NS, CSXT to convert Shared Assets Areas' computerized operating system (4/7/2003)


Later his month, Norfolk Southern Railway and CSX Transportation plan to begin updating the computerized operating system used by Conrail's operations and customer-service departments in the Shared Assets Areas (SAA) of north and south New Jersey, and Detroit.

Conrail's former Transportation Reporting and Inventory Management System (TRIMS) will be converted to NS' Thoroughbred Yard Enterprise System (TYES) in south New Jersey and Detroit, and to CSXT's operating system in north New Jersey. The conversions would start soon in Detroit and be completed by the end of May.

"We found we can not only reduce costs by replacing [TRIMS], but also significantly improve information and processing for Conrail, NS and CSXT," said Karol Weigand, director of NS' process-improvement initiative NS 21, in the Class I's April newsletter, adding that TRIMS is difficult to operate because of the system's age.

TYES and CSXT's operating system will provide the same information and functionality as TRIMS, said Weigand.

Source: Progressive Railroading Daily News