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Monday, February 11, 2013    

Additional federal rail investment would boost U.S. manufacturing jobs, policy center says

The Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC) released a report that details how additional federal investment in the "next generation of rail" would increase rail manufacturing jobs in the United States.

The center's report examines manufacturers and supply chain companies in the Midwest that are prepared to start manufacturing parts and employing people to improve existing U.S. rail systems, ELPC officials said in a prepared statement.

The report includes 122 manufacturers and companies in Ohio; 99 in Indiana; 49 in Michigan; 84 in Illinois; 73 in Wisconsin; 26 in Minnesota; and seven in Iowa.

"ELPC's study of high-speed and other new technology intercity passenger-rail suppliers identified 12 original equipment manufacturers and 460 supply chain companies in seven industrial Midwest states," the report states.

ELPC officials believe that increasing rail-ridership trends set the stage for manufacturing growth.

"Old-line 'rust belt' manufacturing businesses are retooling to seize opportunities from rail growth," they said. "Our study found dozens of companies that now supply rail manufacturers after years of supplying the automotive industry rand other sectors."

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