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Custom, Sole Sponsorships Also Available

Maximize Your Exposure By Being A Sole Sponsor. You'll receive all of the benefits of a multi-sponsor, plus:
• You select the presenter and moderator
• You control the content
• Receive up to 4 polling questions
• You get up to two ads to run during the presentation
• Enjoy exclusive branding on 4 weeks worth of emails
• You receive an exclusive on all the registrant demographic data

As a leading provider of information and marketing opportunities in the rail management market, Progressive Railroading magazine hosts and presents informational Webcasts designed to inform target audiences on specific, vital topics, from the comfort and convenience of their office.

Benefits of Webcasts - Triple Your Exposure Before, During, and After the Webcast

Sponsor Benefits - Before the Webcast
• Your logo hotlinks to your Web site in the attendance - building email campaign to railroading executives.
• Your logo hotlinks to you Web site on the webcast's home page

Sponsor Benefits - During Webcast
• Your 15 second slide show runs at the start of the Webcast.
• Your logo appears on screen throughout the Webcast.
• You capture valuable opinion data by asking one "live" polling question during the Webcast. Post-Webcast report gives you complete details of who said what.

Sponsor Benefits - After Webcast
• You receive database of registrants and attendees (Name, Title, Company, City/State, Phone).
• You get 12 months of bonus exposure as the webcast is posted on ProgressiveRailroading.com
• Receive contact information of rail executives who viewed the Webcast on ProgressiveRailroading.com

Mechanical Specifications/Materials Needed

Logo: 300 x 300 pixels (min size) 72 dpi or higher file type: pdf or eps preferred will also take gif, jpg

URL: the logo will link to the url when readers click on it

Survey Question: One survey question with (up to) 4 responses. Script only.

Email contact: for leads

15 Second Commercial 3 slides 640 x 480 pixels. No animation or video. File type: pdf, PowerPoint, jpg, or gif image. Include script for recording or WAV file if using audio.

Submit Materials to: Webads@tradepress.com

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