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L.B. Foster Company: KELTRACK® Friction Modifier

L.B. Foster Company

KELTRACK® is a liquid friction modifier intended for application to the top of rail. The material is a water-based suspension of proprietary solids, similar in appearance to a latex paint. It does not contain oil or grease lubricant components. A friction modifier is fundamentally different from a lubricant and performs uniquely. KELTRACK is a water-based suspension of proprietary solids, when applied to the rail head the water component evaporates and the material remains as a thin dry film. This film creates an intermediate coefficient of friction on the rail head of approximately 0.35. A pure lubricant (oil or grease) by contrast will have a coefficient of friction of \<0.2. This intermediate coefficient of friction means KELTRACK will not affect traction or braking. This is an optimum friction level on top of the rail for minimizing wear, energy, noise and lateral forces in a safe and reliable manner, the company says. This is the key distinction between a friction modifier and a lubricant. Kelsan KELTRACK liquid friction modifier can reduce damaging forces when applied to the rail head, the company says. Applied by the PROTECTOR® IV trackside friction management system the patented KELTRACK, is available in two trackside-applied formulations, rail freight and rail transit. It is also available for hi-rail application via the ROAD-RUNNER® hi-rail TOR application system and for on-board locomotive application via an on-board locomotive system