We've scheduled 16 top companies in the industry who will demonstrate their products/services to Progressive Railroading's audience of rail professionals. Each day will have a specific topic to ensure the features and benefits of the products align with your interests! Don't worry about investing your entire day/week to attend Demo Week. DemoCasts are live, 15-minute product/service demonstration webcasts, so learning about new products and services will take approximately one hour per day.

At the conclusion of each daily Demo Week event, an attendee of that day's event will be randomly selected to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card*. The prize drawing will be posted daily on ProgressiveRailroading.com.

Demo Week Schedule

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Monday (9/13) 1 PM ET: Innovative Products/Services
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Product: AutoSeal® Moulds

Summary:This demo will show Pandrol's newest aluminothermic welding innovation that streamlines the welding process - AutoSeal® Moulds. The built-in felt expands during the preheating phase of welding, creating a tight seal between the mould and rail. This completely removes the need for luting with paste or sand, whilst preventing welding leaks. Viewers will see a weld cast using this new technology, and will learn how it reduces waste and time spent per weld, significantly reducing track downtime.

Presenter: presenter David Manoleff
Manager of ATW

Product: Fuel Management App

Summary:This demo will show how to improve fuel efficiency with real-time visibility, reporting, alerts, and benchmarking. You will see how the Wabtec FuelAPP can help you prevent waste with early detection, and how you can optimize performance by tracking performance across trains, crews, and regions.

Presenter: presenter Adebayo Onigbanjo
Principal IOT Platforms and Applications

Product: Asset Configuration Management

Summary:This demo will show how Trapeze Asset Configuration Management (ACM) can help your rail maintenance team ensure your critical rail infrastructure is continuously updated to the approved configuration and version, helping you manage complex rail assets while lightening your regulatory burden under Positive Train Control (PTC).

You will learn how to:

  • Define ideal asset configuration models (templates) for asset hierarchy, attributes, etc.
  • Maintain compliance by highlighting assets out of compliance with the approved configuration
  • Create campaigns to get assets back in compliance

Presenter: presenter Kelley Ernsdorff
Product Director – EAM
Trapeze Group

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Tie Plugging Compounds, Equipment and Unmatched Service. A lot rides on your crossties. Trust them to Encore
Tuesday (9/14) 1 PM ET: Technology Products/Services
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Product: B-RAD Select Torque Wrench, Torque extension tool, RAD reaction arms for torque tools

Summary:This demo will show innovative torque wrench solutions created by RAD Torque Systems. You will see how the battery-operated torque wrench, the B-RAD Select, is the ideal torque tool for rail due to its light weight and portability. The RAD expert will also demonstrate custom extension tool help keep workers standing while they work -- ultimately preventing workplace injuries. And you will learn how RAD can customize torque solutions for a more efficient workflow. This demonstration is important for all rail facility managers who want to improve the challenges that come with torqueing bolts because there is a faster and better way to get the job done.

Benefits/features that will be shown include:

  • Learn how to prevent discomfort and strain on workers
  • Learn how to simplify the bolting process with better torque tools
  • Learn how you can get portable and light weight tools without compromising accuracy and durability

Presenter: presenter Dennis Roy
Accounts Manager

Product: GURU PC®

Summary:This demo will show the operation of ThermOmegaTech®'s GURU PC® Passenger Car freeze protection valve and explain how it protects rolling stock with potable water-bearing systems from freezing during the winter months. When the Car's heat is turned off for switching locomotives, during layovers or a power outage, the temperature inside of the cabin can quickly fall towards freezing. If the water in the system is not heated or drained it could freeze and potentially cause extensive damage such as burst pipes that can disrupt kitchen galleys and sanitary systems. To mitigate the risk of freezing pipelines, passenger train cars should have a freeze protection plan for winter weather. That's where the Guru PC comes in.

The goal of this demo is to educate train operators of these potential risks, and to provide a solution that will keep their fleet running efficiently and on-time all winter long. The GURU PC® is 100% mechanically operated requiring no external power source to operate making it the ideal solution in case of winter storms and power outages. During the demo, you will see the valves modulating effect in action as it opens and closes based on temperature — opening to drain water as temperatures drop, and gradually closes as temperatures rise.

Tune in to learn how this simple valve can potentially save you from tens of thousands of dollars in expensive and lengthy repairs.

Presenter: presenter Glenn Quinty
Sr. Design Engineer

Product: ZoneGuard Roadway Worker Protection System

Summary:This demo will show how Miller Ingenuity's patent pending ZoneGuard yard protection system warns and protects workers within a rail yard from any incoming track vehicles or cars being pushed into the facility. The ZoneGuard yard protection system is a new extension within the ZoneGuard electronic RWP product line. The system uses Miller's unique patented train detection technologies to provide workers with a secondary layer of protection that will help prevent near misses and tragic accidents as well as give workers a safe and efficient working environment.

This DemoCast will show you:

  • How the ZoneGuard yard protection system is setup
  • How the system's patented train detection technologies accurately detect and warn workers
  • How railroads can utilize ZoneGuard within their rail yards or other unique operating environments

Presenters: presenter Matt Edmonds
Director of Technical Sales

presenter Adam Woyczik
Technical Sales Manager

Product: Protran Roadway Worker Protection Systems and Protran Track Intrusion Detection & Warning System

Summary:This demo will show some of the Roadway Worker Protection (RWP) Systems that Protran Technology has to offer. Protran helps keep employees safe by providing an advanced warning of the approaching train to the workers. The demo will describe the types of RWP we offer, how they differ from each other, and what safety benefit each one has to offer. We will also present the Protran Track Intrusion Detection & Warning System designed to provide greater public safety by sounding an alarm and notifying the control center when someone is detected entering the right of way. The Track Intrusion Detection System is designed to provide various types of alerts with the detection device is triggered.

We will also touch on Protran's customization, offering various safety systems that provide multiple alert modes so that the end-user can customize the solution that best fits their unique operational needs.

Presenter: presenter Jaime Maguire
Program Director

presenter Brandon Negri
Product Manager

Wednesday (9/15) 1 PM ET: MOW Products/Services
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Product: Amberg Trolley Rail Survey Solution

Summary: This demo will show you how the Amberg Trolley survey solution supports critical rail measuring tasks for track optimization, including direct fixation construction, as-built geometry surveys, tamping and clearance surveys.  First, we'll briefly cover how to set-up and operate the hardware. Then we'll focus on how Amberg Rail software helps to manage survey data and create deliverables, such as track surveys, geometry reports and Tamper Machine files.

Presenter: presenter Ryan Leonard
Business Development Manager, Rail Segment

Product: EnduraPlug Tie Plugging Compound

Summary: Our presentation/video will demonstrate the application of Encore's EnduraPlugTM Tie Plugging Compound. We will show how to apply the compound and give an overview of the many different types of application equipment Encore provides.

We will also walk through the importance of using chemical tie plugging compounds, such as EnduraPlug, and how it will benefit the integrity of their track.

MOW professionals will learn how:

  • easy it is to use our product
  • it helps keep their track in gauge
  • it holds spikes like a new tie

In addition, we will discuss the three pillars of Encore: Compounds, Equipment, Service.

Presenter: presenter Nick Delmonico
Director of Sales and Marketing

Product: GRM3000T/ 09-2X DYNACAT

Summary: This demo will show the influence of different tamping parameters on the resulting work quality and finally on the occurring maintenance costs. Wrong tamping parameters lead to suboptimal or uneven ballast bed compaction, shortens the maintenance interval and increase the costs. The presentation will explain the basic working steps of the tamping action and the impact of frequency and amplitude. The correct tamping parameter affect the ballast consolidation and tamping quality but also the service life of other track components. This presentation will give completely new insights into the complex tamping tool and ballast interaction created throughout a global research project.

Presenter: presenter Fabian Hansmann
Scientific Advisor for Railroad Engineering

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Thursday (9/16) 1 PM ET: New Products/Services
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Product: RemoteIQ™ and Messenger

Summary: Workplace theft can amount to as much as $50 billion per year in the US alone1. Whether it is misplaced electronic devices or theft of high-value mobile equipment, most assets are never recovered. These losses will quickly impact bottom line revenue and productivity.

This demo will show how Cattron's Asset Management and Monitoring solutions provide discrete asset tracking to help locate equipment, whether mobile equipment or RCL operator control units. Through easy to integrate hardware and software technology, you can improve performance and productivity while reducing costs associated with lost or stolen equipment.

Demo Highlights:

  • Mobile-friendly cloud interface for use on smartphones or tablets
  • 24/7 GPS tracking with geofencing
  • Visibility to single pieces of equipment or full fleets
  • RemoteIQ™ monitoring provides intuitive graphical display and real-time site data

1 Wiser Systems. Why You Can't Afford to Lose Assets: A Deep Dive into the Costs. https://www.wisersystems.com/blog/lost-asset-costs

Presenter: presenter Jeremy Jovenall
Product Manager for Rail

Product: Shift5 for Rail

Summary: This demo will show you what the grand designs of modern rail never intended for you to see. Cybersecurity data cascades over every part of your fleet, and Shift5 will reveal how to dip into this massive array of information and learn what's working well, and better prepare you for what isn't. We're going to discuss the cyber vulnerabilities of locomotive systems and paint a real-world picture of how easily an attack can derail business, and we're going to show you how the power of data improves efficiencies, decreases operational costs, and secures your fleet. Perhaps modern rail never intended for you to see the unseen, but Shift5 can.

Presenter: presenter Matt Mackinnon
Chief Product Officer

presenter Mike Weigand
Chief Growth Officer

Product: Argus Track Measurement Technology Suite

Summary: This demo will show how railroads can adapt to changing track inspection needs by utilizing the various configurations of the Argus Track Measurement Technology Suite. The flexibility of the suite gives users a range of options, from using their own hi-rail vehicle with a hitch mounted portable system, to locomotive mounted UGMS. The audience will see the installation and output of the lightweight and foldable Gauge Inspector and Track Inspector portable systems, as well as learn more about how Argus can be used to ensure track safety in other attended and unattended configurations.

Presenter: presenter Sabri Cakdi
Director of Product Development, Rail Measurement Systems and Services

Friday (9/17) 1 PM ET: Innovative Products/Services (Day 2)
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Product: Airlink Wireless Radio System


  • Having embraced Precision Scheduled Railroading and needing to leverage their investment in Positive Train Control, Class I railroads are pursuing strategies for an automated and digital railroad thereby pushing the limits of their communication infrastructure.  
  • Recognizing the railroads' unique wireless communications needs as well as an opportunity for standardization, the software-defined Airlink Wireless Radio System utilizes an over-the-air network standard designed specifically for mission critical applications.  The Airlink portfolio of radio products will enable a cost-effective migration from legacy, proprietary wireless networks to future-proof, IP-enabled, wide-area communication networks for mission critical rail applications.
  • At the core is the IEEE 802.16s wireless standard driving the highest levels of performance with support for both narrow and wide channels to rejuvenate existing legacy unused or underutilized networks.  The standard is continuing to evolve for future scalability by enabling the aggregation of non-adjacent channels for even greater throughput.  Combined with time division duplexing, load balancing and other high performance characteristics, the demonstration will use 900MHz as an example to highlight how these capabilities provide the highest capacity data throughput while utilizing the Railroads' existing network infrastructure.

Presenter: presenter Omer Metel
Global Head of Onboard and Communication Products

Product: AssetWise Rail Condition Analytics

Summary: Digital transformation can be overwhelming, especially for smaller owners/operators such as short lines or metros, which need to ensure the continued safe and reliable running of their networks.

With track maintenance often the biggest expense, transforming permanent way (PWAY) operations and maintenance using the latest innovations in linear analytics offers the greatest potential and opportunity to drive efficiency and increase reliability through more targeted and timely decisions.

This demo will show how going digital with AssetWise Rail Condition Analytics enables small to medium-sized agencies to improve rail and transit asset performance. Discover how you can accelerate your organization's return on investment in technology by leveraging rapidly deployed analytical and decision support tools that reduce risk and improve service, safety, and reliability.

What will the audience learn? 

  • What do we mean by digital transformation for PWAY? 
  • What are the benefits of going digital for PWAY? 
  • How to future-proof key maintenance and renewal decisions with predictive technology.
  • How to validate the effectiveness of historic, and optimize future, maintenance requirements.
  • How to take full advantage of existing rail measurement data to improve maintenance and renewal decisions for PWAY 
  • What are some of the common analytics available to support PWAY maintenance teams

Why is it important? 

  • Enables engineering managers to make the best use of available budget and resources.
  • Enables agencies to move to condition-based maintenance to optimize asset conditions.

Benefits and features of AssetWise Rail Condition Analytics 
Rail owners/operators can benefit from optimized rail maintenance strategies that improve renewal decisions with minimal time and cost, helping to achieve greater efficiency, easier regulatory compliance, and enhanced operational performance. By harnessing the power of linear analytics, and predictive technology, your organization can realize additional value from track measurement condition data you already own, and with the insight gained, optimize and future-proof maintenance decisions to ensure your network remains in a State of Good Repair.

Presenter: presenter Robert Henderson
Rail and Transit Consultant Asset Performance

Product: Rail-Inspector® Automated Track Inspection Software

Summary:Railroad owners face many challenges when it comes to monitoring the condition of their track infrastructure: Identifying problems and areas of concern before they cause derailments, establishing consistency and objectivity of track inspection results, maintaining worker safety when conducting track inspections, minimizing the impact to revenue-generating commerce and meeting FRA requirements in a timely manner.

The future of track inspection is drone-based aerial surveys combined with automated defect detection. Together, these technologies alleviate the challenges above and provide a comprehensive, objective and quantifiable digital dataset of track conditions, thereby enhancing safety, operational efficiency, and capital planning activities.

This demo will show how aerial imagery captured through drone surveys can be processed using Ardenna's Rail-Inspector® cloud-based software to provide track owners with more insight into their track inspection and maintenance activities.

Participants will see how Rail-Inspector uses advanced machine-learning algorithms to automatically and accurately process and analyze visual data, identifying and measuring railway features, classifying anomalies and assessing the health of track and railbed infrastructure.

What will the audience will see and learn in the demo?

  • The benefits of aerial-based track inspection and automated defect detection
  • How Rail-Inspector can be used for shortline, railyard, and mainline inspections
  • The current and planned track inspection capabilities available in Rail-Inspector
  • How inspection results can be visualized and incorporated into existing business processes

Why this demo is important for rail professionals

  • Provides a straight-forward overview of the actionable data available through aerial-based track inspections
  • Enables track owners to determine where automated track inspections fit into their track management activities
  • Enables track owners to make data-driven decisions that reduce costs and improve worker and operational safety

Benefits and features that will be shown during the demo

  • The features and capabilities of Rail-Inspector's detections, measurements and analysis will be presented
  • The benefits of having a comprehensive digital record of track condition data will be explored
  • The benefits of rapid turn-around of inspection results and the monitoring of asset health over time will be presented

Presenter: presenter David M. Patterson
Director, Business Development

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