Rail Market Reporter

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Sponsor an electronic newsletter with content specific to your business. Your custom eNewsletter reaches buyers interested in your business solutions. Your ad appears in the Newsletter and is archived on ProgressiveRailroading.com

Rail Market Reporter Features:

  • Your specific message is sent to more than 50,000 rail decision makers, wrapped in content-specific editorial

  • Get click-through totals, plus demographic information, including name, title, company, street address, phone and fax numbers

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Exclusivity yields big results.
Deliver your exact message to the professionals you need to reach.

Contact your sales rep today to learn how you can reach a larger audience and boost your bottom line.

Mike Singler
Central Regional Sales Manager

Phone: 815-302-7055
Bridget Quaglia
Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Phone: 610-207-0252
Zach Hansen
Northern and Western Regional Sales Manager

Phone: 612-834-3359

Tips for a successful Rail Market Reporter e-newsletter

*Submit 500 words of copy and up to two photos (72-100 dpi)
*Provide a 50 character subject line for the email. Subject lines longer than this may get cut off.
*Submit a logo (300 pixels x 300 pixels) and a URL.
*If preferred you can send an HTML version of the completed newsletter, PDF files are not accepted.
*If sending an HTML file use a width of 600 pixels or less.
*If you are using 3rd party tracking tags, send standard tags.
Email all materials to webads@tradepress.com

Some things to Note:

*Maximum number of 6 links per newsletter. Click tracking on links, provided by publication, are not tracked separately. There is one tracking entry per email.
*A proof will be sent to you prior to the e-newsletter mailing out.
*Newsletters that require personalization will be charged a $500 production fee
*To view examples of custom e-newsletters click on the following links:

Production Charge: $500 net production charge for email personalization, including subject line and/or email body copy personalization.

Be sure to indicate in the email the materials are for a Rail Market Reporter ad and indicate your company name.