RTD Chair Doug Tisdale RTD Chairman Lee Kemp RTD commuter rail RTD Denver RTD fares RTD G Line RTD General Manager Phil Washington RTD light rail RTD of Denver RTD’s chief operating officer RTD-Denver RTD-Denver Board of Directors RTG RTI RTI International RTM rtment of Transportation RTR Technologies RTS Holdings L.L.C rubber anti-trespassing mats Ruben D. Pena B. RudeZone Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management Rudy Rodas Ruf Telematik AG rugged computer ruggedcom Ruggedcom RX1400 Ruggedcom VPE1400 Rule 11 Rule 88 rule change rule of particular applicability rule promulgation rulemaking rule-making rulemakings rulemakings small rate disputes rules Rules Respecting Key Trains and Key Routes Rules Respecting Track Safety RUMO Rumo ALL Rumsey runaway train runaway trains Rundle Station Runwise Inc. Rural Cloud Initiative Rural Infrastructure Fund grant Rural Opportunities to Use Transportation for Economic Success Rural Surface Transportation Grant Program Rural Surface Transportation grants Rush Hour Promise Rush Loving Rush Plus rush-hour Metrorail rush-hour promise program Rushi Patel Russ Arnold Russ Epting Russ Gehl Russ Graham Russ McDaniel Russel McGurk Russelectric Russell Russell (Rusty) Roberts Russell Arnold Russell Carnahan (D-Mo.) Russell Fong Russell Fork River Russell Gehl Russell Gittlen Russell Hein Russell Light Russell McGurk Russell McMurray Russell Peterson Russell plows Russell Sides Russell Stokes Russell Taylor Russia Russia subway attack Russian invasion Russian invasion of Ukraine Russian Railways Russia-Ukraine war Rusty Roberts Rutgers Business School Rutgers researchers Rutgers Tube Rutgers Tube rehabilitation Rutgers University Rutgers University Rail Program Rutgers University-Camden Rutherford Station RVL RWP Ryan Adams Ryan Breier Ryan Chandler Ryan Chandler Ryan Costello Ryan Curtis Ryan Davis Ryan Englebright Ryan Higgins Ryan Hill Ryan Houfek Ryan Krull Ryan Kula Ryan Lee Ryan McEachron Ryan Miller Ryan Raske Ryan Ratledge Ryan Ratledge Ryan Ratledge. Midwest & Bluegrass Rail Ryan Risdon Ryan Vickers Rydell Walthall Ryder Ryder Logistics Ryder System Ryder System Inc. Ryers Station renovation Rystad Energy