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When you advertise in the Progressive Railroading Daily News - a timely summary of new articles and breaking news emailed every day - you reach more than 50,000 rail and transit decision makers.

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Benefits of advertising in the Progressive Railroading Daily News

  • Build brand recognition in the most anticipated newsletter in the industry

  • Daily News recipients request to receive the newsletter; it's not an unsolicited spam e-mail. They get it because they want it and anticipate it

  • Advertising averages five sponsors per newsletter, so you won't compete for visibility

  • The Daily News appeals to readers who seek daily breaking industry news and appreciate frequent communications and updates

  • You'll receive click-through tracking reports showing demographics and the number of readers that click to your site

Contact your sales rep today to learn how you can reach a larger audience and boost your bottom line.

Mike Singler
Central Regional Sales Manager

Phone: 815-302-7055
Bridget Quaglia
Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Phone: 610-207-0252
Zach Hansen
Northern and Western Regional Sales Manager

Phone: 612-834-3359

Mechanical Specifications

Materials Needed: AD, URL

Ad Specs:
Width: 180 pixels
Height: 150 pixels
File Size: 50k maximum
File Type: GIF, or JPEG
URL: Provide URL to link to

If you are using 3rd party tracking tags, please send standard tags.

* Outlook 2007 & 2010 only displays the first frame of an animated gif. Please be sure the first frame of your ad is designed with that in mind.

Be sure to indicate in the email the materials are for a PR Daily News ad and indicate your company name.