Rail-, truck-industry volunteers form group to zero in on crossing collisions (5/23/2003)


Representatives from Canadian railroads, Operation Lifesaver, Railway Association of Canada, trucking companies and associations, owner-operators, provincial and federal governments, police, and national and provincial safety councils have formed Truck/Rail Working Group, a volunteer organization that aims to determine the root cause of truck/train collisions.

Each year, Canada averages 40 truck/train collisions causing four fatalities, eight serious injuries and $10 million in property damage. About 20 percent of the collisions cause a train derailment, and more than half occur at public crossings already equipped with flashing lights and bells, according to Operation Lifesaver.

"Ontario, Quebec and Alberta have been selected initially to help us focus our effort, because of the volume of commercial traffic involved and associated higher risk in those jurisdictions," said Operation Lifesaver National Director Dan Di Tota in a prepared statement.

The group is developing truck-driver safety-awareness training materials, including a safety guide, tip sheet, video, driver instructor's guide, student notes and quiz. Trucking companies, associations and driver-training schools have agreed to distribute the material.

On June 21, the group plans to present an initial orientation and information/training session in Toronto along with the Ontario Trucking Association.

Source: Progressive Railroading Daily News