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Mechanical ProductsSiemens Mobility, Inc.

Siemens Trainguard EOT

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This EOT offers Wi-Fi connectivity. It can be controlled and programmed wirelessly using a standard web browser, which means no cables or need for custom software applications. Its clear top-dome allows easy access into the device for routine maintenance tasks. An energy-saving function provides position reporting and an extra-long battery life of almost one year.


C&S ProductsSiemens Mobility, Inc.

GCP 3000+

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Siemens GCP 3000+ is a microprocessor-based modular Grade Crossing Predictor designed to detect approaching trains and start the crossing warning system. It can monitor 2 tracks and has multiple ethernet ports for diagnostics, remote monitoring, and other communications. This model has an enhanced user interface and compatibility with PTC and tomorrow's new systems.


C&S ProductsPhoenix Contact USA, Inc.

VAL-MS AR Surge Protection Devices

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Phoenix Contact's proven, DIN rail-mounted, VAL-MS AR Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) offer robust, long-life lightning protection and increased levels of safety at the railroad wayside. For new installations, VAL-MS AR offers ease of installation, hot swap-ability, and local and remote indication of end-of-life status, allowing maintainers to "know before they go."

Phoenix Contact

MOW ProductsFocused Technology Solutions


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The SpikeEase is a portable, battery-operated spike puller powered by a standard impact wrench for quick, efficient spike pulls without the physical strain of the claw bar, restrictive hoses or dangerous hydraulic fluids. It only requires one worker, allowing for a more productive crew. It pulls up to 400 spikes per charge, is under 30 lbs. and is used by multiple Class 1s.

Focused Technology Solutions

MOW ProductsRCC Fabricators, Inc.


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American made, single operator machine, the Tie-Master is engineered to extract 100 ties in 8 hours. Small but mighty, powered by a gas or diesel engine, easily transported by truck or trailer. Custom design. Dynamic and kinematic characteristics: Operating load/pressure: 1,250 lbs./1,950 PSI Extracting/Inserting Force: 15,000 lbs. Tie Clamp Force: 9,500 lbs. Speed: 6 mph

RCC Fabricators, Inc.

New ProductsL.B. Foster

Flood Monitoring

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Flood Monitoring is a wireless system that monitors water levels in flood-prone areas. The inline flood pole precisely measures water levels down to the inch, providing the ability to preset alarms at various depths. Once activated, solar-powered cameras are triggered to identify the alarm area, initiating a customer emergency response to prevent flooding derailments.

L.B. Foster

New ProductsHolland L.P.


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The LaserWelder provides robotically controlled hot wire laser cladding to build back damaged areas of special trackwork like frogs. The process offers improved welding via lower heat input on parent material. The resulting repair is safer, higher quality, longer-lasting, and can be completed 2-3x faster than a traditional repair weld, reducing costs and maintenance costs.

Holland LP

New ProductsSiemens Mobility Inc.

S700 Hybrid Wireless

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Hybrid wireless technology is being introduced on Siemens' S700 low-floor light rail vehicles. Showcasing in Charlotte, this vehicle can run on and off wire via an On-Board Energy Storage System (OESS) at speeds up to 55 mph, carrying close to 195 passengers. The OESS can be updated as battery technology evolves. On-wire, each streetcar is powered by an overhead catenary.

Siemens Mobility Inc.

Innovative ProductsL.B. Foster

Anti Trespass Panels

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Anti Trespass Panels are a safety solution for rail crossings, platforms and yard entrances. Quick and simple to install, safety is enhanced by effectively deterring pedestrian trespass. Made from 100% environmentally friendly recycled rubber they come with a 15-year warranty. A recent FRA study cited their use resulted in a 38% trespass decline on railroad right-of-ways.

L.B. Foster

Innovative ProductsAvante International Technology

Avante Real-Time Switch Position and Gap Monitoring System

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A monitoring device which measures and reports the actual position of the switch rail point, the main or branch track, to detect any spacing. If the gap between the intended switch point is beyond spacing that may cause accidents it will generate real-time alerts to the monitoring center and oncoming trains. Patented Technology US 9,937,938 B2

Avante International Technology

Innovative ProductsNeothane Inc

Magnaseal Leak Patch

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Magnetic patch that can IMMEDIATELY stop hazardous material leak in a rail car. Our new way of using rare earth magnets allows it to be incredibly strong yet uniquely flexible. It can be applied in SECONDS concavely or convexly to the exterior of a rail car. Game changer - It can be thrown on or applied at a distance, minimizing exposure of chemical to responder.

Neothane Inc

Innovative ProductsZTR


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KickStart assists locomotive batteries to improve engine starting and reduce battery strain. It's completely maintenance-free and performs even in extreme cold weather. Adopted by the majority of Class 1 railroads, KickStart has proven its value by helping hundreds of locomotives reduce dead-won't-start events, improve locomotive availability and extend battery life.


Technology ProductsL.B. Foster

Grade Crossing Monitoring

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Grade Crossing Monitoring uses LiDAR to accurately detect obstacles in and around the grade crossing. Dynamically controlling the exit gates of a 4-quad system in quiet zones, it allows vehicles to exit without getting trapped as the train approaches. Protected by rugged steel housings with motorized shutters, it can monitor and record crossing and trespassing violations.

L.B. Foster

Technology ProductsARE Corp.

AREview Rail Management Portal (RMP)

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AREview Rail Management Portal(RMP) is a "game changer." RMP is a central repository where rail asset data can be uploaded and managed from a computer dashboard. The Bridge Inspection & Management Module is currently in use on bridges in 36 States. And, it's FRA compliant. AREview RMP is rail management for the digital age!

ARE Corp.

Technology ProductsSiemens Mobility, Inc.

Track Circuit Monitoring

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A Track Circuit Monitoring solution for crossings. The web interface monitors track circuits at the crossing, records train movements, analyzes and visually presents the results to quickly identify corrective action where needed. Information is tabulated across multiple locations allowing for in-depth evaluation for incidents across the entire railroad's network.