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December 2017

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Rail News: Rail Industry Trends

Outlook 2018: Gary Kohnert, Loram Maintenance of Way Inc.

Gary Kohnert, Director North American Sales, Loram Maintenance of Way Inc.

Rail-car loadings continue to trend positively in both the United States and Canada, which is terrific news for the entire rail industry. As a maintenance-of-way service contractor, Loram forecasts continued opportunities in track maintenance service work in 2018, similar to that of 2017, with additional opportunity as railroad traffic continues to increase.

With an increase in carloadings comes a decrease in available track maintenance work windows. Our railroad customers require us to continue to find ways to be more efficient in our service operations. As a result, Loram continues to invest in both research and development in the design and manufacturing of highly productive equipment that can operate at the highest level of reliability.

The Loram operations team then delivers on the railroads’ service expectations through pre-planning, effective communication and a dedication to hard work. As a team, Loram delivers on our customer commitment of working efficiently and safely, and as a result playing our role in the railway industry of supporting the safe operation of railroad traffic in North America.

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