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Product of the Week

PowerRail Distribution Incorporated – AESS Heavy Duty Starter

PowerRail Distribution Company is pleased to offer our New AESS Heavy Duty Auto Engine Start & Stop Starter — Made In North America

This Starter is offered in both 32 Volt and 64Volt and has been proven on Class 1, Regionals and Shortline Railroads.

Benefits :

  • Modified Single Brushholder Design.
  • Heavy Duty Special Oversize Brush replaces OEM 2 brush per box design.
  • Modified Heavy Duty Solenoid
  • Modified Armature, increased Amperage Capacity and Heat Transfer
Part Numbers :
E1990333AESS= 32 Volt AESS
E1990333AESS-UX= 32 Volt AESS
E40069492AESS= 32 Volt SD70 Series
E1993740AESS= 64 Volt AESS
E8428605AESS-UX= 64 Volt AESS

Note: "UX" Unit Exchange - We Will Accept Non AESS Cores