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Loram Maintenance of Way Inc.: SwitchEnhancer™ - SE1000, Automatic Switch Lubricator

Loram Maintenance of Way Inc.

Loram says its SwitchEnhancer™ improves the performance and increases the life of rail switches and frogs. It lubricates all critical surfaces: switch plates, switch points, mating surfaces and top of switch rails and stock rails up to 25 feet ensuring that the switch operates regularly without manual intervention, the company says. The rolling wheels carry the lubricant and lubricate the frog. SwitchEnhancer uses an environmentally clean, all-season lubricant designed to inhibit rust and resist water and ice. Lubricant application rates and timings are computer-controlled. SwitchEnhancer is designed to eliminate the need for manual graphiting, help power machines to operate the switch easily and enable railroads to increase line capacity and reduce MOW costs. SwitchEnhancer has an industry-proven record of keeping railway switches lubricated 24 hours a day, the company says.