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Derailment Prevention Strategies

This webcast will present strategies and technologies that can help you to reduce the frequency and severity of derailments. The topics are relevant to Class 1s, regionals, short lines, transit and commuter, and industrial rail operations.

When you attend you will discover the key components required for a world-class derailment prevention program, which include:
  • A corporate focus, including statistical analysis, periodic reviews, and establishment of a multidisciplinary corporate team with a mission to prevent derailments.

  • Strategic deployment of fault detection technologies such as WILD, TPD, HBD, wheel profile, wedge rise on the mechanical side. Also, on the track side technologies such as track geometry car measurements, gage restraint measurement system (GRMS), ultrasonic rail flaw detection, VERSE neutral temperature testing, rail profile and rail wear measurements, and vertical track deflection testing.

  • Properly trained field investigation teams made up of all operating groups.

  • Use of state of the art simulation technology to verify potential causes, such as train slack action or vehicle-track interaction issues.

  • Application of derailment risk assessment tools to identify potential derailment risks and deploy appropriate mitigation strategies.
What does all of this mean? Find out at “Derailment Prevention Strategies.”

The webcast will also present several mini case studies showing the practical application of these techniques, tools, and technologies.

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March 14.

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Gary Wolf
President and Founder
TUV-Rail Sciences Inc.

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    • The accurate determination of derailment causes and the prevention of recurrences have been the driving passion of Gary Wolf’s railroad life for the past 37 years. He has taken part in the investigation of over 4000 individual derailments, and has been the lead investigator on numerous high profile derailments. His derailment investigation and training work has carried him to every continent except Antarctica, and every type of rail system from Class 1 heavy haul, transit, and narrow gauge underground coal haulers. Gary has presented over 100 technical papers and articles dealing with derailments and track/train dynamic issues. He is a member of the ASME Rail Transport Division General Committee, AREMA, The Air Brake Association, and was elected President of the International Railway Operating Officers Association for 2005-06. In addition, Gary served on numerous AAR committees during the Track/Train Dynamics research program of the 70s and 80s.

      Gary Wolf received a BS Electrical Engineering from Ohio University and a MS from Georgia Tech. He began his railroad career in 1970 in the Mechanical Engineering Dept. with Southern Railway. In 1976 he was appointed to a new position as a track/train dynamics engineer in Southern’s Operation Research Department. At this time he became responsible for the study and analysis of Train derailments and accident investigations, Track/train dynamic Studies, New locomotive and car technologies, and Rail Capacity Studies. In 1987 he left Norfolk Southern and founded Rail Sciences Inc. For the past 25+ years he has been president of Rail Sciences. In 2010 Rail Sciences was acquired by TUV-Rheinland, a German based Engineering and Testing firm, with a global rail practice.

Julie Sneider
Assistant Editor
Progressive Railroading magazine