Tex Mex T&E workers to log onto KCS' automated crew management system (4/27/2005)


On Monday, Kansas City Southern began rolling out its Enterprise Workforce Management (EWM) system on The Texas Mexican Railway Co. The system will be used by train and engine-service (T&E) workers, who will be trained on EWM next week.

An integrated crew management and timekeeping system, EWM is designed to automate time and mileage, and compute workers’ gross pay.

“Employees [will receive] more accurate paychecks because EWM will calculate payroll based on the applicable labor agreement and tie-up information reported electronically by the T&E employee,” KCS officials said in a prepared statement. “Also, transportation management and front-line supervisors will receive reported labor costs within 48 hours of the end of the shift, allowing them to better manage the workforce.”

By year’s end, KCS expects to implement EWM for Kansas City Southern Railway Co. (KCSR) and Tex Mex maintenance-of-way, signal, clerical, customer service and other non-operating craft workers. In November 2003, KCS began rolling out EWM, first for KCSR clerical and general office workers, followed by mechanical employees in December 2003.

Source: Progressive Railroading Daily News