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F express F line F. H. Paschen F. H. Paschen and S.N. Nielsen and Associates L.L.C. F. Tom Roberts Memorial Award F. Tom Roberts Memorial Volunteer Award F.H. Paschen F40 locomotives F40PH locomotives F40PH-3 F40PHM-2 F59 locomotives FAA FAA Pathfinder Fabricated Metals Facebook Facebook Twitter facial recognition software Facility for Accelerated Service Testing Fail Save over Ethernet communication Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act Fair Rail Freight Service Act Fairbanks Natural Gas LLC Fairfax County (Va.) Board Fairfax County Board Chairperson Sharon Bulova Fairfield Metro Station Fairmount Line Fairmount Minerals Fairmount Santrol Fairview Container Terminal Fairview Terminal Faiveley Faiveley Transport Faiveley Transport Gennevilliers Faiveley Transport North America Faiveley Transport S.A. Falcon GXT3100i fall peak fall protection Fall River Falling Apart and Falling Behind Falling Apart and Falling Behind Falls Church Falls Road station family medical leave Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue Station fare apps fare card fraud fare cards fare changes fare collection fare enforcement fare evaders fare evasion fare evasions fare gates fare hike fare hikes fare increase fare increases fare modifications fare payment fare payment apps fare payment system fare payment systems fare payments fare penalties fare prices fare raises fare revenue fare structure changes fare systems fare zones farebox recovery farebox recovery rate fares Farhad Mansourian Farley Post Office Farley Post Office Building Farm2Rail Farmdale Farmrail Farmrail System Farmrail System Inc. Farmrail Systems Farragut North Station Farrington Highway FAST Act Fast Company Fast Lane Transportation Fast Light Intercity and Regional Train FastCast fasteners fastening solutions FASTLANE FASTLANE grant FASTLANE grants FastLane Hires FasTrack FasTracks Fastrax Fastrax track and switch heater Fastrax® fatal derailment fatalities Fatality Analysis of Maintenance-of-Way Employees and Signalmen fatigue fatigue management fatigue monitoring Faye Moses-Wilkins FBI FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski FCM FDOT feasibility study February February traffic FEC FECR FECR Connect Federal Aviation Administration federal budget Federal Bureau of Investigation Federal Center Federal Communications Commission Federal Emergency Management Administration Federal Emergency Management Agency federal environmental review federal environmental reviews federal fine Federal Food and Drug Administration federal funding federal funds federal gas tax federal government federal government shutdown federal grant federal grants federal High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail program Federal Highway Administration federal loan Federal Maritime Commission Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administratio Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Federal Railroad Administration Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Federal Railroad Administration and PTC Federal Railroad Administration Deputy Administrator Karen Hedlund Federal Railroad Administration rules Federal Railroad Administration Federal Railroad Administration% Federal Railroad Administration''s (FRA) Office of Safety Analysis Federal Railroad Administration''s Office of Research and Development Federal Railroad Administrator Joseph Szabo Federal Railroad Administrator Sarah Feinberg Federal Railroad Association Federal Railroad Safety Accountability and Improvement Act Federal Railroad Safety Act Federal Railroad Safety Improvement Act Federal Register federal regulation federal regulations Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Federal Signal Federal Signal Corp. Federal spending bill federal stimulus Federal Surface Transportation Policy and Planning Act of 2009 federal track safety standards Federal Trade Commission Federal Transit Adfministrator Peter Rogoff Federal Transit Administration Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Federal Transit Administration (FTA) formula funds Federal Transit Administration Deputy Administrator Therese McMillan Federal Transit Administration Emergency Relief Program Federal Transit Administration grants Federal Transit Administration''s (FTA) Innovative Safety Federal Transit Administration''s Capital Investment Grants Federal Transit Administration''s Capital Investment Program Federal Transit Administrator Peter Rogoff Federal Transit Agency Federal Transit Authority Federal Transit Deputy Administrator Therese McMillian federal transit funding federal transit programs Federal Transportation Administration Federal Way Federal Way Extension Federal Way light rail Federal Way light-rail extension Federal Way Link Extension Federal Workforce Investment Act Federated Capital Holdings Federated Railcars Federated Railways Federation of Canadian Municipalities FedEx Ground Distribution feed mill Feeding America fees Feinberg FEIS FEMA Fengate Capital Management Fenway Park Fernando Ferrer Ferralgas Ferrocarill del Istmo Ferrocarill Mexicano Ferrocarril Mexicano Ferrocarril Mexicano S.A. de C.V. Ferrocarril y Terminal del Valle de Mexico Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico Ferrocarrill Mexicano Ferromex Ferromex Alstom locomotives contract GE EMD Ferrosur Ferrosure Ferrovalle Ferrovial Ferrovial Agroman U.S. Corp. Ferrovias Guatemala Ferrovías Guatemala ferry service fertilizer Fertilizer Institute fertilizers Ferus Natural Gas Fuels Fessenden Cooperative Association FexEx FFGA FHA FHWA Fiailoa Ah Sue fiber optic acoustic detection Fiber Optic Sensing Association fiber optics fiberglass insulators Fiber-Tel Fibertex Personal Care Fife Lake Railway Fifth Avenue Trolley Station Fifth Third Bank final concept Final Environmental Impact Statement Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Draft Section Evaluation Final Environmental Impact Statement/Report Final Four final rule finance finance & leasing Finance & Leasing Guide Finance Committee Chairman Marcel Acosta finance companies finances financial audits financial performance financial plan financial results financial systems financial transparency financials Finch West Finch West Light Rail Transit project Finch West light-rail transit Finch West LRT finding of no significant impact fines Finger Lakes Finger Lakes Railway Finger Lakes Railway Corp. Finmeccanica Finnish Railways Firdausi Irani fire and rescue fire department liaison fire emergency fire officer FireSheath First Coast Worksite Wellness Council First Hill First Hill streetcar First Lady Michelle Obama First Nations First Nations in Manitoba first quarter first quarter 2010 first quarter 2012 first quarter 2014 financials first quarter 2016 first quarter earnings first quarter financials first quarter FY2016 first quarter railroad earnings first quarter transit ridership first qurter 2010 first responders First State Manufacturing First Transit First Transit Inc. First Union Rail FirstGroup first-quarter earnings first-quarter financials Fiscal and Management Control Board fiscal cliff fiscal control board fiscal-year 2013 budget fiscal-year 2013 budget for the Transportation fiscal-year 2018 budget Fisherman''s Wharf Fitch Ratings Fitch Ratings Agency Fitch Ratings Inc. Fitchburg Fitchburg Commuter Rail Line extension Fitchburg Line Fixing America''s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act Fixing America''s Surface Transportation Act FL mGuard Fla. Flagler Flagler Global Logistics Flagship Rail flammable liquid flammable liquids flange bearing frog flange bearing turnout frog flashing rear-end devices FlashPoints Media Group flatbed trailers Flatiron Construction Flatiron Constructors Inc. Flats Industrial Railroad flaw detection fleet fleet management fleet management software fleet monitoring Fleet of the Future Fleet of the Future fleet plan fleet program fleet renewal program Fleet Stats Fleet Stats 2010 Fleet Stats 2014 fleet updates fleet upgrades FleetView Flexible and Efficient Transportation Equity Act Flexible and Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users Flexible and Efficient Trucking Act FLEXITY Flexovit Flexovit USA Inc. Flickr Flink Flink Co. Flint Hills Resources Flintco Pacific Inc. FLIRT floating bridge floating bridges floating rail flood flood damaged track flood mitigation flood protection work flooding floodlights floods Flora Castillo Florail Floral Park Florida Florida Central Railroad Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Florida Department of Transportation Florida Development Finance Corp. Florida DOT Florida East Coast Florida East Coast Industries Florida East Coast Industries Inc. Florida East Coast Industries LLC Florida East Coast Railway Florida East Coast Railway Holdings Corp. Florida East Coast Railway L.L.C. Florida East Coast Railway LLC Florida East Coast Railway President and Chief Executive Officer James Hertwig Florida Gov. Rick Scott Florida Great Lakes Partners Florida high speed funds Florida High-Speed Passenger Rail Safety Act Florida high-speed rail Florida intermodal Florida passenger rail Florida port Florida ports Florida Ports Council Florida Power & Light Co. Florida rail Florida Rail Adventures Florida Transportation Commission Floroda East Coast Railway Flossmoor Flossmoor Station Floun''say Caver Fluidmesh Networks Fluor fluor corp Fluor Corp. Fluor Corp. Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Inc. Fluor Enterprises Fluor Enterprises Inc. Flushing Line flywheel technology Flywheels FMCB FOAD Focusing Resources FONSI food service Foothill Gold Line Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority Foothill Gold Line Extension Foothill Transit Foothill Transit Constructors For Pierce Forbes forced access Ford Ford Foundation Ford Motor Ford Motor Co. Fordham Station Fordham University Fore River Railroad Fore River Railroad Corp. forecast foreign oil foreign trade zone Forest City Enterprises and Urban Atlantic Development Forest City Enterprises Inc. Forest Claypool Forest Park Forest Preserve District of DuPage County forest products Forest Products Association of Canada Forgers and Helpers forging die welding alloy wires former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney formula funds Fornazor Forrest Claypool Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale station Fort Lauderdale streetcar Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Fort Saskatchewan Rail Facility Project Fort Wayne & Eastern Railroad Fort Wayne & Eastern Railway Fort Wayne and Eastern Railroad Fort Wayne and Indiana Railroad Fort Worth Fort Worth & Western Railroad Fort Worth & Western Railroad Co. Fort Worth and Western Railroad Fort Worth Pipe Services Fort Worth stations Fort Worth Transportation Authority Fort Worth Transportation Authority (The T) Fort Worth Transportation Authority President and Executive Director Dick Ruddell Fort Worth Transportation Authority''s (The T) Fortress Fortress Group Fortress Investment Fortress Investment Group Fortunato Sons Contracting Inc. Fortune Fortune Minerals Foundation Constructors Foundation Park Four Nines Technologies four-quadrant gate Foursquare fourth quarter fourth quarter 2016 fourth quarter financials fourth quarter results fourth-quarter 2015 Fox Chase Line Fox River Fox River Bridge Fox River Grove Station Foxx FPInnovations FPL FRA FRA Administrator Joseph Szabo FRA Administrator Sarah Feinberg FRA directive FRA Executive Director Patrick Warren FRA funding FRA leadership frac frac sand fracking fractionator Framingham Secondary Line Framingham-Worcester Line Fran Chinnici Francis Gally III Francis Miller III Francis Mulvey Francois Belanger Frank Brady Frank Brown Frank Busalacchi Frank DePaola Frank J. Richter Frank J. Richter Scholarship Frank J. Richter Scholarships Frank Jezycki Frank Lautenberg Frank Lonegro Frank Lucas Frank Richter Frank Wilkinson Frank Wilner Frank Wison Franklin County intermodal facility Franklin County Regional Intermodal Facility Franklin Rouse Franklin Street Terminal Fraser Institute Fraser Surrey Docks Fraternal Order of Police-Ohio Labor Council Fraternal Order of Police-Ohio Labor Council (FOP-OLC) Fraternal Order of Transit Police fraud Frauscher Frauscher Sensor Technologies Frauscher Sensor Technology Frauscher Tracking Solutions Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS Fred Dilger Fred Green Fred Hansen Fred Krebs Fred Miller Fred Mudge Fred Sasser Fred Weiderhold Freddie Simpson Freddy Ferrer Frederick "Bud" Wright Frederick Daniels Jr. Frederick Intermodal Fredericksburg Line Fredric Ehlers Fredrik Eiliasson Fredrik Eliasson free trade agreement Freeborn & Peters L.L.P. Freedom of Information Act Freedom Railcar Solutions Freedom Train freight FREIGHT Act freight activity Freight Can''t Wait freight capacity freight car Freight Car & Locomotive Virtual Conference & Expo freight car coatings freight car deliveries freight car forecast freight car forecast 2009 freight car forecast 2010 freight car leasing freight car management freight car market freight car order freight car orders freight car repair freight car technology freight cars Freight Commodity Statistics Freight FOCUS Act freight forwarding freight index freight industry Freight Infrastructure Reinvestment Act of 2014 freight infrastruture Freight is the Future Of Commerce in the United States Act of 2010 freight locomotive freight locomotives freight management freight management freight mobility plan Freight Mobility Plan Act freight movement plan freight outlook freight plan Freight Policy Council freight program freight rail Freight Rail and Rail Crossing Safety Improvement Program Freight Rail Assistance Program freight rail carriers freight rail cars Freight Rail Customer Alliance Freight Rail Customers Alliance Freight Rail Day 2009 freight rail grants Freight Rail Infrastructure Capacity Expansion Act Freight Rail Infrastructure Capacity Expansion Act of 2010 Freight Rail Investment Bank freight rail line freight rail outlook Freight Rail Security Program freight rail service Freight Rail Week Freight Rail Works freight railroad Freight Railroad Infrastructure Improvement Program Freight Railroad Preservation Program freight railroad traffic freight railroads freight railroads safety Freight Railroads: Best Operating Practices Freight Services Index Freight Stakeholders Coalition freight tons freight traffic freight transportation freight transportation market Freight Transportation Plan Freight Transportation Services Index freight trends freight volumes FreightCar America FreightCar America Inc. freightcar repair Freight-car repair Freightliner Freightliner Group Freightliner Group Ltd. Freightlinger Group FreightLink Freight-Rail Customer Alliance freight-rail delay freight-rail improvements freight-rail industry freight-rail investments freight-rail IoT freight-rail pricing freight-rail regulation freight-rail regulations freight-rail technology freight-rail traffic FreightScan freigiht rail Fremont French high-speed rail Fresh Pond Road Fresno Fresno River Viaduct Fresno State University friction control friction management friction modifier friction ring Friends of the Brooklyn-Queens Connector Friendship Heights Station FRIIP Frisco FristGroup Fritz Kahn Fritz-Rumer Cooke Co. Inc. frog frogs FrogTuff Frontier Rail Frontier Railroad Services LLC Frontier Sand Frontier-Kemper Constructors FrontLines 2015 FrontRunner FrontRunner commuter-rail line FrontRunner South Frost & Sullivan FRPP FS Solutions FSoE FST Biometrics Ft. Pierce Ft. Wayne & Eastern Railroad FTA FTA Administrator Peter Rogoff FTA Capital Investment Grant Program FTA Capital Investment Program FTA CIG FTA grants FTA leadership FTA New Starts FTA safety program FTA''s New Starts FTR FTR Associates FTR Associates'' Trucking Conditions Index FTR Transportation Intelligence FTS FTS International fuel fuel cell fuel cell solutions fuel conservation fuel consumption fuel cost fuel costs fuel efficiency fuel efficient locomotives fuel injector fuel management Fuel Masters Unlimited fuel savings fuel surcharge fuel surcharges fuel tax fuel usage Fugro Full Funding Grant Agreement Fullerton full-funding grant agreement Fulton Center Fulton County Fulton County Railway funding funding gap Fuori Muro furlough furloughs Future of Rail Future Track FWTA FXFOWLE FXP snow plow FY09 transportation budget FY15 budget FY2010 budget FY2010 ridership FY2011 budget FY2012 FY2012 State of Good Repair and Bus Livability grants FY20120-FY2017 Capital Improvement Program FY2013 FY2013 budget FY2013 record FY2014 appropriations bill FY2014 budget FY2015 FY2015 budget FY2015 operating budget FY2016 FY2016 Annual Service Plan FY2016 budget FY2016 results FY2017 FY2018 budget