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2012 AREMA Product Express
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PACECO CORP. Mobile Inventory Vehicle for Tracking Wheeled Loads

Before this truck, it took 10 hours to capture the inventory of 4000 containers and chassis - Now it's done in 2 hours.

PACECO CORP. inventors of the world's first dockside container crane, has developed the world’s first mobile inventory vehicle (MIV) that locates wheeled chassis and containers in one fifth the time of the current manual methods to capture container inventory.

This one of a kind system accurately scans container numbers, chassis numbers, and empty parking spaces to the exact parking spot; ensuring you know the exact location of every container in your rail yard or terminal.

You can now increase the velocity and on time delivery of your parked chassis and containers from the ingate, outgate, and to/from rail or vessel.

No complicated software or hardware to setup at site, drive the truck on capture inventory and upload to the internet over a cellular connection.

No more misplaced loads, miskeyed entries, delays while inventory is updated, or large staff sizes needed to maintain inventory.

Perfect for large railroad terminals - currently in use at Union Pacific Global 4 Terminal, Joliet IL.

If you want to see what PACECO technology can do for your terminal or rail operation, contact us at 510-264-9288 ext. 307 (Henry King), on the web at
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