United Rail to apply PSR to its short lines (10/25/2018)


United Rail Inc. announced it will implement precision scheduled railroading (PSR) on its short lines, starting with the Winamac Southern Railway in Kokomo, Indiana.

United Rail is the first short-line operator to implement PSR on short lines, company officials said in a press release.

They believe the larger railroads that United's short lines interchange with will welcome the change to a PSR operating model, said United Rail Chief Executive Officer Michael Barron.

Many short lines are owned and managed by individuals, so they therefore don't have the resources or technology to deploy PSR on their lines, added John McPherson, United Rail's director of operations.

"As a result, many short lines operate at less than peak efficiency and lower than optimal operating margins," McPherson said. "All parties benefit from on-time scheduled delivery."

Source: Progressive Railroading Daily News