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2021 Winners

New ProductsThe Greenbrier Companies

Virtual Sample Railcar

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The Greenbrier Companies developed Virtual Sample Railcar (VSR) to remotely bring customers into the plant to inspect the quality of a sample railcar from the convenience of their own home. VSR is a live and interactive customer event that has saved millions in unneeded customer travel and security costs, plus days out of the office for shippers, railroads and lessors.


New ProductsPrecision Cut

The Brake Stick

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This product is a new lightweight Brake Stick weighing 2.2 lbs which replaces the traditional heavy metal brake sticks that weigh between 8 and 15 lbs. New lightweight technology creates a single handle tool to push or pull brake wheels, push brake release levers, turn angle cocks, adjust draw bars and arm EOTs. Can be used through an entire work day without fatigue.

Precision Cut

New ProductsSiemens Mobility

Pharos 8" Wayside LED Signal

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Siemens Mobility's Pharos 8" Wayside LED Signal is the only LED fully compliant to AREMA chromaticity requirements. With its patented 4 lens system, it has a more than 50% reduction in phantom aspects and is fully compatible with existing wayside control systems. Comes in red, yellow, green and lunar white in both 1/2 mile and 1mile versions.


Technology ProductsL.B. Foster Company

Rockfall Monitoring

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Rockfall Monitoring uses LiDAR technology to scan above the track for obstacles that pose a risk to trains. Taking the place of traditional slide fences and used in rockfall prone areas, the system can monitor miles of rock faces. If a stationary object is identified on track, an alarm is sent with images of the obstruction and a relay signals to stop trains in the area.

L.B. Foster

Technology ProductsLoram Technologies, Inc.


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Our Aurora suite takes the inspection beyond the surface of your ties. The Aurora®, Aurora Xi®, and Aurora Xiv use cutting-edge technology to accurately find track flaws that traditional inspection methods might miss. Leveraging on the data collected, Aurora® Tie Marking automates the process of marking crossties that are designated for replacement in renewal projects.

Loram Technologies, Inc.

Technology ProductsLoram Technologies, Inc.

Geotechnical Services

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Actionable intelligence is confidence in knowing the condition of your entire track structure to make informed decisions that optimize maintenance programs and investment. Our Geotechnical Services diagnose and solve problems that affect the condition and performance of railway tracks resulting in an advanced diagnostic profile of the health of your track today.

Loram Technologies, Inc.

MOW ProductsFocused Technology Solutions


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The SpikeForce is a portable, dual-use, battery-operated spike driver powered by Focused TS' PowerForce battery pack. It allows users to drive spikes quickly and efficiently without the physical strain of the spike maul or the hazards of hydraulic fluids, hoses or powerpacks. It takes one worker to operate and perfectly complements the award-winning SpikeEase spike puller.

Focused Technology Solutions

MOW ProductsIndustry-Railway Suppliers, Inc.

SB60 Tie Replacer

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The SB60 Tie Replacer is a single attachment that all in one will remove & replace ballast, and dig out & replace the concrete or wood tie. It has a tilt and rotate function so ties can be replaced from the side of the track or between the rails in close clearance areas like tunnels & station platform areas. SB60 can be outfitted with an optional fastener clipping device.

Industry-Railway Suppliers, Inc.

MOW ProductsCurry Rail Services

Continious Welded Rail MOW Train

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Curry Rail's continuous welded rail trainsets are the perfect solution to move CWR from the mill directly to the worksite. These maintenance of way cars are designed specifically to fit clearance and curvature restrictions across the North American rail network and feature, hydraulic bulkheads, center tiedown car, safety walkways and are fully customizable.

Curry Rail

C&S ProductsFrauscher Sensor Technology USA, Inc

Wheel Sensor RSR110

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For train detection, the RSR110 wheel sensor can trigger trackside monitoring equipment, track trains in yards, or detect precise car position for loading/unloading. Benefits: mounting without drilling, remote calibration via serial interface or indoor module, and direction/center pulse output options. A dust/waterproof casing ensures reliability in harsh conditions.


C&S ProductsRECO (Railway Equipment Company)

Wayside Event Recorder

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Multifunctional monitoring system for switches, grade crossings, battery banks and other wayside equipment. Industry leading clock accuracy with less than 5 seconds of drift/mo and dry contacts to alarm when outside programmable limits. Customize configuration and faults for wayside systems and equipment, expandable to 96 inputs. Transmits via Ethernet in SNMP or Mod Bus.


C&S ProductsSargent and Greenleaf

Environmental Padlocks (Models: 0881 and 0883)

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S&G Environmental Padlocks protect against physical attacks & extreme environmental conditions — setting the standard for cargo & container security. Design features protect against shimming & forced entry Moisture resistant & maintenance free Electroless Nickel coating prevents corrosion Cylinder design guards against tool attack Key-Retaining design for added security.

Sargent and Greenleaf

Rail SafetyRailserve, Inc.

REAct Device

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STOP THE TRAIN! REAct is Railserve's incident avoidance technology. Our battery powered REAct devices are worn on crew member's safety vests and are directly connected to the locomotive. In the case of immediate danger any crew member pushes the button and the locomotive will immediately apply the emergency brake. All without having to contact the operator. Safe AND Smart.


Rail SafetyL.B. Foster Company

Flood Monitoring

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Flood Monitoring is a wireless system that monitors water levels in flood-prone areas. The systems inline flood pole measures water levels down to the inch, providing preset alarms at various depths for early warning detection. Once activated, solar-powered cameras identify the alarm area, initiating a customer emergency response to prevent flooding derailments.


Rail SafetyPiper Networks Inc.

Piper SecureTrack — Dynamic Work Zone Awareness & Track Worker Safety

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SecureTrack allows for remote, real-time set up of dynamic work zones. In-cab alerting systems deliver audio/video alerts to train operators indicating proximity to approaching flagging points. Railway workers are positioned in system using UWB wearables that communicate passively with a portable base station. Designed in accordance with industry standard flagging rules.

Piper Networks Inc.

Innovative ProductsTekTracking

Grade Crossing Operation Reporting System (GCORS)

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Grade Crossing Operation Reporting System (GCORS) detects and notifies the railroad — via the Emergency Notification System - of four critical failure modes undetected by crossing event recorders. GCORS contains multiple sensors positioned to capture, analyze, and report specific grade crossing failure modes observed by motorists, including trapped vehicle detection.


Innovative ProductsLINSINGER

Hydrogen powered rail milling machine MG11

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The first of its kind rail milling train with a hydrogen propulsion system is a major milestone for sustainable rail maintenance. Combining a nearly spark and dust free technology with a zero emission engine is a game changer in the railway industry especially in urban areas.

The small green powerpack is specially designed to maintain Railway-Metro and Transit Networks.


Innovative ProductsPiper Networks Inc.

Piper TrackSight — LiDAR Train-centric Positioning System

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TrackSight employs Piper's patent-pending positional imaging to determine the location of trains. It's the next evolutionary step that moves operations from the track bed to the train & is a fully deterministic solution that compares real-time imaging to an onboard database. It's also safety certifiable & compatible with Piper's UWB systems for redundant CBTC positioning.

Piper Networks Inc.