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Sponsored Articles are an exceptional way to get attention of your prospects - the readers of Progressive Railroading magazine. This highly desirable audience will receive your ad alongside relevant, must-read editorial content. You choose the article from the ProgressiveRailroading.com Web site and we do the rest.

Benefits of Sponsored Articles
• Only ONE sponsorship is available per article, which means you won't appear with your competitors
• Recipients request to receive the Sponsored Articles - they are not unsolicited spam e-mail. Readers get the articles because they want them
• Your ad ALSO appears next to the sponsored article on ProgressiveRailroading.com - giving you more exposure
• Tracking reports show how many recipients click through to your Web site so you can easily track your ROI

Reach 40,000 Progressive Railroading readers

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Mechanical Specifications

Materials needed:

Graphic size:
Width: 200 pixels
Height: 500 pixels

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File Size: 50k maximum
File Type: GIF, or JPEG

Email materials to:
Webads@tradepress.com (Be sure to indicate in the email the materials are for a ProgressiveRailroading.com ad and indicate you company name.)