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Spectrum Inc.: De-icing systems for rail yards and mainline switches

With headquarters in Cleveland, Spectrum Inc. has provided heating solutions to railroads since 1965. The company manufactures complete track switch de-icing systems for both yards and mainline switches.

Spectrum offers a complete line of electric track switch heaters, each optimized for a specific purpose. The company's hot air blower has built-in controls that can be used to power a set of rail heaters and a set of crib heaters without the need for a control cabinet. The solution delivers heat to all the critical places: the points, the tie plates all the way to the heel block and the control rods of the switch machine. The electric heaters are safer, more reliable, more environmentally friendly and more cost effective to operate than propane gas, the company says.
Spectrum's control cabinets contain commercial-off-the-shelf components, making them easy to service. The cabinets can control up to 25 circuits and can be customized to the customer's specifications.