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April 2013

Part 1 : MOW Spending Report: Railway systems to undergo many improvements in 2013

Part 2 : MOW Spending Report: Large railroads lay out 2013 infrastructure programs

Part 3 : MOW Spending Report: Small railroads share 2013 infrastructure plans

Part 4 : MOW Spending Report: Transit rail providers target 2013 infrastructure goals

Rail News: MOW

MOW Spending Report: Transit rail providers target 2013 infrastructure goals


2013 MOW Plans

(Arranged By Budget Amount)



2013 MOW budget: Not yet set (as of late March)

2012 MOW budget: N/A

Reasons for uncertain budget: The federal appropriations process has been particularly difficult this year with the impact of the sequester, the current Continuing Resolution through late March and the still-unresolved final budget for fiscal-year 2013. The continued lack of predictable federal appropriations makes proper budgeting and future planning extremely difficult, Amtrak says.

Bridge work: Continuation of three-year project to replace the 105-year-old, movable Niantic River Bridge in East Lyme, Conn., along the Northeast Corridor, $140 million, projected for completion in spring. The project includes the construction of a new bridge just south of the existing structure with new track alignments approaching the bridge, an increase in the width of the navigation channel and more vertical under-clearance for maritime traffic. Also, sections of the Niantic Bay Overlook boardwalk are being reconstructed and the beach is being replenished.

Stations or facilities: Improve accessibility for the disabled at various stations.


Regional Transportation District of Denver

2013 MOW capital budget: $300,000 for existing light-rail transit (LRT) system; $1.05 billion for FasTracks Program capital budget

2012 MOW capital budget: $0 for existing LRT system; $472.9 million for FasTracks Program capital budget

Reasons for budget increase: Ramping up of FasTracks Program requires "progressively increasing" capital expenditures, with peak investment activities projected to occur in 2013/14, then ramp down to program (funded thus far) completion by 2018.

Rail: Install 26,400 single track feet and 31,680 double track feet of rail for Eagle project, $2.5 million; install about 17,000 lineal feet of rail for future commuter-rail and Amtrak platforms at Denver Union Station, including eight tracks serving the station and an additional storage and runaround track for Amtrak; and install 1,810 double track feet of rail (ballasted and paved track) for the I-225 corridor.

Major rail projects: Install about 19,000 feet of elevated, CWR at Denver Union Station's light- and commuter-rail platforms, $478 million, contractor is Kiewit Western Corp.

Install 36 miles of track for the Eagle project comprising the East, Gold and Northwest Electrified lines and commuter-rail maintenance facility, $2.27 billion, contractor is Denver Transit Partners.

Build 10.5 miles of track for I-225 project from Nine Mile Station to Peoria/Smith Station, $687 million, contractors are Sema Construction and Kiewit Infrastructure Co.

Ties: Install 5,300 concrete and 2,100 wood ties at Denver Union Station; 45,000 concrete ties throughout the 36-mile Eagle corridor ($3.8 million); and 1,180 concrete ties throughout the 10.5-mile I-225 corridor ($172,000).

Switches/turnouts/interlockings: Install 22 switch points at Denver Union Station; and 52 switches/turnouts throughout the 36-mile Eagle corridor ($10 million).

Bridge work: Complete 20 bridge projects on the Eagle corridor, $33.3 million; and five bridge projects on the I-225 corridor, $7.9 million.

Stations or facilities: Build commuter-rail station, $143 million, and at-grade light-rail station, $64 million, at Denver Union Station.

Construct seven new stations on Gold Line, six new stations on East Corridor and one new station on Northwest Electrified line along Eagle corridor, to progress in 2013 and be completed in 2014, 2015 or 2016, $76.9 million.

Also, complete three station improvement projects on I-225 corridor by January 2014, $888,000.


MTA New York City Transit

2013 MOW budget: $269.9 million

2012 MOW budget: $254.6 million

Reasons for budget increase: Funding for both the 2012 and 2013 program were reduced in 2011 from $280 million to their current funding level due to budget reductions and revenue loss from various funding sources.

Rail: Install, replace or rehab 10.56 miles of rail.

Major rail project: Extension of 7 West Line from west of Times Square to 34th Street.

Ties: Install 38,684 ties, including 17,664 wood ties, 17,300 wood tie blocks and 3,720 concrete ties.

Switches/turnouts/interlockings: Install 27 mainline switches and six yard switches.



2013 core capital program budget: $154.6 million

2012 core capital program budget: N/A

Rail: Install rail, ties and ballast, and perform undercutting and other improvements on the North Central Service line; replace ties, switch ties and ballast on the BNSF, Rock Island District, Union Pacific North and Metra Electric District lines; perform grinding on Union Pacific line; replace rail on Metra Milwaukee lines; and install rail and switches on BNSF line.

Switches/turnouts/interlockings: Modernize and upgrade the Lake Street interlocker at the Ogilvie Transportation Center's north end by replacing track, trackbed, switches, switch machines, switch heaters, dwarf signals and signal cable.

Bridge work: Continue to replace 22 bridges on the Union Pacific North Line; improve bridges on the BNSF, Milwaukee District and Union Pacific North lines; and rehab the Morgan Street bridge on the Rock Island District.

Stations or facilities: Upgrade yards on the Rock Island, Metra Electric, Union Pacific North, Northwest and Milwaukee District lines; build two new storage tracks in Weldon Yard along the Metra Electric District line to provide room to store new rail cars; install an emergency diesel locomotive power system at the BNSF 14th Street Yard; and replace a sand dispensing system at the BNSF 14th Street Yard.

Other work: Renew grade crossings at various locations along the Milwaukee District and Union Pacific lines; undercut and surface track at various locations; and rehab retaining walls on BNSF line.

* Information from Metra's 2013 Final Program & Budget Book


MTA Metro-North Railroad

2013 MOW budget: $139 million

2012 MOW budget: $133 million

Reason for budget increase: PTC project is beginning to move from design to construction, west of Hudson signalization. Budgeted in 2013 at $14.6 million, PTC work is in addition to usual signal and communication projects.

Rail: Install, replace or rehab 3 miles of rail in New York state with CWR.

Major rail projects: Various curves in New York state; surfacing 120 miles in New York and 16 miles in Connecticut.

Switches/turnouts/interlockings: Install a total of 30, including six No. 15 crossovers in Bridgeport, Conn.; four No. 20 crossovers in Fordham, N.Y.; two No. 8 and two No. 6.5 crossovers at Grand Central Terminal; one No. 20 crossover in the Bronx; and one No. 10 turnout in Croton, N.Y.

Ties: Install 48,700 wood ties, including 35,900 in New York and 12,800 in Connecticut.

Bridge work: Total budget of $10 million to install or fix 19 bridges in New York state.

  • East of Hudson projects call for replacing bearings and repairing steel under Track 2 in Mamaroneck; installing walkway for Track 3 at Harlem River Lift Bridge in Harlem; waterproofing work for Track 2 in White Plains; replacing bearings at Saw Mill River bridge in Pleasantville; replacing Track 4 superstructure at CR Bridge; repairing stone arches and pointing work at 110th Street bridge; and installing lateral bracing at Bronx River bridge.
  • West of Hudson projects include the repair of bearings, back walls and a wingwall, the replacement of an anchor bolt and painting work at Ramapo River bridge in Tuxedo; and miscellaneous steel repairs at Ramapo River and Pond Brook bridges.

Stations or facilities: Complete capacity improvements at Bronx stations, anticipate bid advertisement in June; complete Phase 2 improvements to New Haven Line stations, including rehab work at stations in Harrison, Mamaroneck, Larchmont, New Rochelle, Pelham and Mt. Vernon East, work is ongoing and slated for completion in August 2014; and support construction work by the Connecticut Department of Transportation on a New Haven Line station to be completed in August 2013.


Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

2013 MOW budget: $88 million

2012 MOW budget: $86.5 million

Reasons for budget increase: Certain project budgets increased, i.e, core switch replacement, Hamilton Avenue freight track repair (for a more permanent fix) and the Green Facility. Also, the Vasona Safety Enhancements project was added to the program.

Rail: Install, replace or rehab 0.6 miles of track.

Major rail projects: Broken rail and concrete work at Hedding, Taylor and Younger at First Street in Civic Center area of San Jose, Calif.; fix broken panels at various locations throughout Santa Clara County; and construct crossovers and replace the Half Grand at Younger Avenue in San Jose near the end of fiscal-year 2013.

Ties: Install 45 wood and 5 concrete ties.

Switches/turnouts/interlockings: Install two switches at Woz Way in San Jose as part of Clayton crossover replacement; begin Santa Teresa interlocking project in San Jose; hire consultant to assess the Cerone Core Switch in San Jose and recommend necessary replacement and/or repairs; and repair or replace light-rail crossovers and switches at various locations throughout Santa Clara County.

Bridge work: The budget provides funds to hire a consultant to further address a recent investigation of light-rail bridges and structures and take certain corrective actions, including additional stabilization measures for the Hamilton Avenue structure in Campbell, Calif., and crack repairs in various other structures.

Stations or facilities: Use remaining funds for LED pilot projects, lighting retrofits and a utility management program; begin second phase of track intrusion at crossings in San Jose in spring; and install between-car barriers on platform edges at light-rail stations throughout Santa Clara County.


MTA Long Island Rail Road

2013 MOW budget: $67.9 million

2012 MOW budget: $51.8 million

Note: All data pertains to 2013 track program only.

Rail: Total cost of track program is $67.9 million. Planned annual goals per work item include 12 wood switches; 15 grade crossing rehabs; 80 miles of surfacing; 31 surface interlocking switches; 700 field welds (Boutet); 3,024 hand ties; 50 insulated joint replacements; and 11,850 rail fasteners.

Ties: Install 29,334 wood and 6,500 concrete ties.

Switches/turnouts/interlockings: Install 12 switches, including four wood and two concrete on the Montauk Branch, and five wood and one concrete on the Mainline Branch.

Bridge work: Scope includes new bearings and bridge seats, concrete and steel repairs, column and girder work, strengthening work, repairs to damaged retaining walls and abutments, and track-bed waterproofing and painting.

Projects include rehab of 150th Street bridge in Queens, $25 million, started in March; rehab of various bridges in Queens and Nassau counties, $24.6 million, started in February 2012; rehab of Montauk bridges in Hamptons Bay, N.Y., $19.29 million, started in September 2011; rehab of Queens Blvd. bridge in Woodside, N.Y., $18.8 million, started in April 2012; and rehab of Woodhaven Blvd. bridge in Elmhurst, N.Y., $11 million.

Stations or facilities: Replace 12-car platform at Massapequa Station, including repair of understructure, demolition and reconstruction of platform, platform waiting room and canopy, and rehab of two underpasses and pedestrian walkway, $20.5 million.

Install two new elevators at Queens Village Station for heavy duty service, including new elevator shafts and machine rooms, $8.45 million.

Install two new elevators at Flushing Main St. Station, including new elevator shafts and machine rooms, $8.3 million, and rehab Forest Hills Station ramp, $2 million.


San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (San Diego Trolley Inc.)

2013 MOW budget: $63.9 million

2012 MOW budget: $41.5 million

Reason for budget increase: Due to two projects that are part of a system overhaul to provide low-floor service between San Diego and the San Ysidro international border. A 2012 project involved renewing the signaling and adding some traction-power substations. The 2013 project will address the station platforms, rail replacement and grade crossing upgrades.

Rail: Replace, rehab or install 17.25 miles of rail.

Major rail project: Install rail from San Diego to San Ysidro, Calif.

Ties: Install 17,000 wood and 7,000 concrete ties.

Switches/turnouts/interlockings: Install six No. 10 turnouts.

Stations or facilities: Reconstruct 12 stations and platforms to accommodate low-floor service. Work involves removing and replacing station platforms and shelters.


Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

2013 MOW budget: $47,000,000

2012 MOW budget: $100,380,161

Reasons for budget decrease: Budget was adjusted to reflect a "more realistically achievable burn-rate," especially considering limitations in staff availability, and the track and time to perform rehab work.

Rail: Install 20 miles of new double-track alignment and rehab 2 miles of track.

Major rail projects: Install 12 miles of new rail in Arcadia, Monrovia, Duarte, Irwindale and Azusa; install 8 miles of new rail in Culver City, Los Angeles and Santa Monica; and rehab 2 miles in Long Beach.

Ties: Install more than 50,000 concrete ties.

Switches/turnouts/interlockings: Install 10 new interlockings in various locations, mostly No. 10 turnouts.

Bridge work: Construct 10 new bridges and rehab six bridges.

Stations or facilities: Thirteen new stations are under construction in various locations and 16 existing stations will be rehabbed.


Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

2013 MOW budget: $42,292,339

2012 MOW budget: $36,302,000

Reasons for budget increase: Aging infrastructure and a focus on a state of good repair.

Rail: Replace, install or rehab 15.5 miles of running rail, with the majority of the work in Atlanta and some in Decatur, Ga.

Ties: Install 100 concrete ties.

Switches/turnouts/interlockings: Install 225,000 board feet of switch timber and two total turnouts, with steel and fastenings.

Bridge work: Rehab coating of aerial steel structure in Atlanta, begin in July, $1.5 million to $2 million.

Stations or facilities: Total FY2013 budget of $32.4 million for work mostly to be performed at rail stations, such as roofing, parking lot, train wash, elevator and escalator rehabilitations; equipment replacement; and vehicle lift refurbishments.


Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority

2013 MOW budget: $34,692,563 (Infrastructure Safety Renewal Program)

2012 MOW budget: $34,434,229 (Infrastructure Safety Renewal Program)

Reason for budget increase: Availability of capital funding.

Rail: Replace, rehab or install 3 miles of rail.

Major rail project: Broad Street Line and Route 10 Trolley project.

Ties: Install about 25,000 wood ties along Manayunk/Norristown and Norristown High-Speed lines.

Switches/turnouts/interlockings: Install two interlockings. Reconfigure the Ford Interlocking near the Norristown Transportation Center, scheduled to begin in late 2013 and continue through early 2014, work includes the installation of universal crossovers between two main tracks and Norfolk Southern Railway's Morrisville connection. Install the River Interlocking at Miquon Station along the Manayunk/Norristown Line as part of an ongoing signal modernization project, work to be completed by 2013's end.

Bridge work: Complete structural repairs on under-grade bridges along Suburban Branch from 21st Street to 22nd Street; replace aged bridge timbers on Norristown Branch (over CSX tracks); and paint and deck waterproof several bridges (based on outages scheduled and budget availability).

Stations or facilities: Reconstruct Primos Station on the Media/Elwyn Line, complete by summer's end, station work is completed and only remaining work is a 55-space expansion of the outbound-side parking lot.

Rehab Wayne Junction Station, to be completed by summer 2014, work includes new elevators and high-level platform, repairs to an existing high-level platform, rehabilitation of historic station features, and restoration of passenger tunnels and stairways.

Also, add high-level platforms and improve the Villanova, Ardmore, Exton and Paoli stations on the Paoli/Thorndale Line, in the design phase.


GO Transit (Metrolinx)

2013 MOW budget: $32,763,000

2012 MOW budget: $31,699,750

Rail: Replace, rehab or install about 8.5 miles of track.

Major rail projects: Rehabilitate 7 track miles of rail on the Stouffville Line and an additional 1.5 miles throughout the Toronto area on various lines.

Ties: Install about 10,000 mainline ties, No. 1 hardwood ties.

Switches/turnouts/interlockings: Replace one complete turnout.

Bridge work: Rehab Hyland Creek bridge, $4,800,000, started in March; and rehab Parliament, Sherbourne and Cherry Street bridges, $3,875,000, slated to start in July.


Bay Area Rapid Transit

2013 MOW budget: $14 million

2012 MOW budget: $16 million

Rail: Replace, rehab or install 8 miles of rail.

Major rail projects: Warm Springs extension in Alameda County, Calif., 5.24 miles, $890 million; Berryessa extension in Santa Clara County, Calif., 10 miles, $2.3 billion; and East Contra Costa County extension, 10 miles, $462 million.

Ties: Install 1,500 composite, and some concrete and wood ties on the existing system, excluding extensions.


Calgary Transit

2013 MOW budget: $10 million

2012 MOW budget: $10 million

Rail: Replace, rehab or install about 1 kilometer of track.

Ties: Install 200 wood and composite ties.

Switches/turnouts/interlockings: Replace 10 No. 8 turnouts on wood ties with the same geometry turnouts on concrete ties.

Bridge work: Traction power upgrade for overhead catenary and substations, $30 million.

Stations or facilities: Reconstruct one station and extend about 10 station platforms from three- to four-car train platforms, $50 million.


Southern California Regional Rail Authority/Metrolink

2013 MOW budget: $7.4 million

2012 MOW budget: $2.3 million

Reason for budget increase: Last year, funding was focused on locomotives and equipment; this year, funding will be allocated more to track and structures.

Rail: Replace, rehab or install about 5 miles of rail for curve replacement; also, as part of ongoing programs to rehab grade crossings, upgrade insulated joints and replace compromise welds with transition welds.

Major rail project: Begin Perris Valley Line project involving 0.24 miles of track; will be done by the Riverside County Transportation Commission and is scheduled for completion in 2015.

Ties: Install about 15,000 ties, all nine-foot hardwood.

Switches/turnouts/interlockings: Replace and/or rehab 12 turnouts.

Bridge work: Culvert replacements and FRA bridge rating work.

Stations or facilities: Work associated with Perris Valley Line project.


Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority

2013 MOW budget: $5.5 million

2012 MOW budget: $1 million

Reasons for budget increase: Positive train control and rail relay.

Rail: Replace, rehab or install 4 miles of rail.

Major rail projects: Replace 3 miles of rail from Austin to Manor, Texas, and reconstruct 1 mile of rail in Burnet, Texas.

Ties: Install 4,000 wood ties in Burnet, and from Austin to Manor.

Switches/turnouts/interlockings: Install one industry switch in East Austin, Texas.

Bridge work: System-wide rehab of 63 bridges, four-year project totaling $4 million, started in June 2011.


Trinity Railway Express

2013 MOW budget: $4,892,000

2012 MOW budget: $2,940,784

Reasons for budget increase: Rail replacement and tie replacement projects.

Rail: Replace 1.7 miles of 115-pound rail with new 136-pound rail from West Sylvania to Elliott-Reeder Road in Tarrant County, Texas, $2 million.

Ties: Install 5,100 composite ties, $1,138,000.

Switches/turnouts/interlockings: Replace turnout at milepost 630.1 in Dallas County; replace a No. 11 LH turnout; and replace switch ties as required.

Bridge work: Replace TT and TTPT bridge at milepost 639.62 in Dallas County, planning and engineering work to be conducted in 2013 and work to begin in 2014, total replacement cost is $2,624,000.

Stations or facilities: Install visual boards with next-train information and audio announcements, includes a back office system to provide predictive train arrivals, boards to be installed by 2013's end, budget estimate is $2.5 million.


Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon

2013 MOW budget: $3,105,000

2012 MOW budget: $526,000

Reason for budget increase: Beginning of a five-year program to replace/rehab all paved track switches that were installed as part of the original project in 1986.

Major rail project: Build a 7.3-mile extension to Milwaukie, Ore.

Switches/turnouts/interlockings: Install two switches.

Ties: Install wood ties along 15 miles of track and concrete ties along 65 miles of track.

Stations or facilities: Lighting upgrades at 10 Blue Line stations, add four light poles to each at a cost of $40,000 per station, begin June 1; paint park & ride/light-rail platforms at 10 transit centers, $505,000; replace HVAC infrared heater equipment at Ruby Junction Rail Facility, $130,000; resurface plaza at Gresham Central Transit Center and scope out project to replace platform surface at Sunset Transit Center, $107,000; install compressor systems at various locations, $52,000; and complete aesthetic improvements at various light-rail platforms, including the refurbishment of glass block etchings, $32,000.


Dallas Area Rapid Transit

2013 MOW budget: $1,300,000

2012 MOW budget: $424,685

Reason for budget increase: Central Business District rail replacement program, with acquisition of rail to begin in 2013 and construction to start in spring 2014.

Rail: Install 5 miles of rail in Dallas.

Ties: Install about 500 concrete ties.

Stations or facilities: Concrete replacement at rail facilities, includes repair of concrete drives, curbs and walkways at various facilities, $273,000; rehab escalators and elevators at Mockingbird and Union stations, includes the refurbishment of pumps, jacks and control boards, $437,000; and rehab light-rail platforms at grade at Mockingbird and Spring Valley stations, includes painting exterior surfaces and replacing tile, $191,000.


Sound Transit

2013 MOW budget: $1,180,000

2012 MOW budget: $684,000

Reasons for budget increase: New commuter-rail services along 8.5 miles of track between Tacoma and Lakewood, which Sound Transit owns and operates. The other commuter-rail portions Sounder operates on are owned and maintained by BNSF. Sound Transit also is installing double track.

Rail: Install 3.2 miles of double track for University Link extension in Seattle.

Switches/turnouts/interlockings: Install one double crossover at the University of Washington Station/end of line.

Stations or facilities: Build two underground stations, to open in 2016.

Other work: New tunnel construction.


Chicago Transit Authority

2013 MOW budget: N/A

2012 MOW budget: N/A

Note: The following data does not include ongoing maintenance and repair work, smaller-scale projects or expedited work to prepare for some larger projects.

Major rail projects:

  • Rebuild 10.2-mile stretch of Red Line from the Cermak-Chinatown Station to 95th/Dan Ryan Station, which is more than 40 years old, $425 million. To begin May 19, the work includes replacement of ties, rail, third rail, and ballast and drainage systems, as well as various station improvements and the installation of three new elevators.
  • Rehab elevated Ravenswood Connector, a 2.8-mile stretch of track between the Armitage and Merchandise Mart stations on the Brown Line that was built in the late 1800s, $66 million. To begin in spring and be completed in 2014, the work calls for replacing deteriorated ties and track components, and repairing and replacing steel structure components.
  • Complete last phase of loop track renewal project involving the Tower 18/Hubbard Curve, $33.8 million. The project calls for replacing 2.2 miles of elevated rail and components in the Chicago Loop that were installed in the early 1980s. Although much of the loop track renewal work was completed in 2012, the most significant portion of the project — the replacement of special trackwork at Tower 18 — was postponed to coincide with the Chicago Department of Transportation's Wells Street Bridge replacement project.

Stations or facilities: Build new Wilson Station on the Red Line beginning in 2013, $203 million. The work includes the construction of three entrances and dual platforms, as well as the reconstruction of 2,200 feet of track and structures. In addition, the original stationhouse façade will be rehabilitated and former clock tower will be restored.


Virginia Railway Express

2013 MOW Budget: N/A

2012 MOW Budget: N/A

Major rail project: Construct a 2.5-mile third track in Spotsylvania, Va.

Stations or facilities: Extend a platform at Lorton Station on the Fredericksburg Line.

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