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Rail Industry Manufacturer
Strato Inc.

Company Website

100 New England Ave.
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Phone: 800-792-0500
Fax: 732-981-1222
Email: customerservice@stratoinc.com


Strato, Inc. is a leading manufacturer, engineering quality products while providing exceptional customer service to the rail industry.

Products are designed to meet AAR specifications and include air brake hose assemblies, flanges, weld fittings, gladhands, dummy couplings, end of car arrangements, yokes, knuckles, couplers, tank car and transit castings, test and custom designed specialty items.

Our highly innovative team of engineers work to improve the existing product line and to design new products that exceed current performance expectations and solve industry-wide problems. Strato offers on-site engineering consulting services to assist customers with special projects and challenges. An R&D lab and test facilities located within the plant are equipped to simulate real world conditions.

While maintaining a multi-million dollar inventory in-house, Strato offers next day shipping on most items. Each of these value-added services enable Strato to deliver the best products in the market today.

View Their Products:

Freight Car Products: Air Hoses-Adapters, Couplings, Supports Gladhands Trainline Extension Casting Trainline Support Casting Universal Hose Hanger Kit Freight Car Products: Brakes-Components/Parts 8-Inch Sheave Wheel Brake Pins Freight Car Products: Brakes-Test Devices, Systems Lightweight Terminal Test Device Terminal Air-Brake Test Device Freight Car Products: Brakes-Truck-Mounted 90-Degree Truck-Mounted Brake Hose Assembly with Swivel Flanges Truck-Mounted Brake Hose Assemblies Freight Car Products: Car Parts/Components Placard Holder Well Car Container Guides & Locating Cones Freight Car Products: Coupler Accessories C10 Knuckle Pin Coupler Mounted Bracket Lock-Lift Assemblies, Locks, Knuckle Throwers Freight Car Products: Couplers Reduced Slack Couplers Freight Car Products: Draft Lugs Draft Lugs, Front and Rear Freight Car Products: Fittings, Brake Pipe 1-1/4 Inch 45-Degree Trainline Crossover Fitting 3/4-Inch Reinforced Flanged Fitting 90-Degree Weld Fitting Branch Pipe Tees Internal Socket Weld Flanged Reducing Fittings Reducing Socket Weld Adapters Reducing/Increasing Socket Weld Unions Socket Weld Fittings and Flanges Split Flanges Threaded Flange Fittings Freight Car Products: Gaskets Gladhand and Weld Fitting Gaskets Freight Car Products: Gauges Brake Cylinder Pressure Gauge Brakeman's Test Gauge Freight Car Products: Hose Assemblies 90-Degree Truck-Mounted Brake Hose Assembly with Swivel Flanges Air-Brake Hose Assemblies Articulated Car Hose Assembly Between Car Door Air Operating Hose Assembly Center Car Cushioning Hose Assembly Empty Load Device Hose Assemblies Flanged 1-1/4-Inch End-of-Car Cushioning Assemblies Flanged 1-Inch Branch Pipe Hose Assemblies Lightweight Ground Hose Run-A-Round Hose Truck-Mounted Brake Hose Assemblies Truck-Mounted Brake Hose Assembly with Test Port Freight Car Products: Hoses, Parts Trainline Support Castings Freight Car Products: Knuckles F-Knuckle Knuckles Freight Car Products: Pipe Anchors Pipe Clamp Wedge with Locking Tabs Pipe Clamps Freight Car Products: Running Boards Running Board Clips Running Board Washers Freight Car Products: Safety Items Back-Up Air-Brake and Whistle Valve Brakeman's Test Gauge End-of-Train Telemetry Hose Assemblies Lightweight Ground Hose Rapid Purge End-of-Train Telemetry Hose Assembly Run-A-Round Hose Freight Car Products: Supports End Hose Strap End-of-Car “E” Brackets End-of-Car “F” Brackets Pipe & Channel Assemblies Freight Car Products: Test Equipment Brake Cylinder Flanged Test Adapters Brake Cylinder Pressure Gauge Brake Cylinder Socket Weld Test Adapter Brakeman's Test Gauge Wafer Flange Assembly Wafer Flange Assembly with Blanking Flange Wafer Flange Assembly with Perpendicular Test Port Freight Car Products: Truck Components Pin Retainer Kits Freight Car Products: Valves Coupler Carrier Wear Plate Freight Car Products: Wear Liners and Plates Center Plate Vertical Liners Freight Car Products: Yokes Heavy Duty E and F Yokes Locomotive Products: Connectors 60-Degree Locomotive Elbow Castings Locomotive Products: End-of-Train Telemetry End-of-Train Telemetry Hose Assemblies End-of-Train Telemetry Hose Assembly using Standard Gladhand with Bleed Valve Locomotive Products: Gaskets Gladhand and Weld Fitting Gaskets Locomotive Products: Gladhands Air-Brake Dummy Couplings Gladhands Locomotive Products: Hoses Jumper Hose Assemblies Locomotive Multiple Unit Hose Assemblies Run-A-Round Hose Locomotive Products: Test Equipment Brake Cylinder Pressure Gauge Orifice Calibrator for Setting Locomotive Air-Flow Meters per RP-402 Passenger Car Products: Couplers Air-Brake Dummy Couplings Passenger Car Products: Hose Assemblies Transit Hose Assemblies Passenger Car Products: Parts Gladhand and Weld Fitting Gaskets Transit Truck Castings