BNSF banks on Web, email to provide customers up-to-the-minute shipment status (3/26/2004)


If a shipper is concerned about a particular Burlington Northern Santa Fe shipment's transit time, perhaps they should check their email inbox or log onto the Internet. The Class I now offers Customer Notification System, which is designed to provide shippers detailed, timely and customized information about their freight via the Web or email. Shippers can access the service at

Through the system, BNSF issues advisory notices describing service interruptions — such as those caused by the weather, trackwork or track outages, traffic embargoes and derailments — including the date, time and location where service is being affected, and when normal service is expected to resume.

Notices also list by car any shipments that could be impacted by a service condition, including equipment numbers and updated estimated times of arrival.

"We listened when our customers asked for detailed, timely information about service conditions," said BNSF Vice President of Business Development Fritz Draper in a prepared statement. "With the new system, customers will receive notices only if their traffic is affected, so the information will be more relevant to their day-to-day operations."

In addition, BNSF's Customer Subscription Service enables shippers to automatically receive shipment exception notices, updates on various topics, and public pricing information via email.

Source: Progressive Railroading Daily News