Progressive Railroading is pleased to present the newest source of information for the freight-rail industry. RailPrime will focus on what's changing and what isn't in the freight-rail realm — from mergers & acquisitions to the changing face(s) of the industry to global freight issues/trends — and why it matters to our far-flung audience.

We aim to put the industry headlines in current and, when we can, future context. We will lay out some of the key trends and identify some of the key players so you can try to make sense of what is happening in the industry (and make decisions accordingly).

Content will be categorized into the following:

Quick Hits – shorter, more frequent coverage of a range for freight topics and trends in our "This Week in Rail" section, Q&A interviews with key industry insiders, plus a "This Day in Rail History" feature.

Trends and Data – profiles of rail leaders and up-and-comers, stories in which rail officials discuss what they're doing to develop and nurture their workforces of the future, "at a glance" dispatches from freight transportation developments from around the world, articles and conversations centering around the freight transportation technology evolution, and data and trend-tracking information in our "Prime Numbers" section.

Special Reports – In-depth, downloadable reports on topics that call for extra coverage. Our first Special Report, "The Staggers Act at 25: The Short Line Evolution and The Revolution It's Caused," is an in-depth report on the deregulation of the rail industry and what it has meant… and will mean going forward.

Webcasts and Events – throughout the year RailPrime subscribers will be invited to exclusive webcasts only available to active RailPrime subscribers. RailPrime subscribers will also receive exclusive discounts to Progressive Railroading events throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I already read Progressive Railroading Magazine and Progressive Railroading's Daily News, do I need to subscribe to this?
We are thrilled that you enjoy Progressive Railroading magazine and our Daily News offering, and while nothing will change with those products, RailPrime's content will all be exclusive to RailPrime subscribers and, in the aggregate, will not be available anywhere else. RailPrime will give you deeper coverage and a better understanding of many of the topics you enjoy in the magazine.

How much does it cost?
You have two options, an annual fee of $99 or a two year fee of $179.

What does the cost include?
As a subscriber you'll be able to log-in to few all the content that is updated on a weekly basis. You'll also have access to quarterly RailPrime webcasts and discounts to other Progressive Railroading events.

How do I subscribe?
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You will automatically be sent a copy of your receipt via email. Otherwise, please email wendy.dietzler@tradepress.com for a copy of your receipt to be emailed to you.

Is my subscription available for multi-user?
Unfortunately, RailPrime is an individual subscription so the price is only for one user. If you are interested in signing up multiple individuals from your organization, please contact us at wendy.dietzler@tradepress.com or 414-228-7701 ext 458.

Am I automatically registered for the events?
As a RailPrime subscriber you'll receive special access and benefits when attending Progressive Railroading events, but you will still need to register for each event. If you use the same email address tied to your RailPrime account the system will recognize you as a subscriber and apply any discounts or benefits.

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