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April 2017

Part 1 : 2017 MOW Spending Report

Part 2 : 2017 MOW Spending Report - Class Is

Part 3 : 2017 MOW Spending Report - Regionals/Short Lines

Part 4 : 2017 MOW Spending Report - Passenger Railroads

Rail News: MOW

2017 MOW Spending Report - Class Is

This year, CN plans to replace 2.2 million wood ties.
Photo – CN


BNSF Railway Co.

2017 MOW budget: $2.4 billion
2016 MOW budget: $2.6 billion
Reasons for decrease: “Each year, we seek to establish a capital plan that reflects the future needs of customers and the constant need to keep its infrastructure in good working condition. This year’s capital plan ensures the railroad continues to operate a safe and reliable network while capturing the new opportunities presented to it.”
Rail: Replace or install 600 miles, all continuous-welded rail (CWR).
Double track: About 16 miles of new double and triple track are planned along the network.
Grinding/surfacing: Total of 20,000 miles.
Ties: Replace or install 2.7 million wood and 140,000 concrete ties.
Ballast: Install 5.1 million net tons.
Bridge work: This year’s capital plan includes the continuing replacement of bridges in Memphis, Tenn.; Bosworth, Mo.; and Media, Ill.

Union Pacific Railroad

2017 Engineering Plan: $1.86 billion (infrastructure replacement), also about $255 million for capacity work/commercial facilities*
2016 Engineering Plan: $1.85 billion (infrastructure replacement), also about $650 million for capacity work/commercial facilities**
Rail: Potentially replace/install about 657 miles of rail.*
Ties: Potentially install about 4.22 million ties.*
Bridge work: Bridge plans call for continuing a “strong” replacement program and accelerating a timber trestle replacement plan. Have increased maintenance funding for timber bridges. A majority of bridge projects will be performed in the South. A potential capacity and commercial facility project involves the Mississippi River bridge in Clinton, Iowa.*
Facilities: The 2017 capacity and commercial facility expansion projects include potential projects in Clarks Park, Texas, the Port Laredo intermodal facility in Laredo, Texas, the LATC intermodal yard and the Central Texas Classification Yard in Brazos County, Texas.*
* Information from UP’s presentation Jan. 9 at the National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association Inc.’s (NRC) 2017 conference in Boca Raton, Fla.
** Budget figures from UP’s presentation at the NRC’s 2016 conference


2017 MOW budget: $1.5 billion (in Canadian dollars)
2016 MOW budget: $1.5 billion (in Canadian dollars)
Rail: Replace or install 757 track miles, including 625 track miles of new and 132 track miles of partially worn rail.
Double track: Construct 10 miles of double track along Winnipeg-Edmonton corridor and advance yard capacity improvements.
Grinding/surfacing: Grind 19,170 pass miles and surface 10,500 miles.
Ties: Replace or install 2.2 million wood and
55,000 concrete ties.
Ballast: Install 1.4 million tons.
Bridge work: Budgeted $130 million for basic capital projects, including Aberdeen bridge program in Saskatchewan, $16 million; Fraser River Bridge strengthening program in Vancouver, $7 million; Oliver Bridge re-deck program in Superior, Wis., $7 million; Quebec Bridge life extension program, $7 million; and year 7 of 8 bridge strengthening program in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., $6 million.
MOW equipment to purchase or lease: Budgeted $26 million for various MOW equipment to be used across the system.

Norfolk Southern Railway

2017 MOW budget: $930 million
2016 MOW budget: $940 million
Rail: Replace or install 450 track miles, all CWR.
Double track: Construct 10 miles of second main and a new No. 20 universal crossover in Gretna, Va., funded by commonwealth, work underway and to be completed this year; build 12.5 miles of third main and 12 control points for the Indiana Gateway Project, including in Hammond (6 miles), Pine (4 miles) and Millers (2.5 miles), funded by Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) program, work underway; and construct 27.4 miles of second main and 5 No. 24 universal crossovers in North Carolina for Piedmont Improvement Project, including in Charlotte (12.2 miles), Kannapolis (10.2 miles) and Lexington (5 miles), ARRA funded through FRA, to be completed in 2017.
Sidings: Build 1.8-mile siding in Buechel, Ky., and 7,000 track feet of support tracks in Toledo, Ohio; and complete a siding speed improvement project involving 7,000 track feet in Elkhart, Ind.
Grinding/surfacing: Grind 18,000 pass miles.
Ties: Replace or install 2.35 million wood
and relay ties.
Ballast: Install 2.3 million tons.
Bridge work: Continue to replace the Portageville Bridge in Letchworth State Park in New York, $70 million, to be completed in late 2018.
Facilities: Build 4 support tracks and 215 parking spaces at the Calumet facility in Chicago; construct 1 support track, extend 12 tracks and create 250 parking spaces at the Rickenbacker facility near Columbus, Ohio; and convert 2 tracks and create
370 parking spaces in Jacksonville, Fla.
MOW equipment to purchase or lease: Plan a 17.8 percent decrease in replacement of various work equipment in 2017.

Union Pacific track workers
Union Pacific Railroad’s 2017 engineering plan includes the potential to replace or install more than 650 miles of rail throughout its system.
Union Pacific Railroad


2017 MOW budget: $765 million
2016 MOW budget: $764 million
Reason for slight budget increase: “CSX continuously reviews its investments in maintenance and infrastructure upgrades to ensure the railroad continues to deliver safe, reliable service for customers.”
Rail: Replace or install 470 track miles, all CWR.
Double track: Expect to spend $200 million to $250 million on line capacity improvements across the network, in addition to supporting continued investment in Chicago CREATE projects.
Other track construction: Build 49 miles of new track and install/construct 84 turnouts in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, North and South Carolina, New York, Tennessee and Virginia in 2017 (includes RF&P Subdivision projects in Virginia, and potential start of Howard Street Tunnel and Camden Street sewer relocation in Baltimore).*
Grinding/surfacing: Grind 18,000 pass miles, surface 5,000 miles.
Ties: Replace or install 2.8 million ties; about 2,700 will be concrete, with the remainder wood or composite ties.
Ballast: Install 2.6 million tons.
Bridge work: Improvement capital program is budgeted at $85 million and includes replacing and upgrading timber, concrete and steel bridges; replacing steel-pin trusses; improving decks; replacing culverts and improving other drainage; and enhancing the reliability of movable bridges.
Facilities: Total budget of $7 million for yard electrical distribution upgrades ($2.8 million), HVAC replacements ($1 million), roof replacements ($1 million), upgrades to existing buildings ($900,000), lease renewals ($500,000) and other projects ($800,000).
MOW equipment to purchase or lease: 5 tampers, 3 tamping carts and several pieces of new equipment that will automate some tasks and perform multiple functions.
* Information from CSX’s presentation Jan. 11 at the NRC’s 2017 conference

Canadian Pacific

2017 MOW budget: $721 million (in Canadian dollars)
2016 MOW budget: $714 million (in Canadian dollars)
Rail: Replace or install 454 miles with 115- and 136-pound CWR.
Grinding/surfacing: Production grind 13,625 miles, complete 14,500 switch and crossing grinder events.
Ties: Replace or install 1.25 million wood and 7,000 concrete ties.
Bridge work: Plan replacement, rehab and upgrade projects at 99 sites, $42 million.
MOW equipment to purchase or lease: Plan equipment purchases totaling $44 million in 2017.

Kansas City Southern Railway/Kansas City Southern de Mexico S.A. de C.V.

2017 MOW (roadway) budget: About $250 million
2016 MOW (roadway) budget: About $260 million (based on 11 percent of 2015 revenue totaling $2.4 billion that was invested in maintenance work in the U.S. and Mexico)
Reason for budget decrease: “Due to positive investments made in previous years to the overall track infrastructure.”
Rail: Replace or install 128 track miles in the U.S. and Mexico, all CWR.
Ties: Replace or install 645,000 ties in the U.S. and Mexico.
Track project: Replace 24 miles of rail and 70,000 ties, and improve 56 grade crossings between DeQuincy and Hornbeck, La., $25 million, began in February and slated for completion in early April.*
Facilities: Projects to be completed in 2017 include enhancements and upgrades to Sanchez Yard in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, a 3-year project; construction of a storage-in-transit yard for Sasol Chemicals LLC in Lake Charles, La.; and an expansion of a rail-car classification yard in Mossville, La.
* Information from a press release issued Jan. 31

Ferrocarril Mexicano/Ferrocarril del Sureste S.A. de C.V.

2017 MOW budget: $68.7 million
2016 MOW budget: $76.4 million
Reason for budget decrease: “The past years have included a strong investment in roadway maintenance with a focus on an increase of infrastructure. In 2017, the company plans to continue with a path of the infrastructure program, with an emphasis on maintenance of the railroad.”
Rail: Replace or install 55.6 miles, including
29.2 miles of CWR and 26.4 miles of continuous-welded recovery rail.
Double track: Some “important projects” that are not included in MOW are the Juarez-Meseta double track in Ciudad Juarez, 1.7 miles, $1.8 million; UNIVEX-Salamanca double track in Guanajuato, 3.4 miles, $5.4 million; and the Piedras Negras-Rio Escondido double track in Coahuila, 4 miles, $7.3 million, which will be completed in 2017.
Sidings: Work on 3 sidings in Altamira Tamaulipas totaling 6.9 miles (3 miles of new and 3.9 miles of rehabbed sidings); and build 1 siding in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.
Grinding/surfacing: Budget of $3 million.
Ties: Replace or install 297,000 concrete and 170,000 wood ties.
Ballast: Install 1.02 million tons.
Bridge work: Rehab 77 bridges with budget of $3.3 million, started in January and slated to finish in December (not included in MOW program). Also complete rehab work on 202 bridges with budget of $4.1 million.
Facilities: Reconfigure Monterrey Yard, $22.2 million; build supply area in Rio Escondido, $7.9 million; and install 2 diesel storage tanks, one in Torreon with 3.2 million-liter capacity and one in Ciudad Juarez with 1.2 million-liter capacity, $700,000.
MOW equipment to purchase or lease: Purchase 1 TrackStar ($3.6 million), 1 ultrasonic inspection vehicle ($3.1 million) and 1 EMC truck for short movements ($1.5 million).
Unusual projects: Work on 2 bypasses (not included in MOW program), one 13.1 miles long in Monterrey with a 2017 budget of $1.8 million that will conclude in 2018, and one 15.5 miles long in Celaya-Irapuato with a 2017 budget of $1.8 million that will conclude in 2019.

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