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• Average of over 30,000 unique users and 100,000 page views per month
• Tracking reports show you how many impressions your ad received and the number of click throughs to your Web site so you can easily track your ROI
• Redesigned and loaded with a variety of new and innovative features
• Unsurpassed value to railroading professionals and those who wish to reach them

Site-wide Leaderboard
- Runs on the entire site
- Maximize your visibility in front of the rail audience with the top ad which averages over 100,000 views a month

Standard Ad Locations
Run your ad on the home page or one of our topic-specific locations to reach a smaller group of targeted users.

Ad Positions
Class Is
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Rail Industry Trends
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Splash Ad
- Run of site
- Appears once per user visit to the site
- Make a bold ad statement with our splash ad option. A great way to get your message across with stand-out visibility to our site users.

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Mechanical Specifications

PR Banner:
Materials needed: AD, URL

Width: 336 pixels
Height: 140 pixels
File Size: 60k maximum
File Type: GIF, JPEG, or Flash*

Width: 728 pixels
Height: 90 pixels
File Size: 40k maximum
File Type: GIF, JPEG, or Flash*
Materials to email: Ad, URL

Splash Ad:
Width: 600 pixels
Height: 375 pixels
File Size: 100k maximum
File Type: GIF, JPEG, or Flash*
• Animations should be less than 7 seconds for the whole sequence to be seen.
• Must have splash ad 3 business days prior to live date.
• The ad appears once per user session.
• The ad appears for 7 seconds.

*Expandable Ads: Can only expand after user rollover or click - cannot initially expand on its own. Must contract back to original ad size using the same action which originated the expansion (rollover must shrink back up on rolloff, click should go to original size on another click).
All ad components added together must meet our file size standards for initial download. Video, audio, multimedia content can only start downloading based on user action. Expanded ad components count toward and must conform to our initial file ad size unless the expanded ad resources do not download until after a user action.

*Flash Ads: Flash files require a special prefix for tracking before links. Must be Flash CS4 (or lower) compatible using actionscript 2.0. Send in original Flash file so links can be updated. Do not send .swf file. Sound must have the option to mute for user. Cannot exceed ad dimensions at any time. File size is for total ad size plus external downloads. You cannot exceed file size by using external downloads.
Download clickTAG Usage Standard Ad Example

Email materials to: (Be sure to indicate in the email the materials are for a ad and indicate you company name.)