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April 2006

Rail News: Union Pacific Railroad

Maintenance of Way Spending Plans for Class Is (April 2006)

Union Pacific Railroad

2006 MOW budget: $1.5 billion

2005 MOW budget: $1.3 billion

Rail: Replace 980 miles of rail.

Double-track: Construct 52 miles in New Mexico on Los Angeles-to-El Paso line (details at left); start multi-year project on two L.A. mainlines; build second mainline between two San Antonio yards.

Triple-track: Build third mainline in North Platte, Neb., yard, Reno Junction to Naco, Wyo.

Sidings: Extend two side tracks between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, one between Denver and Grande Junction, one in Iowa and one between Angelton and Brownsville, Texas; build four sidings on mainlines in Arizona, Missouri and Texas.

Ties: Replace or install 3.6 million wood, 550,000 concrete and 130,000 composite ties.

Ballast: Install 5.7 million tons.

Grinding/surfacing: Surface 9,250 miles

Bridge work: Build 2,550-foot double-track bridge on offset alignment in Boone Subdivision; replace timber bridges with concrete-on-steel pile structures in Pine Bluff, Lafayette and Brooklyn Subs.; replace 297-foot pined truss span with beam span on drilled shaft substructure in Pine Bluff Sub.

Other significant MOW projects: Enhance train dispatching signal system in Arizona, Nebraska, Iowa and Texas; increase capacity at 12 yards.

BNSF Railway Co.

2006 MOW budget: $1.1 billion

2005 MOW budget: $1.05 billion

Reason for increase: New rail and ballast maintenance projects.

Rail: Replace or install 689 track miles with 141-, 136-, 132- and 115-pound continuous-welded rail (CWR).

Double-track: Construct 10-, six- and five-mile segments in Nebraska; one 14-mile and two eight-mile segments in Kansas; and one five-mile segment in California.

Triple-track: An 18-mile segment in Wyoming; one nine-mile and two less-than-one-mile segments in California; and one two-mile segment in Washington.

Sidings: Construct seven sidings in Arkansas, California, llinois, Missouri, Oklahoma and Washington. Ballast: Install 3.2 million tons.

Ties: Replace or install 2.72 million wood, 124,000 concrete, 14,000 plastic and 300 steel ties.

Grinding/surfacing: Division surfacing-26,169 days; high-speed surfacing-698 days; shoulder ballast cleaning-2,248 miles; undercutting-458 miles; rail grinding-12,285 miles.

Bridge work: Capital investment of $53 million includes rebuilding/upgrading 115 bridges; constructing new open or ballasted decks on 40 bridges; and improving three moveable bridges. Will begin first phase to replace floor system of Kansas City bridge; rebuild St. Paul, Minn., bridge; and complete final phase of upgrades to bridge crossing Mississippi River in Fort Madison, Iowa.

Track equipment to lease/purchase: Lease three undercutters and three shoulder ballast cleaners; lease/purchase five ballast regulators, three surfacing machines, and four sets of rail installation and one set of tie installation equipment; purchase one set of tie installation equipment.

Other significant MOW project: Powder River Basin Joint Line Maintenance Program, $25 million, includes 15 track miles of relay rail and concrete tie rail-seat abrasion repair, 270 track miles of high-speed surfacing, rehabilitation of 28 turnouts, installation of independent switch control at two crossovers, rehabilitation of three bridges, 91 miles of out-of-face undercutting and 76 miles of shoulder ballast cleaning.

Canadian National Railway Co.

2006 MOW budget: $668 million

2005 MOW budget: $644 million

Reason for increase: Increasing basic replacement of timber ties, and amount of rail grinding and testing.

Rail: Install 304 track miles of new; 74 track miles of PW mainline; and 17 track miles of PW yard and siding relay rail with CWR.

Sidings: Build or extend 20 sidings between Vancouver and Winnipeg.

Ballast: Install 2.1 million tons.

Ties: Replace or install 1.73 million wood, 30,000 concrete and 5,000 plastic ties.

Grinding/surfacing: Grind 16,000 pass miles; surface 5,500 miles.

Bridge work: Replace Clearwater Sub. bridge; spend $84 million total to replace structures, culverts, etc., throughout the network.

Track equipment to lease or purchase: Lease Herzog GPS automated ballast train for second year; purchase rail and tie equipment, such as tampers, spikers and rail heaters.

CSX Transportation

2006 MOW budget: $514.7 million

2005 MOW budget: $421.9 million

Rail: Install 428 miles of CWR.

Sidings: Build 19.6 miles in Fitzgerald Sub.; 13.6 miles in Henderson Sub.; 6.9 miles in River Line Sub.; and 6.3 miles in CE&D Sub.

Ties: Install 3 million wood ties.

Grinding/surfacing: Grind 16,000 miles; surface 5,800 miles.Ballast: Install 4.9 million tons.

Bridge work: Have budgeted $38 million for various rehabilitation projects.

Track equipment to lease/purchase: Have budgeted $36 million for new equipment.

Other significant MOW project: Southeast Express capacity improvements, $150 million.

Norfolk Southern Railway

2006 MOW budget: $496 million

2005 MOW budget: $440 million

Reason for increase: Purchasing more MOW production equipment; higher material costs.

Rail: Install 283 miles of CWR.

Double-track: Build 4.7-mile segment in Howardville, Tenn.

Sidings: Build 10,800-foot siding in Irvington, Ala.; 8,300-foot siding in Jacksonville, Fla.; 18,240-foot siding in Oldham, Miss.; and 11,000-foot siding in Ridgeville, S.C.

Ties: Replace or install 2.5 million wood ties.

Ballast: Install 2.9 million tons.

Bridge work: Rehabilitate 116 structures in various locations.

Track equipment to lease or purchase: Lease Loram rail grinder.

Other significant MOW projects: Construct 5.5 miles of new and rehabilitate 10.9 miles of existing track in Saltsburg, Pa., to create a more efficient route to the Keystone Generating Station in Shelocta, Pa.

Canadian Pacific Railway

2006 MOW budget: $417 million

2005 MOW budget: $367 million

Reason for increase: Rail replacement (second position) on secondary lines, and bridge and structure projects.

Rail: Install 290 miles of CWR.

Sidings: Build or extend three sidings (8,500 feet) on the Dunmore-to-Kingsgate corridor.

Ballast: Install 861,872 tons.

Ties: Replace or install 893,500 wood cross, 20,500 wood switch and 2,800 concrete ties.

Grinding/surfacing: Grind 11,200 track miles.

Bridge work: Spend $39 million to build double-track span across Eagle River near Revelstoke, B.C., and rehabilitate seven bridges, $1 million.

Track equipment to lease or purchase: Spend $13.7 million to purchase 10 tie cranes, eight tie inserters, eight regulators, six rail handlers, six spikers, four anchor machines, three car mover/material handlers and one production tamper.

Ferrocarril Mexicano S.A. de C.V.

2006 MOW budget: $64 million

2005 MOW budget: $67 million

Reason for decrease: Will spend more on rail vs. 2005, but less in other MOW areas.

Rail: Install or replace 63 miles of 136- and 115-pound CWR.

Sidings: Enlarge or rehab 17 miles.

Ties: Install 140,000 wood and 90,000 concrete ties.

Ballast: Install 820,000 tons.

Grinding/surfacing: Grind 1,200 miles; surface 3,500 miles.

Bridge work: Reinforce and strengthen three steel bridges.

Track equipment to lease/purchase: Lease one grinder train; purchase some equipment.

Other significant MOW project: Rehabilitate "A" Line between Jiménez and Chihuahua.

Kansas City Southern

(U.S. Operations)

2006 MOW budget: $58.7 million

2005 MOW budget: $81.7 million

Actual 2005 spending: $126.5 million

Rail: Install seven miles of CWR.

Sidings: Extend siding in Wade, Ark., to 9,000 feet.

Ties: Replace or install 300,000 wood ties.

Grinding/surfacing: Total of 1,420 miles

Ballast: Install 208,000 tons.

Bridge work: Various small rehab projects.

Track equipment to lease or purchase: A Plasser tamper.

Other significant MOW project: Expand and rehabilitate Shreveport, La., R&D track by shifting 30,209 feet of existing track and building 25,681 feet of track to increase capacity of yard and handle higher volumes, $18 million.


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