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PS Technology: TI•Prime™ training simulation

PS Technology offers the TI•Prime™ interactive training simulation, which is aimed at accelerating rail employees’ exposure to a wide variety of track failures. The program helps equip students of the course to become more effective at diagnosis and correction of track issues. This fluency of experience also can help reduce on-the-job training costs and increase safety of crews and trains.

"Multiple industries are realizing the tremendous benefits of a fully integrated, blended learning approach," said Henk Plaggemars, product manager for the track simulation project. "We've built this program to not only expose students to the multitude of potential track failures quickly, but also reinforced it with guided classroom-based training (CBT), testing, scoring and record keeping."

The training can either be used autonomously or in a proctored environment. The system also randomizes failure types and locations, so even if a student takes the course twice, the experience will be different.

The actual track failures can be recreated if desired. Additionally, TI•Prime will be available on-demand via online connectivity, eliminating the need for a capital expenditures or additional equipment, PS Technology officials said.