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Rail Industry Manufacturer

Company Website

2525 Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75207
Phone: 800-631-4420
Fax: 214-589-8623
Email: info@trinityrail.com

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Freight Cars: Cars, Auto Rack Autoracks - Bi-Level Autoracks - Tri-Level Freight Cars: Cars, Ballast Ballast Cars Freight Cars: Cars, Box 39-Foot, 10-1/2-Inch Box Car 50-Foot, 6-Inch Box Car 60-Foot, 9-Inch Box Car Freight Cars: Cars, Coal Aluminum Rotary Gondola High Capacity Aluminum Rotary Gondola Rapid Discharge® Hopper Cars RDL™ Freight Cars: Cars, Covered Hopper 3,230-Cubic-Foot Pressure Differential Covered Hopper 3,281-Cubic-Foot Covered Hopper 4,221-Cubic-Foot Covered Hopper 4,871-Cubic-Foot Covered Hopper 5,161-Cubic-Foot Covered Hopper 5,201-Cubic-Foot Covered Hopper 5,204-Cubic-Foot Covered Hopper 5,461-Cubic-Foot Covered Hopper 5,660-Cubic-Foot Pressure Differential Covered Hopper 5,791-Cubic-Foot Covered Hopper 6,351-Cubic-Foot Covered Hopper 6,541-Cubic-Foot Covered Hopper Freight Cars: Cars, Flat 89-Foot Flush Deck Flat Car Bulkhead Flat Car Freight Cars: Cars, Gondola 2,480-Cubic-Foot Gondola 52-Foot, 6-Inch Mill Gondola 66-Foot Mill Gondola High Side Gondola Freight Cars: Cars, Intermodal 40-Foot Articulated Well Car 53-Foot Articulated Well Car Freight Cars: Cars, Open-Top Hopper RDL-A™ Open-Top Hopper Freight Cars: Cars, Partition 73-Foot Centerbeam Freight Cars: Cars, Plastic Pellet Plastic Pellet Covered Hoppers Freight Cars: Cars, Refrigerated Refrigerated Box Cars Freight Cars: Cars, Special Heavy-Duty Heavy-Duty Flat Cars Freight Cars: Cars, Steel Coil Coil Car Freight Cars: Cars, Tank Tank Cars