California approves ACE funds; Alameda Corridor-related project to start soon (7/16/2001)


California Transportation Commission last week approved $153.4 million in funds for Alameda Corridor East (ACE), a $912 million project designed to mitigate the Alameda Corridor's increased-traffic effects along a 35-mile rail line through California's San Gabriel Valley from East Los Angeles to Pomona.

Federal and local agencies are expected to soon appropriate the remaining funds.

ACE will be completed in two phases: Phase one (to begin soon and finish in 2004) includes improving safety and mobility at 44 crossings, widening roads and grade separating 11 crossings; phase two (to be completed between 2004 and 2007) includes grade separating nine additional crossings.

San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, a joint powers authority comprising 30 cities and Los Angeles County, last year created Alameda Corridor East Construction Authority to direct and oversee the ACE project.

Through ACE, the authority intends to improve air quality and crossing safety; reduce motorists' crossing wait times due to a projected 162 percent rail-traffic and 40 percent vehicular-traffic increase resulting from the Alameda Corridor; and maintain the valley's economic vitality.

The Alameda Corridor, designed as a 20-mile express rail line linking the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to transcontinental yards east of downtown Los Angeles, is slated for April 2002 completion.

Source: Progressive Railroading Daily News