FCM pledges $150,000 to help Michigan university develop rail education program (12/15/2006)


Railroad equipment lessor and financial services firm FCM Rail Ltd. recently pledged $150,000 to Michigan State University (MSU) to help fund the development of a railroad manager education program.

The seed money will enable MSU to continue working with the Association of American Railroads (AAR), American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association, American Association of Railroad Superintendents, Federal Railroad Administration, National Transportation Safety Board, U.S. Department of Transportation and other organizations to address the rail industry’s need for a manager education program.

A recent university study showed railroads will need thousands of educated managers within the next decade. Educational priorities include basic supervisor training in railroad operations and management skills, additional training associated with the computerization of rail operations and programs designed to address new technologies.

“With the dramatic growth of the railroad industry, there is a significant need to continue to develop well-educated managers for the industry,” said AAR Senior Vice President for Safety and Operations Robert VanderClute in a prepared statement.

Source: Progressive Railroading Daily News