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When you advertise in the Progressive Railroading Daily News - a timely summary of new articles and breaking news emailed every day - you reach more than 40,000 rail and transit decision makers each day.

Benefits of advertising in the Progressive Railroading Daily News
• Build brand recognition in the most anticipated newsletter in the industry
• Daily News recipients request to receive the newsletter; it's not an unsolicited spam e-mail. They get it because they want it and anticipate it
• Advertising is limited to four sponsors per newsletter, so you won't compete for visibility
• The Daily News appeals to readers who seek daily breaking industry news and appreciate frequent communications and updates
• You'll receive click-through tracking reports showing demographics and the number of readers that click to your site

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Mechanical Specifications

Materials Needed: AD, URL

Ad Specs:
Width: 180 pixels
Height: 150 pixels
File Size: 50k maximum
File Type: GIF, or JPEG

Email materials to:
Webads@tradepress.comWebads@tradepress.com (Be sure to indicate in the email the materials are for a ProgressiveRailroading.com ad and indicate your company name.)