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Spectrum Inc.: Track switch heaters

Manually clearing a track switch in blizzard conditions is a dangerous "reactive" approach that allows for delays that could otherwise be avoided, according to Spectrum Inc. So, the company offers a complete line of track switch heaters, each optimized to prevent snow and ice buildup in the most critical areas of the switch.

The Spectrum RRSH Electric Hot/Cold Air Blower produces air blowing directly to the switch points to ensure proper operation of moving parts on the track. The company’s flat rail heater transfers heat from the rail to the tie plates.

The greater the contact the rail heater has with the rail, the better the heat transfer. Spectrum’s flat design ensures optimal thermal transfer and heater performance. Crib heaters sit between the ties and keep the switch machine control rods free of ice and snow.

In addition, the crib heater has a low profile design that makes it easy to install. Used together with rail and crib heaters, the blower can provide a "robust heating system" that can help clear switches during the harshest winter conditions, Spectrum officials said.